Wednesday, October 9, 2013

August/September Monthly Favorites

Hey Guys!

I know, it's been forever since I've done a Week in Pics post, as well as a Monthly Favorites, but as  you know from all my other posts, things have been nuts!


I have list (a long one) and pics for all of them! This will be a double monthly favorites, with a return to your regularly programmed blogging schedule from here on out, I promise! I'll probably post the weekly pics late Thursday night, since Fridays are now my work day, where me and LA Knight come together to hang, watch tv and movies, and edit until we're done, which lately has been about 3-4 AM. We don't leave things half done (except watching stuff, we often only see a tiny bit of what we want to) so that our work is done and available for your viewing pleasure ASAP!

Anywho, onto the favorites!
Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series
OMG, all of August, I started and finished this series. The first one was blah, I only read it because I love the movie (yes, I love the movie and dislike the book). But it gets better with each book! Totally a great series
The Heroes of Olympus Series
Percy Jackson's sequel series. OMG, this series. Absolutely amazing. Each book is better than the last, and I can't wait to read the next one, House of Hades. I'm getting this series from the library, and I'm on the waiting list for it!
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Wow. I didn't think it could top the first one in the new movies, and it totally did. Benedict Cumberbatch was absolutely awesome, the plot is great. Just, WOW!
Man of Steel
I literally watched Star Trek one week, and this the next. I went with LA Knight and IK Scott to see Star Trek, but it was out of theaters, so we saw this instead. And this movie is AMAZING! Love it! Although I'm miffed about the new Batman choice, because this movie rocks, I'll watch it. Because of this movie!!!
Agents of Shield
August was pretty dead, but several shows came back this fall, and this one is brand new. And I gotta say, this is beats Legend of Korra. Korra hasn't matured, and while Coulson's return is kinda dumb, I love the team's dynamic. Loving this show!
Currently watching a vid as I'm writing this right now. She's so upbeat and funny, cute and her tips are great. Love her!
Her Sleeping Beauty video is hilarious! I was hooked, just from that vid. She's super sweet, and I love her accent! Check her out!
This is a commercial in Thailand. I've seen it on Facebook and Tumblr (check out my Tumblr here: I get chocked up just talking about it, because it's so amazing and beautiful. A must watch!
In case you weren't aware, I'm LDS, and this past weekend was our General Conference. This was Elder Jeffrey R Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, his talk called Broken Vessels. In case you didn't know from this post here: I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which includes several anxiety disorders and depression. So this talk really touched me. I've never heard a leader of my church talk admit suffering from it, nor mention of any previous leaders dealing with it. I think any one dealing with these kind of problems should watch this, because it's simply beautiful.
I bought these boots from Forever21 last year during Black Friday, and I've been obsessed ever since. No, they're not leather, but they're holding up really well. I also injured my foot Thursday, and these have been holding my foot very well while it returns to normal (almost there!).
Loft House Pumpkin Mini Cookies
This is a recent love, as in the past two days. But DUDE! So yummy! Too bad they're terrible for you... o.o'
Bath and Body Works Candle in Pumpkin Cupcake
DUDE! Amazing scent. It smell EXACTLY as what it says. I haven't burned mine at all, since it is a mini, not a large, 3 wick one. But I don't really need to! I keep it by my bed, and I smell it as I fall sleep, and it's so relaxing.
Okay, this is not my top 3, it's my top six, in order, not by month
Waiting for Superman by Daughtry
I don't know if this is for the movie, because I don't know anything about the movie, but this song totally speaks to me. I love it!
Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey
I haven't seen the movie The Great Gatsby, and I'm probably not going to, but this song! There are two versions, and I love them both! When LA and I were working, this came on my music player in an ad, and we had to hear it. We both stopped working and just listened, because it's so haunting and stunning. It's on a bunch of my playlists now. Beautiful
In Your Arms by Kina Grannis
First of all, have you seen the video? It's amazing! Check it here:
But the song is addicting and super cute. Love it!
Just to Get High by Nickelback
This song has so much heart and is so personal. The passion in this song just speaks to me. And the message is wonderful! A must hear!
Unsinkable (Never Giving Up) by Sam Tsui and Elle Winter
This song was written for the Music is Medicine campaign for a 16 year old girl battling cancer. Watch the video here for more information:
But if you can, buy it! All profit goes to benefit pediatric oncology research at Mount Sinai, where Cindy, the girl, goes. And it's just a great song about never giving up!
Amphetamine by I Can't Go On, I'll Go On from Bandslam
This song is so awesome. In fact, ALL the songs by this band in the movie is amazing! But this one has been on repeat lately! Check out the soundtrack, and the movie. So good!
So, that was kinda HUGE! But I hope you enjoy it, and I *PROMISE* that it won't be this long between posts, and the posts will be a little smaller.
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  1. And here I am at last with my comments, dearest! That I was supposed to do days ago, sorry. But I'm here now! Lurking on your blog while you sleeps! =D

    "...and edit until we're done, which lately has been about 3-4 AM."
    Hahaha, yeah. Those were fun. But so sleep-inducing.
    But we can't do that this time 'cause we're meeting up again at the same time tomorrow. I figure if we get cracking on work today, we can get done with a decent amount of stuff so your brain doesn't melt from sheer wordage (I have 6 chapters of various things for you...) before going to Institute and then you can drop me home and we'll catch up on our Inspiration Fest tomorrow!

