Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Favorites of 2014

The brand new year has started, so here's my favorites of this past year!

Remember, my music favorites have their own post, and this year I'm doing a video about my book favorites, so you're only seeing the top book! Make sure to subscribe to my channel to see me post it this coming Wednesday!


Batman: Night of the Owls
I'll go into more detail in my video, but basically I became a Batman fanatic this year, and it's all thanks to this amazing book. Nothing topped it, and it's remained at number one since May.


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Sitting at Number 1 once again is The Hobbit, with the last trip into Middle Earth, The Battle of the Five Armies. It's beautiful, it's powerful, it's sad. I love it. I laughed, I cried, and BOY did my heart get ripped out.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
This is perhaps my favorite Marvel film so far. It also rips your heart out, has enough hilarity to keep the film from being too dark, and tons of awesome action. Steve steps it up in this one.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
You wanna talk about getting your heart ripped out? Watch this film. We enter an alternate universe and BOY is it messed up. Best part? Batman cries. Only time in canon. EVER.


Girl Meets World
This wouldn't have sat at number one if we didn't have the Christmas special. But we did. And MAN! This show is AWESOME! We battle bullying, ignoring those of a lesser station, messed up family dynamics, honesty, and then, in the last episode for Christmas, see how it connects with Boy Meets World. I'm DYING for the next episode, and season 1 isn't even over!!!

I lover this show. I may have mentioned this last year, and I've mentioned it TWICE in monthly favorites, but I LOVE THIS SHOW. Sherlock is a modern take of the old story, and it is PERFECTION. Each season (which is 3 episodes long, DANG IT) gets better and better, and each episode gets better and better!!! I adore it so much!

Now I'm WAY behind on Arrow (one and half seasons, anyone?) but I'm up to date on this AMAZING take on Batman. Now, the movies tend to be lacking in the accuracy department, but Arrow is so well done, I had to check this show out. I'M SO GLAD I DID. It's phenomenal, and like Girl Meets World, it's just getting started!!!


(there's 5 so stay with me)

Always - #LikeAGirl
This video is powerful. It asks a big question: why is "like a girl" an insult? I love that this makes me think about it.

Maysoon Zayid - I Got 99 Problems... Palsy is Just 1
This video is a long one, so be ready for it, but it's worth a watch. Maysoon talks about battling Palsy and how she doesn't let it hold her back. I love it.

Lindsey Stirling - Dragon Age
Lindsey's known for her music and her dance moves, but this video is a little different. This time it's more about the amazing special effects. I love this video and found it really amazing, despite the short length. She really oneups herself with each vid, am I right?

ThePerksOfBooks - Confessions of a Bookreader
In case you missed the memo, but I've joined up with two online communities all about books, Booklr (Tumblr) and BookTube (YouTube). This is one of the MANY BookTube videos I've discovered, but I felt this one had to be shared, because it's funny and SO ACCURATE!!! XD

Simon's Cat - The Box
I also discovered this gem. Simon is a illustrator who decided to combine the worst of his four felines into Simon's Cat. Each video is hilarious, and when I want a laugh, I have to watch one of his videos.


Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream
It is rare that anything truly matches my pasty skin. I have yet to find a concealer during the winter, but THIS matches my skin right now PERFECTLY!!! It's great for when my skin's all dried out, and provides quite a bit of coverage. I just can't use moisturizer, and make sure to let it set for about 5 minutes. But once it's set, it's locked in place and lasts all day! Best thing for my whole face since Revlon's Colorstay Foundation!

Mary Kay Eyeshadow in Emerald
I actually purchased this a while ago, but never really got around to using it. This year I won a bunch of Mary Kay makeup, and it's theme was greens and purples. I got this along with another item on this list, and another eye shadow. I really found myself reaching for it over and over. I'm definitely going to be using this more in the future, though with the heavy lilac and gold shimmers in it (not pictured) it's more of a spring and summer shadow.

Maybelline's The Rocket
Okay, this came out LAST year, but I did find myself loving it. However, it's a really wet formula, so The Falsies is still my fav, but this is the only other mascara I haven't ended up hating.

Mary Kay Lipstick in Mystic Plum
This is the other Mary Kay item I mentioned earlier, and BOY do I LOVE IT! Purple lipsticks were on trend this fall and winter season, and I've actually wanted one for a while. Got this one for free and not only is a beautiful, flattering shade, but it also incredibly moisturizing. That makes it perfect for my dried out lips I battle every season.

Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover
If you saw my post about how I have NEVER found a good eye makeup remover that doesn't burn my eyes or coat them in a film of oil (SO annoying), then you should know that this stuff must be amazing. And it IS!!!! I lover it and use it all the time on my makeup. It can even get rid of that stupid strong Rocket!!!

Hada Labo Skin Plumping Gel Cream
Another thing I've had trouble with is moisturizer. My oily, acne prone skin is sensitive and practically nothing doesn't clog my pores. What doesn't affect all that tends to not moisturize, or prevent wrinkles at all. UNTIL THIS STUFF! I dunno what it's made of, but BOY does it get my wrinkles GONE! I've been battling crows feet for a while thanks to squinting in the harsh Arizona sun, but this, combined with constantly wearing glasses has made them decrease SO MUCH!!! I love this stuff, and a tiny amount mixed in with my regular moisturizer seems to do wonders for the rest of my face!


Number One has GOT to be finishing Warrior! Okay, it's just a rough draft, but this is FIVE YEARS of HARD WORK and carpal tunnel right here! I'm so proud of myself!

Another highlight had to be seeing Lindsey Stirling live in concert again! I did it completely alone, and while it would've been a LOT better to see it with my friends, doing it alone really was pushing me outside of my comfort zone.
Also, note to self: NEVER go to a concert on an empty stomach again, you almost passed out.

My third and final moment: GETTING A CAR! THANK YOU RAY I LOVE YOU TO PIECES! Her parents got a new car, so they gave their old one to Ray, and she gave me hers! It's running fine now, and I love not feeling so trapped! Plus, with my new job if I get hunger I CAN GET FOOD!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW AWESOME THAT IS FOR ME!!!


Robin Williams
Losing this amazing man was devastating for me and the rest of this country, even world wide. He was so amazing, so wonderful, and yet a mental illness took his life. I will make sure to watch his final film with a smile on my face, and probably wiping away yet more tears.


A Very Different Little Mermaid
Finally here's the last item, from this past month, actually. Again, right click to open it in another tab so you can read the amazing talent of this person. They change up the tragic Little Mermaid fairy tale from Hans Christian Anderson, and instead make it about Ariel finding herself and her place in this world. It's really creative and powerful, have to recommend it!

That's it! 2014 is officially over and 2015 is here. Look forward my special music post coming soon, as well as my top ten books on my BookTube Channel!

I hope you had a good year, changed for the better, and that this year will be even better!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Monthly Favorites ~December 2014~

Hey guys, I'm doing my last monthly favorites of this year, and tomorrow I'll post my yearly favorites (if I remember and have the time, it might be 2 hours into next year). Anywho, onto my favs!


Insurgent and Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Due to the release of the Insurgent Trailer (watch my reaction HERE) I zipped through both Insurgent and Allegiant. I adored them both and found them surprising favs since SO many people don't like one or both of these.
Watch my Insurgent Review HERE, and stay tuned for Allegiant!

Cress by Marissa Meyer

Cress is the third and latest of The Lunar Chronicles, and it's the best so far. It was a tad slow at the beginning, but LOVED it when I got through the slow part. Stay tuned on my YouTube Channel for the full review coming soon.


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING!!! I love it Love It LOVE IT!!!!!!! Doesn't really top the second one, but I think it's a better wrap up than The Return of the King, and it's just so well done! It made me tear up and ripped my heart out over and over. So sad, so beautiful and SO AWESOME!!!!!
Look for a full review on my channel coming soon! (I took two weeks off, and I'm still battling an illness)


Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Home for the Holidays
The Christmas Special

I really loved this episode because we really realize this is indeed a sequel series to Boy Meets World. They really show the parallels, and show what's been happening with Cory's family, as well as Shawn, my fav character in the original. It also sets up the rest of the series for a huge amount of growth for all the characters, and I can't wait for it to continue after the first of the year.


LA Knight

Okay, this is kinda a selfplug here, because I'm mentioning my bestie, and not just that, but I edit practically all of her videos. I'm now in charge of this channel as well as my own, so PLEASE subscribe, though comments won't be answered by me, I'll be copying and pasting what LA sends me for that kind of thing. But editing and marketing is all me, so SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!!!


