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W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story: Part I It Begins Chapter 1 Aldarn

I'm finally done with chapter 1! This book is separated the same way that The Black Jewels Series is, by parts, with each character's point of view being a different chapter.

And sorry for not getting this done sooner, but I had to watch some episodes and get in the zone. Kinda forgot what the heck was going on here. When you haven't looked at something in three years, that happens.

Anywho, here's the first chapter! :)

Part I
It Begins
Chapter 1


The crackle of lightning and booming of thunder echoed Aldarn’s tension. The young Quelthar glanced up at the impressive lightshow, but his mind was else ware. Kaleb, his captain, mission leader, and best friend was running late. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but tonight it was much more than that. After all, Kaleb was inside scouting out a possible raid on King Phobos’s armory.
Aldarn took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves, but it didn’t help. When he closed his eyes all he saw was Kaleb captured, tortured and finally hung from the ramparts as a reminder to those who would dare to steal from the immortal, sorcerer king.
Where are you, Kaleb? The nervous rebel thought for the thousandth time.
Kaleb was never late. He’d slip in, be there half hour at most, and then slip out, taking one or two weapons with him, or even a whole bundle under the guise of a servant or slave moving something. It was brilliant, the way he’d grab a bucket and mop his way through the entire building, taking note of every room, what was in it, who was in it and at what time they moved around. He didn’t try anything he wasn’t sure he could handle, and did it quickly. At least, that is what he’d been doing. But they were nearing the second hour of this venture and every minute they lingered they neared discovery.
“Kaleb,” Aldarn growled beneath his breath.
He dared not speak any louder. Nor call out, pace, or even move in the slightest. He stood stock still. The two of them agreed to meet beneath the north-western edge of the Thorn Cliffs beneath Castle Metamoor’s wall in the swamp. Close to the edge and built into the wall itself was Phobos’s mighty armory, the only place on the Kadoka continent where large amounts of weapons could be found. Even though Aldarn was two hundred feet below the top of the castle walls, the King was no fool. The guards on the ramparts were handpicked with magnificent eyesight and hearing to notice even the quietest of intruders. Aldarn had almost been spotted twice already; once because of carelessness, the other for Kaleb’s stupidity.
Aldarn sighed again out of nervousness. Trying not to pace, he sent a silent prayer to the heavens.
Almighty Creator, please bless that Kaleb and me get out of this alive. Doing so as free men would be nice. And please bless that your Guardians return. alMen-Queltha.
Aldarn felt a bit calmer after the prayer. Somehow, he felt that they’d survive this hair-brained scheme and live to return to the village. But his good feeling fled when he heard the alarm horn. Gut in his mouth, heart hammering, Aldarn stared up at the wall, trying to hear what the guards were yelling at each other.
“Intruder! Intruder in the armory!”
“Kaleb, you imbecile!” Aldarn muttered. Cursing under his breath, he stepped out so he could see and froze. So long as he didn’t move, the guards wouldn’t notice him.
Up in Metamoor it was pandemonium. Guards were running about like chickens with their heads cut off. No one was giving orders, and the intruder (Kaleb) seemed to be everywhere at once. Aldarn shook his head. His father always said the Guldons were as a race were prone to panic. When the going got tough, they couldn’t find their butts with both hands.
“There he is! Get him!” All at once, everyone tried to grab Kaleb at the same time. Men were shoving each other over, running into one other; one even fell off the wall onto the thorns below. Aldarn tried not to laugh. As a lieutenant himself, he would never let his men fall into such chaos over one man.
Then he watched as Kaleb leapt onto the wall. Phobos’s guards laughed and roared in triumph, thinking they had him cornered. They didn’t. Without looking back, Kaleb dropped a bundle of unstrung bows down to where Aldarn could easily get to them. Then, he threw a barrel of gunpowder with a torch sticking out of the top right into the pack of Guldon guards. Aldarn busted up laughing. No wonder they were panicking. He was throwing grenades that could blow up half a castle. The explosion ripped off some of the wall, and more Guldons fell. Aldarn didn’t move as parts of the building fell all around him. Drawing attention to himself wouldn’t be a good idea as Kaleb needed his help to escape.
Before the now deaf and shell-shocked guards managed to pull themselves to their feet, Kaleb leapt onto a large thorn vine. He climbed down a little ways, jumped onto another, and then a third. A few jumps later and he was in the bog, covered with stinky mud and bog grass. Aldarn grinned triumphantly at his captain and best friend.
“I found that bow your grandfather made when your father your age,” Kaleb informed his humored companion, pointing up at the hanging bundle that was almost impossible to get to.
Aldarn eyed the hundred feet between them and the bows. “Cris can make that neck breaking climb tomorrow morning.”
Kaleb broke off whatever it was he was going to say when an arrow whizzed past his ear. Several Guldons were making the same climb down the vine while archers continued to shoot at the two men. Without another word, the two boys raced and weaved through the bog, trying to stay on the land. Although Kaleb was already drenched, getting any muddier wasn’t wise. It was harder to track someone who didn’t stink in a crowd.
Just as they neared the edge of the swamp, disaster struck. An arrow ripped into Kaleb’s side, and knocking him down. Aldarn slid to a stop, and grabbed Kaleb, dragging him behind a small rise. It quickly turned into a muddy pincushion with arrows constantly hitting it. When Aldarn tried to pull Kaleb to his feet, he only ended up back on the ground with a shriek of pain.
“Kaleb, you must stand!” Aldarn told him.
The guards were drawing closer, and it sounded like they’d brought dogs with them. Kaleb tried again with the same results. He grinned at Aldarn, his face muddy.
“I doubt I can.” Kaleb chuckled at the irony, and gave a soft cry at the pain it caused. “Get out of here, Aldarn.”
“No,” Aldarn replied flatly. “You’re my partner and friend. No.”
“As your captain, I’m ordering you to leave,” Kaleb growled, the humor gone from his face. Aldarn opened his mouth to refuse again when Kaleb said, “Or do you want your father to endure what happened to your mother again? While you’re still in mourning?”
Aldarn froze. His mother had been arrested and ganged raped by the police. Less than a year later she lost the will to live, and committed suicide. That was only a few months ago. Capture meant certain death, by execution or being worked to death as a slave. He glared at Kaleb. He was right. Losing Aldarn would be more than his father could bear and his father was one of only four blacksmiths that would work with the rebels.
Aldarn took a deep breath and growled, “You better end up in the mines, and survive until we free you.”
Kaleb gave a dry laugh, and then Aldarn was running, weaving as fast as he could. He didn’t look back as the dogs raced after him or the archers continued to shoot at him. He wouldn’t look back as the guards caught, beat, and dragged his friend to the dungeon and a fate worse than death.

