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My Week(s) in Pics ~8/10 - 8/22~

Hey ya'll!

Sorry I haven't done one of these in forever. I haven't been taking pictures because I've been battling an infection, and I've been to the doc twice about it. I haven't done much of anything, honestly. I've seen my girls (it's not contagious) but we've mostly wrote, which you've seen on here.

But enough about illness, time for PICTURES!!!

Doc's pupt me on a sugar-free no white flour diet. Now, I hate diets. I can't follow them to save my life, and honestly I don't care. Diets cause serious depression, and I really don't need that. Luckily, they have things like sugar-free ice cream! This is so yummy! Ate it all in one night.
This whole grain, very low cereal is a LIFE SAVER! Seriously, this is my go-to in the morning, because the milk is hydrating, I'm more full and I can last from noon till dinner without eating too much!
These pomegranates are from our yard! Can't wait to eat one!!!
Another amazing, sugar-free ice cream.
Seriously, love this stuff!
Dillards is having a clearance sale!!! Found this super cute dotted capris for just over $10. I love sales. I afford stuff! ^^
These were also about $10. Love the purple earrings and the blinged-out heart bangle is adorable!
You gonna check out your Dillard's clearance or found some healthy snacks? Let me know what you pick up!!!
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W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story: Part I Chapter 5 - Kaleb

Hey ya'll!

So I'm super-duper sleepy. Barely got through re-reading my chap, but I really want to post this tonight, so Ray can edit tomorrow! Yay! We're hanging out more than once this week!

Anywho, I'm just gonna post the chap and head to bed.

WARNING! This is one of the darkest bits of writing I've ever written. I don't think it's rated M, but it's definitely OT.

*NOTE: Yes, I've changed the ending some. I didn't like how it was, so I came up with something I like even more :)

Chapter 5

Kaleb - Meridian
The black expanse that was Kaleb’s tiny cell was soothing. It seeped into him, snuffing out the pain and horrors that threatened to drown him. There, in the dark, he could pretend every inch of him didn’t ache. Forget the faces of the innocents sharing this living hell. He could, for a little while, pretend that somehow, some way, he’d survive this. That shadows and agony wouldn’t be all that was left of his life. In that caliginosity, he could pretend to have hope.

He’d been taught how to endure torture several years before, when he’d first joined the rebels. But they couldn’t train him for everything. How could they prepare him for the hot iron, or the screws, or the little boy they’d drowned before him because he’d refused to give in? How could anything encompass all that he’d endured these past however-many days in Phobos’s dungeons?

Kaleb tried not to weep as his mind replayed that little boy, beaten, starved, and then held into a barrel of water until he stopped moving. As Kaleb grasped at the here-and-now, shoved into a cell so small he couldn’t even sit up, the Guldon in charge of questioning him taunted him once more.

Too young for this. Too young to even know love . . .

His pain will end, if you give me anything about the rebel base . . .

Answer my questions and a mother gets her son back . . .

Kaleb squeezed his eyes shut, trying to force the images from his mind. He barely noticed the tears rolling off his face and onto the icy floor. When the young captain eventually pushed the boy’s screams out of his head, other horrors took its place. Over and over again, Kaleb relived what he’d endured. Over and over, the young man shoved each memory away. And over and over, another took its place. Finally, the strain became too much, and the darkness engulfed him, and pulled him into its sweet embrace.

All too soon the darkness shattered as ice-water was poured over him. Too stunned to do anything except gasp, the sixteen-year-old was hauled to his feet. Shuddering, he didn’t struggle as they dragged him to a different chamber and divested him of his clothes. When he saw the chains hanging from the ceiling, Kaleb fully woke up. By the time he was hanging by his aching hands, he was ready. Come what may, they wouldn’t get anything out of him. And they didn’t.


It could’ve been days, weeks even, or perhaps only a few minutes. He didn’t know. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t feel anything beyond the haze of pain that followed him from the waking world into sleep. Nothing except the determination that he would not, could not, tell them. He could barely remember why, but he wouldn’t do it. Never.

When his cell opened and he was dragged out once more, he didn’t react. Caring about what they did to him was too much. It could undo him. So he locked his emotions down when another bucket was brought forward. But he couldn’t stay silent when the water began to burn. They’d dumped salt water on him. His struggles were feeble, though, as they led him just down the hall to where a familiar person was waiting.

"Your form of execution has been decided," Vathek told him offhandedly.