Okay, so they're not YouTubers, but because of their YouTube channel they're worldwide. I am mentioning them here not because of new content, but actually something really sad. Bom, the pretty red-head that's behind the "N", is being attacked by the South Korean media (yes, their K-Pop). She spent a lot of her life in the US before she signed onto YG when she was in early to mid-twenties. And as a kid she saw a child die, how or the circumstances aren't mentioned, but she did, and it gave her depression and anxiety and the like, so much so she needed some antidepressants. When she moved back to South Korea she was unaware her meds were illegal there, and had they shipped from the US via her aunt. Well, they of course caught them in customs and she had to explain to the police what she was doing trying to get them. Nothing illegal, though, as it was a prescription, so no charges were filed.
Well the media just discovered it 10 years later, and they've been haranguing her and lying about her being a drug dealer, so the point she's left the TV show she was on, and refused to play with her fellow members. This really hurts my heart, since she's just someone with depression trying to treat it. It's so messed up. If you saw their latest performance, the other three performed without her, and during Come Back Home, it sounded like they were singing to her to come back because they love her and they're behind her. So I'm pointing them out and asking ya'll if you don't want to subscribe to at least leave some love for Bom in the comments, so she knows worldwide she has support.


This is a new section because now I'm not just apart of BookTube, but Booklr, which is the book blogs on Tumblr. So here I'll feature someone I follow in this section!


Negative-Pessimist is someone I've really kinda latched onto. I think she thinks I don't like her and that I can't possible worry about her, but I do. A lot. Because she's awesome and suffers depression, so she really doesn't think highly of herself. But she's amazing, posts cool things, and champions others all the time, which makes me think she's better than me every day. So, Rae, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!


These two videos are linked together. The top one is a music video of the largest live nativity in history, and the bottom is from the group that put the music video on. Since this month was about Christmas, I wanted to share these two beautiful videos about the real gift of Christmas. :)

This video is another beautiful video from Michelle Phan, who likes to rip your heart out and make you bawl with feels. This is about how your dreams are valid and you need to take care of yourself and your dreams, combined with more of Michelle's amazing artwork. The feels, man. They're awesome.


1. Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor

Everytime I was going a little crazy with all the Christmas music I listened to this song. I always danced around to this song, I can't help it, it's too awesome!!!

2. Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande

So my dad has a tendency to play super religious Christmas music at the drop of a hat, and he really burned me out this year. So while there were a few that I adored hearing (see video fav #1 that's really the top song this month), I mostly turned to songs like this, and this being new, I adored it. Watch, next year I can't stand it. I'm weird that way. :)

3. Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time by Owl City

Another new, cute, random Christmas song I adored this month was this one by Owl City. It's really remarkable other than I kept it on repeat and loved it. :)

(they're kinda big)

(right click to open in a new tab so you can read it cuz you NEED to)
For those of you too lazy to read it, or want to know what it is, this is titled "Very Different Little Mermaid". Instead of her trying and failing to kill the prince and get him to marry her since they don't know each other, she takes a different path. Now, in the original (not Disney's) every step HURTS. It's like knives stabbing her feet. And in this, she instead chooses the pain and remains on the land she was dying to see, and decides to travel. It's sweet, wonderful, and ingenious. I love it.

Again, click to read. This is a powerful post I found last year, and decided to 1) reblog and 2) share here. It's a moving piece about the really meaning of Christmas with Scrooge McDuck. It's so awesome and I always cry reading it, just like Scrooge does. The final panel really shows how it's easy to judge, and you need to not.

Whew! That's my December Favorites! I need to work on my Year Favorites now, so stay tuned for that! And remember, I focus on books on my YouTube Channel, so check it and see what I got for Christmas, as well as my book favorites. I'm even going to do a Book Awards on my channel!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate, and a safe New Year!


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Books and Cupcakes December Book Photo Challenge Week 3

So, this is TOTALLY late, but I was busy just before Christmas, but now I'm sick, so I have time. So here's what I posted on Week 3! :)

Day 15: Guilty Pleasure
W.i.t.c.h. by Elizabetta Gnone and Elizabeth Lenhard, and Star Wars by Jude Watson (and a few others)

I'm not really guilty of what I read, but I know I probably am looked down upon for reading books meant for kids a lot younger than me. Still, I love them!