    "Yes, I love the movie and dislike the book."
    Well, at least you don't hate the book.
    And the movie IS better in a lot of ways, as we have discussed.
    A more diversified cast, for example.
    And Grover is funnier. Now, when I read the books, I hear the actor's voice for Grover's dialogue.

    Can't WAIT to read The Heroes of Olympus! Gotta finish every ELSE first, tho, blah...I'll probably get to this around Christmas. At least then I won't have to wait for the resolution of the cliffie at the end of Mark of Athena. Love the covers for these, two. Rick Riordan seems to be doing what JK Rowling did - evolving her writing to follow the ages and mindsets of her original audience, like how Sorcerer's Stone was way less mature and dark than Deathly Hallows. Seems like Heroes of Olympus is the same compared to Percy Jackson's original books.

    Star Trek: Into Darkness!
    I loved it.
    If anything, I wanted it to be longer. I think though the plot was complex and the movie standard length, because there was no drag or lagging plot moments, it seemed a lot shorter than it was.
    Gotta love that Benedict Cumberbatch could make me super sympathetic to Khan, and then make me hate his living guts in a way I almost never hate villains. I mean, you know mean. Always wanna redeem them, give them love, blah blah. Not so with the Khan-man. But I *would* like to see more development between Spock/Uhura and Kirk/Carol (the blond).

    Man of Steel - OMG!! I have only been THIS excited about 2 other movies this year. One is Thor 2, the other is The Hobbit part 2. And I'm this excited about Man of Steel in retrospect because I had NO IDEA it was gonna be SO AWESOME! And the guy is HAWT! *ahem* But the plot is beautiful. I love how a lot of the new action films are SO character-driven, really getting into emotions and motivation and whatnot like in classic theatre, but still keeping it actiony-y. Thor 2 will probably do that, and Man of Steel did it!

  2. Korra has some ways. And de-matured in other ways. I think it would've taken her longer to stop fighting with her parents with her maturity level in season 1 than it did in season 2. But at the same time, it's like...I dunno. Everyone's getting on my nerves in Korra right now EXCEPT her mom. And Lin. I love Lin. <3

    But as for SHIELD - I wonder if Marvel knows how lucky they are that you like the show. I agree - the dynamic is great. My mom's watching it too, but she doesn't like FitzSimmons, the 2 tech-peeps, because her hearing loss and their accents make it hard for her to understand them. I think they're adorable, tho. And I love...Ward? Wharton? The male agent who's an actual FIELD guy who isn't Coulson. I love him. He's funny. Hehehe...

    That AprilAthena7 chick certainly looks upbeat. =)

    You're right - I love the Sleeping Beauty vid that bubsbeauty did! You showed me, it's awesome. And the face the "Prince" was making - lol! And it sort of reminded me, actually, of a kind of melancholy short story I read once, an adaptation of Sleeping Beauty, where she wakes up when the prince kisses her and there's this sadness because he's not who she expected, and he didn't seem to realize that she might be kind of freaked out to see a strange man in her bedroom.

    I. Love. That. Commercial! Jeez, it was so beautiful and amazing, you're right. Everyone should see this. It's so beautiful.

    *I get chocked up just talking about it..."
    choked up

    I also loved Elder Holland's talk. I love ALL his talks. He's one of my favorites.
    Wait...this was in October...?
    Ah, whatever, it needs to be in her enough that we will use a time vortex to rearrange the continuum. Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff and all that.

    I saw the word "Shoes" and heard Nadia G in my head, lol.
    Those boots are beautiful.
    Jelly. LA-flavored jelly up in here.

    I might have to try those cookies...I love Loft House...

    Pumpkin cupcake! I smelled that one. It smelled nice. =)

    I will have to go and look up this "Waiting for Superman." Hmmm...

    "Young and Beautiful" is like one of my favorite songs EVER! THANK YOU for introducing me to it. My favorite part is the bridge. I dunno why. It just makes me think so much of Thea and Dylan, both. And I've never really understood or liked someone referring to their significant other as "my woman" or "my man," but I love it in the song. I dunno why. I just love this whole song!

    Wait...two versions?

    "In Your Arms"
    Don't think I've heard that one. Must watch video! But not yet! Must finish blog first!

    I am also in love with "Just to Get High." It's so sad and beautiful and poignant.
    Also, the way the guy being sung about is in the song, is the reason I *never* wanted to even think of trying drugs. That and it's bad for your vocal chords, and you know I love singing.

    Should I wait to hear the song "Amphetamine" until Lorien gets up? It's only in, like, 40 min...and bloggies await...gah! Decisions, decisions!

    Oh, hey the end. NOOOOOO!

    Wait. Bloggies. Never mind...

    Love you!

  3. I feel dumb. I looked up "In Your Arms" and realized it was the jelly bean video. D'oh! =D