Vathek may have been talking about what he ate for breakfast, with all the emphasis he was showing. But Kaleb knew better. He kept his eyes on the ground lest they reveal the hope that flaring inside of him. Vathek was one of the rebel spies in the palace right under Prince Phobos’s nose. The only one in a place of trust, he was the dungeon warden, answering only to the Marshall and Phobos himself. He was half Lurden—a big, blue, stupid race known for their brutality—and Guldon. While Vathek had the size and strength of a Lurden, and the brains and martial skills of a Guldon, he also had the gentleness of a Murmur, the beautiful flower spirits. Too many times, Vathek had witnessed firsthand their ruler’s cruelty. Too many innocents had suffered and died right under Phobos’s feet.

Kaleb had wondered if he’d get a visit from his blue friend. After all, the warden was known to personally oversee his prisoners’ supposed "destruction." But Vathek hadn’t come until now…Kaleb knew what that meant. It meant Vathek wouldn’t—couldn’t save him. The teenager remained defiant, showing none of the fear clawing up his insides.

"My Lord Marshall decided that something special would have to be done with you," Vathek was saying. "Something particular."

He paused for dramatic effect. The Guldons were all but drooling in anticipation.

"You are to be cast into an oubliette," Vathek went on. The words shattered Kaleb. "Alone and forgotten, you’ll starve to death in a hole, if the fall doesn’t kill you first."

Kaleb shoved his emotions deep inside of him. It didn’t matter. It couldn’t matter. Nothing mattered. The rebellion would continue without him, just as it had started without him. Phobos wouldn’t win. Vathek had done what he could. Perhaps, they’d be able to pull him out of this ugliette-thing. Maybe he’d die. But he wouldn’t give up hope.

It seemed like an eternity, and yet all too soon they were at the bottom level of the dungeons, down beneath the Meridian plains. There, in the floor, were several holes about four to six feet in diameter. They were pitch black, as if they absorbed the light instead of revealing what laid inside of them.

Vathek grabbed Kaleb by his coat and held him over the opening. Kaleb’s feet fought to grip the edge, but the stones were smooth with the damp.

"I’m sorry, Kaleb," Vathek’s eyes told him.

Then he let go, and Kaleb fell into his tomb.

Down into the darkness he fell, and then he slammed into earth. Kaleb laid there, his body screaming for air and for the pain to stop. He heard the guards laughing and cheering, and then the voices faded, and the light above blackened once more.

Kaleb was alone, and this time, he didn’t hold back the tears of hopelessness.

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W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story: Part I Chapter 4 - Will

Hey ya'll! So apparently I can barely do anything online on my laptop. It's frustrating, but I'm alright.

Today I've been super productive. I realized that I haven't been working on my writing and editing like I should, especially since I do have something to edit. It's gonna take a little while because I'm editing for someone who've I've never edited for before, which means I have to explain in detail every little thing.

But I digress.

I managed to get this entire chap edited and wrote an entirely new scene all in under 2 hrs, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself! So here it is, heading back to Will, chap 4.

Chapter 4
Will - Heatherfield

After changing in the girls’ uniform for the school, a maroon and cream plaid skirt, oxford shirt, charcoal pantyhose, and clunky Mary Jane shoes, she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

"Ugh," she groaned. "It’s got a dinky tie."

Grimacing, she left the nurse’s bathroom and returned to Knickerbocker’s office across the administration building where her mother and the principal were finalizing Will’s schedule. While that might’ve bothered some kids, Will didn’t really care. So long as she was in advanced science and on the swim team, she’d be satisfied.

"Alright, Wilhemina," Knickerbocker said.

"Will," Will corrected for the millionth time with a sigh.

"This is your class schedule," the principal said, ignoring Will just as she had all morning. "A student has been assigned to guide you for your first week with us. After that being late to class for the both of you will not be tolerated."

"Got it," Will grumbled. Her mom elbowed her, and Will forced a smile. "I understand, ma’am."

"Very well," Knickerbocker said. "You’ll find Taranee in the lobby. Ms. Vandom, I’ll walk you out."

The three of them left the office, and Will saw that the African-American student had stood up and seemed to be waiting for them. Susan turned to Will and gave her a bear hug.

"Have a good day at school, honey."

"Sure, mom," Will said, patting her mother awkwardly. Susan sounded close to tears.

"Listen to your teachers, get along with the other students and make lots of friends!"


