Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Update: Where'd My Blogs Go to You Ask?

Hey ya'll!

So in case you were wondering what's going on with me, my laptop died just as me and LA Knight were getting started during our Weekly Day-of-Editing. The motherboard fried.

What this means about my writing is that all my files are gone. Yes, I have what I've posted on here and sent to LA, but everything else, all the background notes that I must have updated or I'm writing blind (Pantser is the proper term. It means I write by the seat of my pants), are gone. Writing without them usually results in my work hitting a dead-end with too many mistakes to continue on. So my writing is at a stand still until a wonderful friend of mine gets the files off the hard-drive (thank goodness THAT didn't die too!) and onto the computer he's giving me. YES, he is THAT AWESOME!!! LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!

Anywho, you may also wonder why I don't do "My Week in Photos/Pics" instead. That would be because the computer I'm using now (it's my parents), as well as my brother's computer do not have the drive needed to read the memory card for my camera. So no weekly posts for now either. I'm gonna try to get my pics off using my friend's laptop tomorrow, but there's no guarantee that I'll be able to do that every week. She's got a bad back and when she's in pain she needs to stay in bed at her apartment far from where I live.

So basically until I have the funds to keep writing, I'm out of luck, and so are you. I may pick up an ancient fanfic of mine in the meantime, but that's a BIG maybe.

Hoping the rest of you are having better luck than me,


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  1. How do I make that "BIG maybe" a much smaller maybe and then transform it into a yes? How do I do that? Can we do that? Maybe? Yes? No? Yes? I love you!