Day 16: Favorite Classic
The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

Ya'll should I know LOVE Middle Earth, after all I'm named after a land in this world (Lothlorien). Before I could read, my dad read Bilbo facing Smaug in The Hobbit, and while I was learning, Sam and Frodo facing Shelob together (I thought it was Bilbo again, lol). One of my favorite stories of all is in The Silmarillion, Fingolfin, king of the high Elves, facing Morgoth, creator and master of Sauron. This will always be one of my favs, and when the world feels a little old to me, I read it again.
Need to reread The Silmarillion again...

Day 17: Family
The Son Family and Friends from Dragon Ball Z by Akira Toriyama

One of the things Dragon Ball Z is famous for is the final shot in the opening, which every season changes. First it's the Z Warriors, Goku and his friends. Then it's Goku's family and the Z Warriors. And it just keeps growing. The final season there's over 50 people standing around Goku, who picks up his youngest son and puts him on his shoulder. It's no longer them standing all tough and ready to kill. It's a group of people, some of whom are fighters, some of whom have never fought for their lives before. They're smiling, happy, and joyous to be together, alive and happy. My brother and I have talked about how we dream to have a group of people like that who can be there for us, with that large of a number. When I think of family in books, the ultimate family is definitely Dragon Ball Z, because it doesn't matter who you are or where you came from, if you're a good person, you can be there as a part of the Son family.

Day 18: Winter
Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan

I had gotten this the day before I took this photo. Originally I had no clue what image to take, but then I realized I had a Winter book, Winter's Heart! I haven't read this, but I hope I'll love this series...after all I'm only 1 book from having the entire series!

Day 19: Blew My Mind
Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa

This manga series TOTALLY blew my mind!!! When I watched the first anime, it really did blow my mind, and I remember being up most of the night after the new episode, because I was too excited to sleep. Then I started the manga, and BOY is it different from the original anime! They're SO different, it's amazing! While I still like the original anime, the manga and second anime are SO MUCH BETTER!!! And trust me, NOTHING from the original show can prepare you for the insane twists this series throws at you the whole time! Favorite manga, and Edward Elric is my favorite character ever!!!

Day 20: Recommend
The Black Jewels by Anne Bishop

Now back onto my other favorite series, The Black Jewels. The darkest, most serious, funniest, brightest, most creative series I've ever read. This ties or is just below The Lord of the Rings. This takes gender roles and puts them on their heads. Culture norms are reversed, and you see some of the best and worst people imaginable shown in power. It's sweet, it's twisted, it makes you cry tears of joy and laughter, as well tears of horror and sorrow. I love this series so much!

Day 21: Holiday Read
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Okay, I haven't read this at all, but I just got it. Last year's Christmas vies for Worst Day of My Life, so reading, listening, or watching Christmas stuff stressed me out to no end, though this year I've had a great holiday. I hope to read this by Christmas Day next year. :)

So that was what I posted last week. Sorry for being late, but I'll post the final week just after the turn of the year. I'm also participating in January's challenge, and maybe I'll continue with it after January.

Hope you had a great Christmas too, and if you didn't, I feel ya. :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bonus Warrior Scene - Merry Christmas!

Hey guys! I know, I've taken Warrior down, but I wanted to share this little story I wrote just for today, and especially for Ray, LA Knight, who had to work on Christmas Eve.

For those who didn't know, I skipped Christmas and New Years in Warrior, which Ray was very sad about. Feeling Christmasy and wanting to write something, I wrote up what happened Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Fæ

Here it is!

Merry Christmas

Kana wasn’t really sure what day was going to be Christmas until Nivan Tæja informed them that the next day they weren’t training, but taking the day off.
“Why?” Ahdahm asked him. “I’m not complaining,” he added when Eirren and Mabyn glared at him. “Just curious!”
“It’s Christmas Eve,” Nivan the Younger said. “Tomorrow’s Christmas, a big holiday in their world.”
Eirren, Kana, and Mabyn all snapped to attention, abandoning their dinner.
“SERIOUSLY!?” Mabyn snapped. “You couldn’t warn us at ALL!?!”
“Why are you so angry?” Doal asked, leaning back a little. At least he didn’t have that deer in headlights look like Dug did.
Now Doal’s expression matched Dug’s.
“We need a tree, decorations, and presents!” Eirren said from beneath a her hand on her face.
The boys frowned, glancing at one another. Kana knew they were probably wondering why their friends had suddenly gone mad.
“This is the biggest holiday of the year,” Kana explained. “Even my messed up family got me something. Usually soap I’m allergic to, but at least it’s something. AND WE HAVE NOTHING!!!”
The boys leaned back again.
Nivan Junior sighed. “Do you want to go shopping right after dinner then?”
“Calm down,” Nivan Tæja said. “We’re doing that tomorrow. If you want to exchange gifts, however, you need to shop tonight.”