"I put some cookies in your lunch bag to help break the ice with the other kids, and—"

"Okay, Mom, I get it!" Will shoved her mom off. Susan just sniffed and smiled. "See you later."

Will turned away and headed over to where the other girl was trying to hide her smile. The red-head wouldn’t look at anyone until her mom had left with Will’s cool clothes.

"Hi, I’m Taranee Cook," the other girl said, still smiling.

Will shook her hand. "Will Vandom."

"I’m supposed to show you around the school and get you to your classes," Taranee said, "but just to let you know, I’m new here myself."

Will smiled. "Then I guess we’ll get lost together."

The two of them studied Will’s class schedule and the miniature map of the campus for a few minutes.

Taranee was the same age and grade as Will, and had the same Homeroom teacher. She’d arrived only three weeks earlier, a month into the semester which started earlier than Will’s previous district. Instead of having the long, luscious locks that seemed to be the common California Girl, Taranee’s hair was electric blue and super short, except for a long, beaded strand over her left ear. While they made their way to the algebra class they both shared, Will asked her how to fit in with the other girls.

"Wear make-up," Taranee automatically answered. When Will stared at her in horror, Taranee went on. "There are a lot of rich kids, whose parents are super models and actors. So all the girls wear makeup, at least a little bit of mascara and a BB cream. And the guys here are HOTT!" She added.

"From the extra T, it sounds as if you got a crush," Will teased. To her surprise, Taranee blushed.

"Well, yeah, but, yeah, I, don’t know his name," she stammered out.

"Wow," Will exclaimed, "you’ve really fallen for this guy, huh?"

"Yeah," Taranee admitted, suddenly fascinated with the floor.

Will laughed. She said, "Don’t worry, you’ll get his attention somehow."

Taranee gave her a grateful smile.

"Any-way," she stammered again, "the girls here can also be a bit vicious about looks. I’m not saying they’re all mean or something, but everyone wears a little something. That’s why my mom let me wear some."

Will sighed. "I just don’t like make-up. I mean, I’m not pretty, so there’s no point in putting on a mask to hide behind."

"Oh, don’t say that!" Taranee exclaimed, looking shocked. "You’re really pretty! Everyone is! Well…" she back tracked, "not everyone. But you are, and so am I. Just wear some mascara and a BB cream and you’re good"

"And what’s a BB cream again?" Will asked, feeling flattered. No one other than her mom had said anything like that to her before. Even her dad had always said she looked like a boy, or something like that.

They continued to talk until they reached room 304, their classroom. Will’s stomach clenched slightly, a sign that she was nervous.

Here we go, Will thought. Taking a deep breath, she followed Taranee inside.

"So where do you sit?" Will asked Taranee, staring at the mass of people filling the cafeteria at lunch.

"Um, I…normally…sit…over there." Taranee was pointing at a table that had a few dorky-looking kids in braces with bad acne. Will grimaced again. "They’re not all that bad," Taranee said. "At least they’re nice. They are not."

"They" were four boys sitting with two very pretty, very arrogant looking, identical girls. The boys’ uniforms were sloppy, their pants barely on their butts and their shirts wrinkled and covered in stains. The two girls were the complete opposite, dressed immaculately, wearing heavy amounts of makeup and looking through fashion magazines while the guys wrestled around and generally made complete fools of themselves.

"The guy with red hair and bad acne is Uriah Dunn," Taranee told her. "The big blond guy is Laurent, but everyone calls him Clubber."

"Clubber?" Will repeated incredulously.

"Yeah, because he’s the one who beats up Uriah’s enemies. The other big doofus is Kurt Van Buren, and the handsome one is N-Nigel."

Will raised an eyebrow and looked at Taranee, who was turning a little pink. "‘Handsome’?"

"The girls are the Grumper sisters," Taranee went on, ignored Will’s comment. "They’re pretty, rich and mean, mean, mean. The older one is Bess, she’s the one sitting right next to Uriah, and her twin is Courtney. I’d avoid everyone at the table like they had the plague."

"No problem," Will assured her. "So, we gonna sit over at the reject table or what?"

"That’s mean, calling them the reject table."

Will jumped at the high voice. She spun around to see three girls watching them. One was tall and blonde, who wore the uniform as if it was designed for her. Behind her was a Hispanic girl with bright blue eyes and was laughing. The one who’d spoken was the smallest girl, a tiny Asian girl, who continued speaking.

