Sunday, September 4, 2016

W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story: Part II Chapter 6 - Cornelia

I LIVE!!!!!

It's been YEARS since I last cracked open this fanfic and actually worked on it, least of all posted a new chapter. But it's been recently rediscovered and fans have been asking for a new chapter. I read 4 books in 4 days this week, so might as well work on actual writing beyond just reading other's work.

So I spent the last two hours working on it and here it is!!!

Chapter 6

“Where’s Taranee and Will?”

It took Cornelia a few seconds before she could answer Hay Lin with the huge cupcake she had just stuffed into her mouth. “What?”

Hay Lin repeated her question. Cornelia didn’t spot them but she wasn’t worried. “They said they were going to the bathroom.”

“That was nearly fifteen minutes ago.” Hay Lin pointed to a clock.

“What’s going on?” Irma asked, her face flushed. She had been flirting and dancing with her biggest crush, Andrew, and with Matt’s gorgeous cousin, Sean.

Hay Lin waited for Alchemy and Elyon to join them, both chatting about the boys they’d been dancing with as well before repeating her question. She continued explaining while Elyon called their cells. Both cells rang where the girls had left their purses at the table.

“Should we split up and start looking for them?” She asked.

“Maybe we should get a teacher—” Cornelia started to say.

“Hey!” Nigel Ashcroft, one of Uriah’s flying monkeys, called from behind. “If you’re worried about your friends go to the science hallway. They’re there.”

“What did you do!?!” Elyon demanded, glaring at him.

Nigel shook his head. “I didn’t think Uriah would go that far.” He looked at her and Elyon and said flatly, “I’m going to get a teacher. It was bad.”

He turned and headed for Mrs. Knickerbockeer.

“Hay Lin, Irma, and I are going to head over there right now,” Cornelia. “It was us three that decided to bring them into the group, so we’re going to help fix this. I’m not going to lose two good friends because Uriah’s a major jerkface.”

“Alchemy and I will come with Mrs. Knickerbocker!” Elyon said, getting up.

When they got there Cornelia was so enraged she couldn’t speak for almost a solid minute.

They had tornTORNboth Taranee and Will’s dresses so they could put huge toads down their backs. Then they had dumped pond water and mud all over Will. Quiet, grumpy, always scared, and tough Will was curled up and crying as a quiet Taranee held her.

“Come on,” Cornelia said, grabbing Will’s limp arm, and gently tugging her to her feet. “We’re getting out of here.”

Irma put her arms around the sobbing Taranee, and helped her get up. Mrs. Rudolph arrived, took one look at them, and ordered the boys to office. Cornelia didn’t leave Will or Taranee as they rinsed off and changed into spare gym clothes in the locker rooms. Will moved from tears into quiet rage while Taranee had mellowed from sobbing to quiet tears. The five girls escorted their friends to the office where they could hear Mrs. Knickerboker yelling at the boys through the door. The now healthy counselor talked to Taranee and Will and promised the boys wouldn’t bother them again. When they told the others that, Cornelia doubted it, but didn’t say anything as they headed for the front field in front of the school entrance.

“What now?” Taranee sniffed.

“Let’s have a sleepover at my place!” Hay Lin said. “We can have tea and cookies and talk about who we wish would get run over by a truck.”

Will cracked a smile. “While that sounds awesome I have to ask my mom.”

“So do I,” Taranee said. Both looked glumly at each other.

It took a bit as both mothers wanted to know where they would be, and Hay Lin had to talk to them. Taranee’s mom had actually been to Hay Lin’s restaurant so she eventually said yes, while Mrs. Vandom took a bit of convincing. It wasn’t until Will hissed, “Hey, you’re the one who packed cookies in my lunch to try to bribe friends, and I made some,” that her mother agreed, so long as she picked her up first thing in the morning.

“Strict, huh?” Cornelia asked.

“You should try having a cop for a dad,” Irma said when she nodded.

“Or a judge for a mom,” Taranee added.

Hay Lin had been on the phone with her parents clearing everything with them. That was smooth as they were used to impromptu sleepovers with their only daughter’s friends. But she was frowning as she hung up.

“What’s up?” Irma asked.

“Grandma isn’t there,” Hay Lin answered, frowning. “She left a note, but still, I’m worried.”

“Well, she could just be at the store or something,” Cornelia assured her.

“No, Mary, my grandma’s aide, does the grocery shopping,” Hay Lin pointed out. “I just wonder where she could be.”