W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story: Prologue


Okay, not fully back, not until probably next week or the week after, but I found something to work on. It's OLD but it's what really got me ready to start working on Star Warriors. Without writing this, I would've never been talented enough to not only have a whole novel planned, but several more as well. I would've never dreamed of working on two things at once.

This is a fanfic, or Fan Fiction, where you take somthing someone else created and do your own spin on it. LA Knight became famous by doing a thousand times over until she became the number one writer in her fandom. I am speaking about her phenominal fanfic Once Upon a Time, for Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. This is one of my favorite stories she's EVER written!

I used to hate fanfiction, but LA changed my view on it, though not at first. It was years before I read a word of it, and much longer before I admitted I even liked any of it. Now I'm sitting here waiting like a love struck puppy for her next Once chap!

But I digress.

This work is for the cartoon W.i.t.c.h. which is based on a french comic by the same name by Elisabetta Gnone. I can't get my hands on the comic easily, but I've read 10 of the novel-editions of the comics, and seen most of the episodes. I've seen season 1 a million times, which is all this work will cover. I of course will be taking my own spin on it, making it much more mature (see the male lead being tortured instead of sitting in a cell all nice and pretty like in episode 1) and adding in my own religion in place of the strange one found in the comics and hinted at in the show.

Alright, that's a HUGE forward compared to my prologue. Here's W.i.t.c.h.!


In the beginning was Darkness. But then there was Light, and with Light, creation. Many worlds were formed and some teemed with life. Man was created and ordained to rule the world that he walked.

But Darkness was not quelled. Men have been gifted with agency, the right to choose whether to follow Light or Dark. Most men have chosen Light. But on many worlds Darkness holds the upper hand. Our world, Earth, is one. Another is Kandrokar.

Kandrokar is different from Earth, as there is only one ruler, one country, one world. If the ruler gives into the Darkness, the world will follow, as their will is the law and way of the land. It was not hard for the world to fall, as so it fell. For many years only Darkness reigned and the people were all but lost.