"Just because some of them have…problems, doesn’t mean—"

"Oh whatever, Hay Lin," the blonde said. "Martin and his geeky friend are rejects."

"That’s really mean, Cornelia!" Hay Lin protested.

Cornelia shrugged and moved past them.

"It’s not because of how they dress, but because they’re creepy," the Hispanic girl said. "Come on, Tim still eats his boogers."

"You don’t know that, Irma."

"Oh yes I do. Martin tells me about it when he follows me home. And about Anthony’s drooling problem."

"Martin follows you home?" Will asked, feeling a little freaked out.

Irma rolled her eyes. "He’s obsessed. Just last week he was serenading me from my front lawn and until the neighbors called the cops."

"I thought your dad was a cop," Taranee remarked.

"Yup. It was hilarious," Irma said, laughing. "So, you two need a place to sit, right?"

Will and Taranee nodded shyly.

"Well, you can sit with us," Irma told them. "If only because it’ll bug Cornelia."

Feeling nervous and shy, Will and Taranee followed the two girls to the largest table in the room.

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My Week(s) in Photos ~7/21 - 8/9~

Hey ya'll!

Now that I have a laptop I can access the pictures on my camera's SD Card! Which means my weekly posts are back!!!

Have to admit, it's kinda a good thing that I couldn't get to my pics because I don't have all that many, but just enough for a combination post! Sorry it's not bigger, I've been sick the past...three weeks now. Boo. Oh well. I can still do this post!!!

My mom's new classroom has been set up and the kids are in! So the comp room looks like this now! (Mostly, we brought some more stuff home so that back corner has more in now)
Mighty has turned into David's lap cat. David said he felt like Dr. Evil (before the cryostasis). But Mighty sure looks happy!
 And here. He just loves sleeping on the bathroom rug in front of the tub right by the toilet. Such a funny woozle!!!
 Yes, that's a grape. It's own vine wrapped around it so it looks super funky. I couldn't figure out how to eat it, so I took a pic before tossing it out. Very cool though! ^^
 My new laptop! Okay, it's not new, it's actually really old for a laptop, but it's new to me, and it works! Not all the time and not all that great (I don't think I'll be able to write, since I can need as much as 3 tabs online, three docs and music playing all at once. It can barely play music while I'm typing this up). But it works, and it has the files that I was missing! (Except for one. That was entirely my fault, I saved the wrong file on top of the right one -_-' )
 So I'm back in business baby!!!
Look what my mom bought me as thanks for helping out at her school! It's the Kokiri Emerald from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!!! I posted it on Facebook, and she saw and bought if for me! I'm so happy! If I wasn't in my pjs, I'd be wearing it right now! I wore it all day yesterday! 
 I finally picked these books up. They're super fast reads, with me finishing Sea of Monsters in less than 8 hrs. I would've finished Lightning Thief that quickly...if I hadn't picked it up at 10 PM. When it was 4 AM, I figured I'd better head to bed.
 I'm not all that thrilled with them. They're alright, but that's about it. The amount of Greek Mythology referenced is headspinning, but that's the only thing that impressed me. Percy constantly saying "sir" I think is retarded, as juvenile delinquents do NOT say that, like ever. Trust me, most of my friends in elementary school had spent more than a month in juvy before. They only use it while in juvy, and then flip cops off once their out.
Alright, that's been the past few weeks! Anything big happen to you? Let me know in the comments below!!!
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W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story: Part I Chapter 3 - Yan Lin

Hey guys!!!

I have great news:

Yes! I also have a new laptop, but it doesn't work very well...I couldn't get it to open ANYTHING when I got up, which was super annoying, but whatevs, it works! I have my files!!!

I'm currently backing up everything, but as you can see, I found time to write some!!! I'll be able to continue my other story as well as Warrior! I got everything I need!!!

Alright, now that you have my awesome update, time to get to my writing!!! Here's the next part, where we see The Heart of Kandrakar!!!

Oh, and I did change Caleb's name back to Kaleb. Since Kandrakar's actually supposed to be spelled Candracar, I'll stick with the K names.
***NOTE: I know the spaceing's jacked up. I can't fix it, the stupid thing is glitching. It happens every once in a while ><***

Chapter 3

Yan Lin - Heatherfield

A resounding crash coming from the kitchen had customers looking up from their meals and Yan Lin clenching her teeth until they ached. That was the fourth time this week. Yan held back her sigh as she watched a glum teenager named Stephen slink out of the kitchen, trying to hide behind his long, shaggy blond hair. He seemed to know his third evening of work at the Silver Dragon would be his last.