The village was sleepy as usual, and only a few shops were open after nightfall, as candles cost money. Some used majek to light their shops for a small amount of time, however, and they were open into the night. Kana, Eirren, and Mabyn wandered around, trying not to look at each other as they purchased gifts for each other. Once those were wrapped up and in their satchels, they came together and brainstormed on items for their friends. Nivan Tæja got a sweater, since he was always dressed a little fancy. Junior would receive a journal, “to write all his feels for Kana in,” Eirren said while Mabyn giggled and Kana blushed. For Doal they got a small knife, since he had already lost two boot knives. Ahdahm was getting a book he was in the middle of borrowing from a Fæ, and Dug was getting another brush for Frydum as his was falling apart. They even got a cute little picture for Princess Jessica, one of the city of Maby drawn from memory. Completely broke, and satisfied, the three of them met up with the boys and their teachers again, surprised they were all carrying bags full of goodies as well.
As they were walking back, they spotted a small café still open, and popped in for a little dessert.
“Happy Christmas Eve, girls,” Nivan told them as they all dug in.
For the first time Kana warmly said it back and smiled, actually looking forward to the next day.

Kana jerked upright, wondering why Junior was waking them up instead of the maids. Her memory returned with Mabyn stretched and then barked, “PRESENTS!”
“Yes!” Junior said, still shaking Kana’s foot. “So get up, we have a surprise for you guys!”
Grinning, Kana shooed Junior away so she could get dressed, and then raced with the others into Nivan Tæja’s room for the gift exchange. Only half dressed, in honor of not having to train Eirren had explained, they slid to a halt in the doorway, staring at the little, plastic Christmas Tree, complete with lights. Underneath it were several presents, wrapped up pretty complete with bows.
Junior laughed at their stunned expressions. “I told you there was a surprise!”
“How…?” Eirren asked.
“My sister and mom informed us that if we didn’t have a tree she’d let you strangle us,” he answered.
They stared at him. Mom?
“Did you wrap your gifts, or are they still in those bags you three are holding?” Nivan asked.
Eirren snorted.
“Uh, no,” Mabyn said. “SOMEONE didn’t share their wrapping paper last night.”
The girls sat down by the tree and put their bags down next to the gifts, and the boys, who’d been pretty quiet, did the same.
“So what do we do? And why is this holiday so important? And why is there a tree? And why―”
Ahdahm covered Dug’s mouth. “Run in place before I smack you.”
“Remember, Christmas is a religious holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ,” Eirren explained. “The gift exchanging is in honor of the gift Jesus’s life was, as well as in memory of an awesome dude name Saint Nicholas, who gave gifts to little kids who were forced to work every day. The tree…I think is celebrating that Jesus came from heaven, and we decorate them to make them all pretty with personal and religious ornaments. The star on top is in honor of a star that appeared the night of Jesus’s birth.”
“Oh, hot,” Dug panted.
“You can stop running, now, we need to exchange gifts,” Mabyn said.
Once Dug sat down, Mabyn pulled out the brush for him, and handed it over.
“Yay!” He cried. “A new brush! I need one badly, I keep leaving little paint flecks from the handle in Frydum’s fur.”
“We know, that’s why we got it,” Eirren said. She pulled out Doal’s knife. “Try not to lose this, dude.”
Doal grinned. “I’ll do my best, but you know me.”
Mabyn laughed and hugged him. “My idea. Just saying.”
Kana pulled out Junior’s journal. Remembering why Eirren had thought of it, Kana blushed and stuttered, “Th-the-this is fu-f-for you.”
Junior took it with his bright smile. “Thank you.”
His father patted his shoulder. “You need it, you’re so absentminded.”
The kids laughed, but Kana couldn’t forget Eirren’s compliment and just blushed.
Nivan pulled out a small gift and handed it to Kana. “Here’s yours from empty-head and me.”
Kana opened it up and found a beautiful hand mirror. “Oh, wow! Thank you!”
“So when you look into it, you realize you’re as beautiful as it,” Junior said.
Kana’s mouth dropped open, and she turned bright red. “Umm, thanks.”
She looked back down, wondering how he could say that. She wasn’t half as pretty as the mirror, but put it down gently, wishing she was.
Dug gave Mabyn a big, thick scarf to keep her warm. Ahdahm gave Eirren a hair clip with some stones. Kana got another knife, “to take out her enemies” from Doal. Nivan and Junior gave Eirren a beautiful book about Fæ fairy tales, and Mabyn got a beautiful sweater tunic. Ahdahm loved his book, and Nivan laughed when they told him to slouch more. He pulled it on and did so. Kana also received some treats for Wish from Dug, and some chocolates from Ahdahm. Eirren loved the little drawing of a sarænu from Dug and the cookies from Doal. Mabyn gave Doal a kiss for the three books he got her, and a big hug to Ahdahm for the hot chocolate mix.
Then the girls sang some carols badly and told what they remembered of A Christmas Carol, and The Night Before Christmas.
The rest of the day they spent just relaxing. A little while later Princess Jessica came by and received her gift with a great deal of thanks. Kana loved just eating, and talking, and realized that perhaps the rest of her life would be full of Christmases like this, having fun, no yelling or screaming, no faking pleasure for another useless trinket while ignoring the insults being thrown at her from someone.