So five from Earth were chosen to become the Guardians. Brave young women who had been granted great power traveled across time and space to fight for the Light and spread it throughout the world. But it wasn’t enough. After many generations the Light was still weak and the Guardians’ reach was failing. And the Darkness was spreading, reaching beyond Kandrokar to other worlds, tainting them. Desperate, the girls used all but the smallest portion of their power and sealed off Kandrokar behind the great veil. Only a seal given to the one member of the royal family not lost to the darkness, the youngest prince, could open portals in the veil to other worlds.

But even the prince’s heart was lost, and he chose power, slaying his family to take the one nation of Meridian for himself. He gained the power of immortality and has ruled through Darkness for many years. His name is Phobos, and he has remained locked within the veil.

The Guardians aged and their powers left them. Some have died. No new Guardians have been chosen.

Until now.

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My Weeks in Pics ~7/6 - 7/19~

Hey guys!

Got some pics off my phone thanks to Megan. Only one is from the past week, as there's only been bad news all week.

Love this H&M bag. I used it while cleaning to hold stuff. Very sad to recycle it
I love getting messages and responses from Youtubers!
My dead laptop. The baggy's holding the screws that were taken out when my friend checked to see what was wrong. The motherboard fried, and it can't be replaced in a laptop without paying a ton of money.
My mom's discovered Walgreens' clearance sections. Found some awesome stuff for amazing prices!!!
But this turtle pen wasn't on clearance. My mom wanted to get me one because her teddybear one made me laugh after I realized my computer was either really dead or dead for a long time until we could fix it.
And that's why! I love him so much!!!
Talia Castello aka TaliaJoy18 on Youtube passed away Tuesday. Very sad to hear that news. She was so upbeat and fought cancer since she was 7 years old
That's my passed two weeks! What's new in your life? Hope you're having better luck than me.
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MySpace Update

Hey ya'll!

Another update, I know, but this one has good news and bad news. Mostly bad news, I guess.

First Bad News: No, I don't have my background and latest writing just yet. My friend is quite busy (wish I knew the feeling) and is doing what he can when he can. So nothing yet, please bear with me, I'm anxious too, but my friend didn't have to do all this for free, and he did.

Second Bad News: MySpace no longer offers blogs on their site. They are all about music, so while I can do some things on there, my links in my table of contents are dead and have been removed. The extension of what I can do, I'm not certain yet, but I hope we can discover it together because--

Third Good News: I'm back on MySpace!!!! YAY! I *love* that site, always have. Being able to customize it, like this site, is awesome and I've always loved it. That's why I've maintained one profile, even if not my personal one. Excited to see how it pans out.

So please join me on MySpace, I promise I won't bite. Maybe I'll update it with special things like I do with Twitter!

Here's where you can find me on lots of sites!


Love ya'll!

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Update: Where'd My Blogs Go to You Ask?

Hey ya'll!

So in case you were wondering what's going on with me, my laptop died just as me and LA Knight were getting started during our Weekly Day-of-Editing. The motherboard fried.

What this means about my writing is that all my files are gone. Yes, I have what I've posted on here and sent to LA, but everything else, all the background notes that I must have updated or I'm writing blind (Pantser is the proper term. It means I write by the seat of my pants), are gone. Writing without them usually results in my work hitting a dead-end with too many mistakes to continue on. So my writing is at a stand still until a wonderful friend of mine gets the files off the hard-drive (thank goodness THAT didn't die too!) and onto the computer he's giving me. YES, he is THAT AWESOME!!! LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!

Anywho, you may also wonder why I don't do "My Week in Photos/Pics" instead. That would be because the computer I'm using now (it's my parents), as well as my brother's computer do not have the drive needed to read the memory card for my camera. So no weekly posts for now either. I'm gonna try to get my pics off using my friend's laptop tomorrow, but there's no guarantee that I'll be able to do that every week. She's got a bad back and when she's in pain she needs to stay in bed at her apartment far from where I live.

So basically until I have the funds to keep writing, I'm out of luck, and so are you. I may pick up an ancient fanfic of mine in the meantime, but that's a BIG maybe.

Hoping the rest of you are having better luck than me,


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My Week in Pics ~6/29 - 7/5~

Hey guys!

So this has been pretty dang awesome for me. I've been with my girls three days in a row so far, and I'm gonna see them twice more! And it was the 4th of July!

