Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lost (Poem)

So I've been feeling down when I think about my writing, mostly because I can't write as much as I want to. When I try to write more than 1 chap in a week, saw what happened. 2 weeks of not being about to write a THING! SOOO frustrating!!!!

*deep breath*


I've been thinking in poetry for the past few days, which meant a poem (or several) had to come out. So I wrote this bad boy! Not as depressing as Darkness, but kinda along those lines, if much happier.

Anywho, here it is!

(And here's where you can check it and several other things on Figment, a website by writers for writers!)

 Lost and forgotten
These paths and streets
Confusing me

I’m trying to find my way
And the light that guides me
It’s sometimes seems too bright
Too good to be true
But still I follow

I stumble
I fall
I’m laughed at

A few love me
I wonder why
Then they fall and
I help them up
Then I know why

I feel so alone

But I know
Not my way
Nor where I am
Where I’m going
Or what I’m going to become

But I know who I am
And I know my purpose

Sort of

I know my light
So I follow

1 comment:

  1. So here I am with my comment for your first poem, "Lost!" I'm gonna do this one first because you said it was a bit sad, and I want to start sad and go happy. Doesn't everyone?

    I know how you feel about not being able to write, too. I had that problem when I went on that trip for Blake's wedding last year. Almost 25 days with no ability to write...

    I'm gonna post my comment on Figment, too. Erm, I mean, on Figgy, the Place of Figgs.

    "But still I follow."
    That's because you've got guts. *nods* Yes. It takes guts to follow the Spirit when stuff sucks.

    "I'm laughed at."
    I kill those people in my mind with my eyeballs and my super-brain. Because it's not funny. Everybody falls. Well, except me. I have anti-grav boots. Want some?
    No, but seriously, everybody falls. If anyone laughs at you, I sic small ugly rabid dogs on them.

    "A few love me
    I wonder why"
    Because you're epic. It's your cross to bear, being so cool.
    It's not because you do things for us.
    It's just because. *hug*

    I love that distinction you make. You're like, "I don't know which way is north or south, or up or down, but I don't need to, because I know who I am, WHOSE I am." And I love how you make the point to mention that you know not just who YOU are, but who you belong to.

    "And I know my purpose."
    Being awesome.
    That is your purpose.
    And to make me happy.
    Which you do.
    Except when you're yelling...but then you get over it and we're cool.
    So yeah. Your purpose in life is to make me happy. And you succeed brilliantly.

    "I know my light
    So I follow"
    Which makes me proud of you.
    Erm, wait, we're not supposed to have pride.
    You know what I mean!

    Love you!