Monday, October 28, 2013

My Week In Pics ~10/20 - 10/28~

Yes, I am aware that it is the 28th, but the 26th I spent mostly in town, or sleeping. I was tired after running 20 hrs on 4 hrs of sleep! I can't do that every day! I never really could, honestly, not without getting super psycho and sick!

Anywho, I had a pretty good week last week, in which I continued to find Mighty in my room. I still do, actually. During my nap on the 26th, he was under my bed. I could hear him, but I had no idea where he was!

But onto the pics!

Made some chicken fajitas for my fam! They were super delish!
I FOUND IT!!! Remember this little amazing travel-sized bottle of wonderful hair-fixer? I lost it! I pulled it out for this blog post ( but it disappeared! Well, I vacuumed while marinating the chicken meat, and I FOUND IT!!! OMG, I'm super happy! I'll def be using this, this week for Halloween!
Came into my room and look who decided to fall asleep just in the weirdest spot ever! He's so strange...
...Seriously strange! He just comes into my room and lays where ever. Then again, I guess that's what cats do. But he's never liked my room...until now.
My savoir after randomly waking up 4 hrs before my alarm was supposed to go off. I guess it was all the diet Dr. Pepper the day before... o.o'

That was my past week, and Halloween couldn't come fast enough! Just got my decorations up today, and tried out my makeup look for the big night!

...during which I will be home, dressed up all fancy, watching Halloween movies with my besties! Am I crazy? Probably. Do I care? Nope!

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  1. So here I am with Your Week in Pics for 10/20-10/28!

    I know how you feel regarding the thing about not getting enough sleep and

    whatnot. I'm "feeling my age," as it were, because I can't go super-long

    without getting decent sleep anymore, either.

    Mighty under the bed tickles my funny bone, lol.

    I didn't get any fajita. Boo. I forgot to get some of the leftovers before I left

    that one day...and the picture looks so tasty.

    We found the hair stuff! Well, you did. But still, it's found! Yay!

    Awww, the Mighty Cat! He's so cute. Too bad he's not as cuddly as Jake or

    Toby; he'd be lots of fun then. But he's never liked your room before?

    Hmmm...I wonder why he keeps going in there.

    The blog on screen behind the Mountain Dew can is my Darkness blog, lol.

    You're not crazy. You just like Halloween, lol. And I'm switching to Mountain

    Dew (or Diet Dr. Pepper, if I keep getting the muscle tics) after I finish off my

    Pepsi. Remind me to tell my mom.