Taoyan, that’s the third one this month! The white-haired seventy-four-year-old thought. Are there no good waiters in this city?


Silently cursing, Yan moved toward the kitchen to tell Stephen—


—and suddenly she was looking at a young man a little older than Hay Lin, wearing a waiter’s apron, standing over a thirty year old man with blond hair. A strong aura of anger and impatience emanated from him, cowing the gentleman asking about his order. He glanced through his shaggy, brown hair cut similarly to Stephen’s, the rage making his olive-green eyes burn.


Yan blinked and suddenly she was looking at nothing, still in the dining room of the restaurant her parents had opened in the 1940s when she was a little girl. The customers made small talk while eating what Stephen hadn’t dropped. Hay Lin, her granddaughter came through the door and greeted Stephen while he continued to clean up his latest mess. The old woman ignored it all, focusing her mind on that very brief vision.

A premonition? I haven’t had one since…Decades. Since my powers were sealed with Cassidy’s death. Tears filled her eyes while a grin of joy spread across her face. They’re here! She realized. They’ve come. The fifth generation is ready!

Without finishing her table’s order, and not a word to Hay Lin, Yan Lin, former guardian of Air shuffled into the private dining room and through a different door that concealed the staircase leading to the family apartment above. As fast as her ancient body would let her, she headed to her bedroom. There, against the wall was an armoire that held her most precious possessions. Her breath caught as she moved some photo albums aside and saw a pink glow coming from the back.

As carefully as she could, she pulled out an old box. It was wooden, painted red with gold embellishments on the edges, which glowed from the light coming from the inside. Yan gently touched the words engraved into the lid.
To bring peace and Light
To those in the Dark
Protect the innocent
Stand as hope and justice
Is the Guardians’ Role

Yan stared at those words. When she was fourteen she’d sworn that very oath. She’d watch a friend die for them, and another break them. Thousands of times she’d lived up to the trust placed in her, and now—
Now, she thought, it is my turn to teach them to another generation. Reverently, she opened the box, and picked up the glowing necklace inside.
Hanging from a silver chain was a glowing, pink sphere with streams of energy moving around inside. Silver encased the bottom and the top, with an incomplete circle connecting them. Where the top broke off, it curled in a swirl. The bottom did the same, but angled in a different direction. It was the heart of Kandrakar, the amplifier of the Guardians’ powers, and it had given Yan Lin her vision.

As she took the gem into her hands she felt its call. Laying down on her bed she murmured, "Show me."

Hay Lin, Yan’s only grandchild, had changed from her uniform into her favorite purple miniskirt and a yellow lace-back shirt, her long, blue-black hair pulled into her favored pigtails. Now she was playing with her hip-length hair while taking the orders of a table that Stephen should’ve been serving. No one could see it, but Yan saw the invisible symbol for air—a sky-blue capital c, whose top came to the center with a dot on the end—hanging from the teenager’s neck. Yan felt a wave of overwhelming joy that her xiao Hay would be a Guardian as well. The old woman watch the air currents flowing about the untrained girl, calming the customers and bringing a bit of fresh air to them. She must’ve had her for some time without knowing it. Hay Lin sneezed, knocking the drinks and menus at a table over. Yan chuckled at Hay Lin’s shocked expression.

The vision changed to another girl the former guardian recognized. The beautiful blonde wearing a coral maxi skirt and white shirt and denim jacket was Cornelia Hale, one of Hay Lin’s good friends. She was at a park, sitting and talking with her best friend Elyon while some boys played soccer. The grass at the edges of the blanket was growing tall, a few dandelions popping up where her long hair fell over the side of the blanket. Cornelia didn’t notice it, nor how the trees seemed to reach for her. It didn’t surprise the old woman that around her neck was the green talisman marked with the dot surrounded by a circle that meant earth. But Yan knew Cornelia’s arrogance and pride, which made her wary.

That one will give me a fight, she thought. And her powers need more control. But that will come in time.

The third girl was just as familiar as Cornelia. She was Irma Lair, another member of Hay Lin’s group of friends. Sassy and tough, Irma had her short brown hair braided into pigtails, showing off the second set of piercings on her ears. Her little brother must’ve tried to pull on one, since Irma was holding him upside down, balancing his weight on her hips while talking on the phone. The Latina seemed immune to her brother’s squirming, shifting around in her salmon Capri’s and olive green tunic. Despite this remarkable feat, there seemed to be no open sign of a particular power. But still, Yan spotted the talisman around her neck in-between the kicking boy’s legs. It was similar to earth’s c, but royal blue, smaller and with the end extending straight out, making it water.