I celebrated it first with my family by seeing "The Lone Ranger" which was AWESOME btw! Then I got my girls and we chilled, then dinner was pretty great, followed by taking Megan to see her first fireworks show EVER! That was so fun!

Took a bunch of pics along the way, as well as found some that I forgot to post about my friend's wedding! Those will be first, then this week!!

Blake's and Eva's wedding was super sweet! And look at that cake!!!
Angel goes wherever she wants. Her tail kept closing the stuff my dad was watching. She's just too funny! =^.^=
I've only seen this like, 4 times. EVER. Had to watch it again. Such a good movie!
The monsoon came in. So my hair frizzed out. :/
I love when Marie Calendar's Pies go on sale!!!
I had a visitor in my room when I came back with my girls
What we went to see :)
Got this top at H&M's $4 sale! It was $7, but still a great price!!!
Ravyn waiting for the fireworks to start! Neither of us had watched a fireworks show since we were young teenagers!
It was Megan's first time ever! She got to be a kid for a night, and it was wonderful!
That light-up sword was awesome!

Ravyn knighting Megan with her sword :D
I had a great week, and it's not quite over!
What did you do for the 4th?
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June Favorites 2013

Hey guys!

Soo, I was supposed to write two chapters today. Yeah, I did some background stuff, then hit a wall. Couldn't write a thing ><


I'm gonna do this blog instead! And then write some more tomorrow...hopefully...

Anywho, this month has been a rollercoaster ride for me, and I have a TON of favorites. It was so hard to pick!!! But here's what I got!

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia
FINALLY go through this! And MAN, it revealed EVERYTHING that I've been dying to know for years! Are Ocarina Link and Zelda related? Who's the Warrior's Shade? And HOW ARE THE GAMES FRICKIN' LINKED!?!?!?!
Yeah, ALL those are answered, along with a bonus manga chap at the end featuring the one and only FIRST LINK!!! (And I think I have a crush on him XD)
Mirror Mirror
I just watched this this past week with my girls. Boy was it AWESOME! I thought it would be silly, and it was, but it still had that epic level that kept me entranced the entire time!
So ya'll know I recently subscribed to Fluer de Force's channel, but this is her second channel, that I didn't start following until a week or two ago. She vlogs EVERYTHING! You get to see lots of things that other youtubers don't always show. I mean, a bunch of them were together for a month, but she covered more of that awesome time in the carribean, Playlist Live, and other things they did.
And they're just plain fun.
You should go watch! If only to see the inside scoop of the Harry Potter Tour!

This video has gone viral because Jessica talks about why you should wear a modest swimsuit with some pretty shocking studies backing it up. I'm all for modest, as you know, and felt empowered by seeing this. I especially love the end :)

This video is very different. It is hilarious, especially since these are hamsters, who can't be trained.
So I dare you watch and not laugh or smile!!!


It was so hard to choose!

First of all, I've become obsessed with Radio Disney, if only because a few songs that I love except for a line or two are edited enough for my comfort, and I'm just a fan of pop music!

But for specific songs, here:

Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller - The Way

The Spanglish Ver specifically. I keep listening to it, I can't help it!

Skillet - Not Gonna Die

This song is AMAZING! I love it so much! I added it to tons of playlists and watch the lyric video a million times!!!

AKB48 - Beginner

No, that is all the members of the this group. AKB48 holds the world record for the largest pop group. There are 90, yes, NINETY, members right now, which are split into 3 teams. Each team performs this song, and I'm obsessed with it!

If you want to learn more about AKB48, check them out here:


TRESemme Extra Firm Control Hairspray

I got this as a travel size for $0.99, and BOY am I glad I did. I have trouble getting my hair to keep the style I put it in, but this, combined with some other products kept my hair looking fancy this past weekend.


And onto the random category! But I've had some pretty awesome food this past month.
 O'Brien Family Recipe Chimichangas
 For Father's Day, my mom made his family recipe for chimichangas, and BOY were they AWESOME! I helped (a little) with the frying, but honestly that goodness was all mom. Sure, they're probably super bad for you, but MAN! They were WORTH IT! Had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days!

 Limited Edition Strawberries n' Crème Oreos
OMG is this stuff GOOD! Tastes just like it! They have a bunch of flavors right now, but so far, this is my fav!
All this talk of food is making me hungry!!!
So I think I'll listen to some more AKB48 while munching on something!
Good night ya'll!!!