No. For the first of many more years to come, Christmas really was a day to relax, remember Christ, and spend time with her real family.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

books-cupcakes December Book Photo Challenge Week 2

Sorry for posting this late, yesterday was a tad crazy. Library sale, ya know?

Anywho, here's what took place last week in the second week of this challenge on Tumblr!

Day 8: Best Cliffhanger
The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan

There are plenty of books that could fulfill this *coughRickRiordanBookscough* but I went with this one, because while book 1 was enjoyable, and I didn't mind it, this cliffhanger kinda blew me away. Normally you expect everything to be wrapped up nicely in a middle grade book, but NOPE. Nice ending and got me addicted. John Flanagan hasn't let me down yet.

Day 9: Favorite POV
The Two Towers by JRR Tolkien and Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop

POV means Point of View. Which normally is something as boring as what tense the story is told in. But everyone took it to mean what character voice told the story the best. And I had a tie.
I chose The Two Towers because Gandalf goes from badass to BAMF and the way he speaks goes from pretty awesome to AMAZING WORDSMITHING OMG I CAN'T HANDLE THE AWESOMENESS. Yup.
I also went with Dreams Made Flesh because when Jaenelle and Lucivar are talking about The Raft. It's just too funny. He's such a great voice/pov anyway, and the two of them acting like drunk college kids is even better. :D

Day 10: A Frustrating Read
The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan

OMG, this book. SO FRUSTRATING. This is considered the worst of this series, and BOY are they RIGHT! The main character is losing his mind, which means he can't tell what's what anymore and it's like his brains have fallen out. Because they have, but that doesn't make it better! And we revisit the Ais Sedai, who are stuck up and do nothing much of importance. I can't stand their system or how they treat each other. I got almost exactly halfway through it before giving up several years ago. If it wasn't for good friends and getting almost this whole series for extremely cheap I wouldn't even own it.

Day 11: Coco and a Book
I Am Number Four The Lost Files: Hidden Enemy by Pittacus Lore

This coco wasn't the greatest, but that was all my fault, not enough chocolate for that mug. The book isn't much better, as the first story follows Five, the pansy. Turns out he's been stupid from the beginning. -_-'

Day 12: Reading by the Fire

Yeah, we don't have a fire place, cuz we don't really need one in southern Arizona, plus it was like $5,000 to install one. So this video on YouTube had to due. It's a fireplace for 3 hours. There's several, one of which goes up to 10 hours. I don't...why?

Day 13: Favorite Character Name
Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

I like most character names, just like I like most names. Though Chuckie is just bleh. But I think perhaps the most epic of names is Artemis Fowl, who has a series named after him. He's smart, tough, and pretty awesome, like his name. I just love it.

Day 14: Wrapping Paper

Okay, okay, this picture is lame. I forgot all about it while I was wrapping gifts, and I was too stupid to figure out how to put it by wrapped gifts. >< BUT that is a gift for a friend as well as some wrapping paper. I didn't wrap it in that...which makes it even worse. I WAS OUT OF IDEAS, OKAY!?!

That was everything from this past week! Remember to check out my Tumblr to see my posts daily, as well as my YouTube Channel for my weekly videos. I just posted two yesterday (copyright issues, don't ask).

Hope you're having a great December!