Yan Lin didn’t recognize the last two girls. The first was an African-American girl with dark blue hair that was short, except for one, thick braid in front of her left ear. She continued to pluck at her orange sweater and green cargo pants while out with her family looking at an empty house for sale. While shuffling behind her parents, she sighed next to the fire place, which lit. The girl and her older brother jumped, staring at the flames in surprise. As they raced to join their parents in the next room, Yan saw the blood red, upside down triangle that didn’t connect in the left corner that was the symbol for fire.

Taranee Cook, the heart whispered to her. Her powers were strong, and Yan knew she would need to learn the most precision.

The last one, Yan knew, was the most important. This was the one that the Heart had chosen as its keeper, the leader of the others. Her power was Quintessence, and she alone would be able to wield the Heart. The chosen girl appeared, the pink talisman with the two apostrophes almost forming a circle, the top one with its tail to the left, the bottom’s tail to the right. She was a small red-head, sitting in the Sheffield Institute uniform on her bed, looking lost and defeated. Her brown eyes were dark with memories of pain.

Wilhemina Vandom, the Heart called to Yan. This girl had seen much in her young years, but Yan knew she’d see so much more in the years to come.

The visions faded, and Yan was staring at her bedroom ceiling. She sat up and studied the Heart, which had stopped glowing.

"So," she said aloud, "you’ve chosen these five, eh? I don’t know if they will last in Meridian, but so be it." She gently laid the necklace back in the box and hid it deep beneath clothes and photo albums. "They’ll be tested soon enough."

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July Favorites 2013

Hey ya'll!!!

So apparently I labeled June's favorites as July Favs. And no one told me!!! Oh well, I fixed it now!!!

I'm not sure I'll be able to do a weekly update since I only have 2 pics... If not, I'll add it onto another weeks!

But onto my favs!!!

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords the Manga
I love Legend of Zelda, and this manga's really well done! I want to play the game now...
Cleopatra (starring Elizabeth Taylor)
I've been on an old movie kick because I've barely seen any classics. I can't stand a lot of them, but this one was really well done. It was dry in the beginning, but the dialogue was so brilliant later on that I became a try fan!!!
Breakfast at Tiffany's
This one was brilliant from start to finish! Unlike the last Audrey Hepburn movie (My Fair Lady), I love the characters and their development. Very great, and the party scene is to die for!!!
Teen Beach Movie
A Disney Musical making fun of Disney Musicals! So funny, cute, and the fact that the characters are 18 instead of 13 is nice too. I adore Cruisin' for a Bruisin', and the fact that several dancers are from So You Think You Can Dance is awesome!
Yes, I know I'm a little old to watching this kind of thing, but I love the fun stuff like this as much as the rocking adventure flicks like Transformers.
Star Wars
This month was Star Wars Celebration Europe. As the last one was held long before I used Youtube for anything other than AMVs, I've never heard of, or seen anything about Celebration. So this months vids were very welcome. Going to one is now on my bucket list.
Oh, and all the behind the scenes, tv show clips and inside scoops are pretty darn awesome too!

Melmphs aka Melissa
She's funny, goofy, and just fun to watch. She does makeup videos on youtubes. My fav things to watch is her comparing drugstore and high end, which is super helpful to the broke ladies like me!
The Wizard of Ahhs by Pentatonix and Todrickhall
I love this video! So cool and fun. Very well done. I love it!!!
Little Mix - Wings
I heard this on Radio Disney--yes, you read that right. I listen to it to keep me from being super depressed when writing abuse and torture scenes--and instantly fell in love. It's just so upbeat and fun!
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
I know this song has probably been overplayed, but I just love this song! It's great by it's own, but in this AMV it really brought out the lyrics in a way even the band may not have thought of!
Hunchback of Notre Dame Soundtrack - God Bless the Outcasts
I mentioned that I haven't seen the movie often in a past post, but I didn't know how much I was missing out until I saw this scene for the second time. Man I love this song! It's at the top of every major playlist I listen to now (yes, including the one I'm currently listening to)
This Nyx Palette I got from my awesome cousin Laura (check that post here: has proven to be AWESOME! I've worn it almost every time I put on makeup since! With Maybelline's Bad the Bronze as a base, this palette really makes my eyes pop! Love it!
The palette says TS15, Aloha/Mink Brown/Deep Bronze on the back
These are my fav shoes right now. I got them at Ross for only $14, and while they look cute, they've been a savior this past month. My mom's new school opened with just a little over two weeks to the students' first day. That was when we could start moving in my mom's stuff. It took a while for the teachers to figure out how to get the AC to work, so it was really hot the first little while. These sandals were a life safer!!! I kept cool, and unlike cheapo flipflops, the straps go in the sides. The other ones I wore hurt my feet. Not these!!!
What were some of your favs for the month? Let me know in the comments!!!

