Thursday, October 3, 2013

Once Upon a Dream (Poem)

And yet ANOTHER poem! I couldn't help it! I wanted to write something more uplifting, hopeful.

This is it!

Hope you enjoy! ;)

I know you
At least,
I knew you
Once upon a dream

Oh, wait,
That’s Sleeping Beauty

But I knew you.
And I loved you
And you loved me

It was different back then
Because we knew who we were
And where we were

No questions were unanswered
No obscure path
We knew our place
And we were satisfied

But now we’re lost
Trying to find our other half
And our names
And places
And faces

We look in a mirror
But can’t really see
We walk the world
But don’t know
Or understand

But I knew you
And you knew me
We were in love
Once upon a dream

1 comment:

  1. You know what's interesting about this poem? "Once Upon a Dream?" I was listening to the song from Sleeping Beauty a crud-ton the last few days. And then you write a poem with that title. Awesome and coincidental and cool. =)

    OMG and then you incorporate the song and the movie into the poem! AWESOME!


    Being serious now. I almost wrote "being seriousness now." Blah. Lol.

    That's beautiful, Lorien! Why were you covering your face while I was reading? That's beautiful. (I love how we read each other's work on 2 different computers sitting right next to each other) Anyway, that was awesome. And you should show this to your man when you find him!

    This kind of makes me think of that pin on Pinterest about "then my soul looked at your soul and said, 'Oh, there you are.'" Love that and I love this.


    Oh, and I love you, too!