Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hey ya'll!

My favorite holiday is here, and I'm planning on enjoying it to no end with Ray and Megan! We're gonna watch some not-so-spooky movies, eat healthy-ish candy, dress up and just have fun!

But to kick off the best holiday of the year, and the beginning of the holiday season, I thought I'd tell ya'll some stories! My cousins used to ask me to tell stories, scary or not, all the time when we were younger. While they haven't asked in a while, I thought I'd continue that tradition here today!

Now, I have LOTS of stories, most of which are not of my own making, but I'm gonna stick with an experience of mine! A spooky one. I actually have a LOT of ghost stories either first hand, or second hand, but I'll stick with something not so terrifying. Why, you may ask? Because some of them are TRULY terrifying, the stuff of horror films! And I have a few that aren't all that scary at all. But this one is true, and happened to me when I was little.

I've been told my whole life that ghosts are real, because they aren't ghosts, but evil spirits that enjoy scaring people and causing trouble. Some are truly malevolent, TRUST me, and some are just kinda there.

When I was in the fourth grade, I began noticing weird things happening around me. I kept feeling this presence following when I'd was alone in my room, at school, walking home or heading over to my friends. It wasn't there all the time, just sometimes. Once during a test, I felt it. Something kept grabbing my foot, but when I looked down, nothing and no one was there. My teacher came over, wondering if I was cheating, probably, so I told her I kept feeling something, and she told me to ignore it. On my way home, once I heard some voices, but I was alone, or with my brother, but he wasn't talking. I thought it might be a ghost, but my friends called me a liar and told me to ignore it.

One Saturday, I went into my parents room to just chill with my dad. He had a program, about hauntings on, and some of what they were talking about seemed pretty familiar. I told my dad that, and he told that if there was anymore issues to let him know. I got really freaked out when the program talked about this mist appearing in a room, and the person hearing a voice, and having things thrown around. Now, my dad's a priest, so is my brother, though he wasn't at the time. So he kinda laughed it off and was like, "They just need to talk to the Mormons, we'd clear that up real quick."

Freaked out enough, I headed for my room. And the tempearture dropped. And then a mist appeared. And I heard voices. I went into full blown panic room and started yelling for my dad and crying, and I raced to his room, and I told him everything. So he headed for my room and right when he walked in, everything stopped. The mist disappeared, the temperature rose, and it grew quiet. The presence was gone. That's when my dad sat me down and explained just what he was, and told me that if anything happened again, to tell him immediately. If it happened at school, to tell my mom.

But that was actually the end of it, then. It wasn't until...middle school that something else happened.

So that was my scary story for the day. Gotta admit, typing this up has me a little freaked out, but there's nothing here, and I know what to do if something else happens! ^^

Have you guys ever been haunted? Lots of my friends have, in fact the spookiest experiences I had, I shared with 4-6 other people. Let me know your spooky stories!

Happy Halloween ya'll!

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  1. So just a quick comment on your spooky Halloweeny blog. You read it aloud to us last night but I'm commenting cuz...cuz I can. So there. Lol. =)

    Okay, know I get twitchy even just imagining things that freak me out. I've got a lot of phobias about things that tie into that whole issue. It's why I don't like doors that open to dark hallways, for example - I keep expecting some freaky looking hand to curl around the corner and then a monstrous head to shove into view with an eerie, unearthly shriek of demonic rage and bloodlust. And now I'm getting freaked out in broad daylight because I wrote that...jeez. Anywho, so you know I'm a twitchy person when it comes to certain things.

    Your blog made me twitchy. Even though for the most part I don't get freaked out by the thought of ghosties, I got twitchy last night. Congrats, you scared the heck out of me. =) Thank you for us being all together in a well-lit room last night because otherwise I would've had some problems.

    I'm such a chicken. *sigh* Even Karl says so. He had to kill a monster for me in a game because it scared me so much, lol. I was getting more and more tense while fighting it and then it shifted into something even freakier and I paused it and went, "I'm scared. Will you kill this for me?" And Karl was like, "Oh, jeez. Move over, chicken." But he killed it for me anyway. =)

    Love you!

    Happy All Hallows! I can't believe the kid in Hocus Pocus didn't know Halloween was NOT invented by the "candy companies." Jeez. Even as a little girl I thought he was silly for thinking that.