My Writing Table of Contents

This Table of Contents is for all my other writing other than Star Warriors


Star Warriors: Warrior - Prologue 1 - In the Late 1980's

Warrior: Prologue 2 - Thirteen Years Later

I'm only going to have these chapters up. You'll have to purchase Warrior when it comes out. I'll keep you updated, never fear!

W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story

W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story: Prologue

W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story: Part I It Begins Chapter 1 Aldarn

W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story: Part I Chapter 2 - Will

W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story: Part I Chapter 3 - Yan Lin

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W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story: Part I Chapter 2 - Will

Hey Guys!!!

So I've been working on my fanfic some more. Wow, I've forgotten so much!!! But just by finishing episode 4, I've already got more ideas flowing!!! So nice to be able to work!!!

Anywho, Part I is what's called "It Begins", not the chapter. Chapter 1 is Aldarn. I'll fix that right now!!!

And onto Part I Chapter 2!!!

Chapter 2
Will - Heatherfield, Earth

Will blew her blood red hair out of her face and glared at her mother. But Susan Vandom was busy gabbing away to the office secretary. The forty-year-old, raven-haired beauty had the uncanny ability to make friends with almost anyone she met, and could easily turn any situation to her advantage, something her daughter had never mastered. It was annoying to watch it in action, especially at her new middle school.

"Stop it, it’ll be different this time," she muttered. "No one here even knows you can read minds!"

The encouraging thought made her smile. But it faded when she sensed a student wondering about what she’d said. She glanced behind her to see an African-American girl about her age sitting in the pink chairs that adorned the front office. Will’s heart started pounding while her body went ice cold. Confusion wasn’t good. Not good at all. It led to questions that Will couldn’t answer, making stupid people to jumped to the wrong conclusions. Which equaled the death of Will’s reputation. Before it was even born.

Will silently cursed herself over and over again while staring resolutely at the back of her mom’s designer boots. She couldn’t believe that she’d actually said that out loud! But all the mental voices around her made hard to think without speaking aloud…

Just when her panic began to overwhelm her, her mother’s voice quieted the now roaring voices in her mind.

"Will, they’re ready for us, honey."

Will sighed and started to follow her mom, still eyeing the floor. But her mother’s hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"It’ll be alright, sweetheart," her mom assured her. "No one’s going to hurt you here. I won’t let them."

Will’s brown eyes dropped from her mom’s. She’d heard that before and had still come home covered in bruises.

Susan Vandom sighed and rubbed her thirteen-year-old’s back. Will just pulled on her pink hoodie and followed the secretary into an office where she slumped into a chair and focused on her purple jeans, red sweater and black sneakers. Both the secretary and councilor were in skirt suits and heels, and Ms. Vandom had also worn a skirt and blazer, making Will feel very underdressed. She racked her brain, trying to remember what the girl had been wearing, but she’d focused on the thoughts in her head, not her apparel. She hoped that the school was super strict about dress code, or worse: have uniforms. The very thought had her shuddering.

The councilor that handled Will’s papers was a plump woman with curly, white hair piled on top of her head like an ivory tower. As Ms. Vandom took the seat beside Will, the woman smiled at them. Will immediately didn’t like her. Not the way those green eyes didn’t match the slick smile.

"Hello, Wilhelmina, Ms. Vandom," the woman said.

"It’s Will," Will corrected.

The woman ignored her. "My name is Principal Knickerbocker."

"You’re the principal?" Will blurted. "Why the heck at you doing this job?"

She would’ve also asked where the corny name came from, but she could already feel her mother’s glare. A history of distrusting authority figures hung over Will’s head, and her mom wasn’t going to spend another school year going to the school for meeting after meeting. Will heard the frustration in her mom’s inner monologue. And insulting the principal of her new school—a private institute none the less—would be the worst way to start the year off.

"Yes, I am," the woman replied, her tone matching her mental disapproval. "Our councilor is out sick with the stomach flu, and won’t return until he has fully recovered. Until then I will take on some of his responsibilities."

"How long do you think he’ll be gone?" Will’s mother asked, a little skeptical.

"Oh not for very long, a few more days at the most," Knickerbocker smoothly replied, that same smile still plastered to her face.

"Okay," Susan said, still sounding uncertain. Will knew that tone—her mother didn‘t trust the school.

"Now, Wilhelmina," Mrs. Knickerbocker said, her bright smile trying, and failing, to impress the fourteen-year-old, "how much do you know about Sheffield Institution?"

"That the name sounds like a prison," Will muttered. "And again," she said at regular volume, "I go by Will."

The phony smile started to crack a little as the principal tried not to show her fraying patience. Will’s mom openly glared, but her mind showed that she was really trying not to laugh.

Knickerbocker cleared her throat and went on. "Well, its history is quite the opposite. This school has existed since 1878 as a school for ladies to…"

Will zoned out while staring just past the principal and out a window. She’d heard the lecture in Knickerbocker’s mind before she’d commented on the name. It was an old school rich steeped in tradition and had a history alumni becoming first ladies, judges, political leaders and even a few Hollywood actresses. The grades ranged from eighth grade to twelfth grade. Eighth and ninth graders had to wear uniforms while the upper classmen didn’t have to. Many of the students here had known each other for years and years, staying in their little circles. Will doubted she’d make friends here, and she wasn’t even sure she wanted to.

"Do you have any questions?" Mrs. Knickerbocker asked right on time. If Will had wanted to annoy her, she’d mouthed along, but that would infuriate her mom, so she did it mentally.

"Yes," Susan replied.

Will tried not to groan as her mom asked question after question, mostly about money. Everything was about money with her mom. She’d been pretending that nothing was wrong and that they’d had just as much before the long divorce, but Will knew better. Things were tight. So she just laid her head back and stared at the ceiling while her mom haggled over every little detail. When she sighed again, her mom elbowed her.

"Stop it," her mom hissed in her ear, and then smiled at Mrs. Knickerbocker.

"Alright then," the principal said, "how about—"

"We choose my class schedule?" Will finished. "Finally?"

"Wilhelmina Mary Vandom."

Will grimaced. She could hear her mother’s anger reflected in her voice.

"Outside. Now."

Will followed her into the empty hall. She knew exactly what was going to happen. She always did. Her mom thought out everything she said. Each word was carefully chosen to get her point across. Meaning that Will knew every word that her mom was going to say before she said it. Susan didn’t care. It always sounded more to the point, and louder, when said out loud.

"This attitude of yours is getting very old very quickly!" She growled. Yeah. Definitely louder. "We sacrificed a lot to get you into this school, and you are not going to mess this up with your cynicism!"

"She’s a phony," Will explained.

"She’s trying to be nice!" Susan yelled, waving her arms around in frustration. It would’ve definitely been amusing, if Will hadn’t been in trouble. "So she has a fake smile on, so what? Maybe she had a terrible morning and is trying to forget about it. Your negativity certainly isn’t helping!"

Will glared at the closed door. "Mrs. Pinkle had that same smile when she told dad to put me in Palo Verde."

Susan froze, her anger fading. Mrs. Pinkle had been the vice-principal at Will’s middle school in Tucson Arizona. That woman had made it personal mission to keep Will under her boot. That had been the last straw in the already strained relationship between Will’s parents. Susan got a divorce, and they’d moved to the small coastal city of Heatherfield, California.

"Will, this isn’t Quail Brook," Susan said gently.

"I know, but—" Will said.

"But it still feels the same?"

Will looked into her mom’s amber eyes, then back down to the floor.

"Will," she touched her daughter’s shoulder, and made Will look at her, "this is a new beginning, a new place. These are different people. They’re not going to attack you, or lock you up over some—nonsense. But they will if you keep up the commentary. Please," she begged as she stroked Will’s cheek, "give this place a chance?" Will looked back at the stupid maroon carpet. "If it turns out to be just as bad, I’ll think of home school. Okay?"

"Okay," Will softly replied.

The two of them hugged, and then went back in the office.

Well, Will told herself, time to try to make a new beginning.