Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monthly Favorites ~October 2013~

Hey ya'll!

Halloween's tomorrow, which means it's the end of the month! So here's my monthly favorites!

Nurarihyon no Mago or Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
I know, I've blogged about this at least once before, but once again, I've been blown away! Seriously this manga is perfect for this month, just creepy enough for me (who can't handle scary at ALL), with a GREAT storyline that hasn't let me down EVER, unlike most manga.
You can check it out online here:
The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
I didn't get a chance to see it in theaters, but I did see it right after it came out on DVD. And I watched it again recently. The only one of the trilogy that I don't currently own, I adore this movie. I think it's just as good as the other two and I'm so sad they won't be continuing with The Silver Chair, The Horse and His Boy, The Magicians Nephew, or my favorite after Prince Caspian, The Last Battle. A great series, the world deserves to see it in its entirity.
The Legend of Korra
Beginnings Part 1 and Part 2, specifically
I wrote last month that this show was bugging me lately, and that's true. Until this hour long special (aka, two episodes shown back to back).
This is AMAZING!!! I heard that it was perhaps the best episode in the entirity of the series, Korra and Airbender. And I agree that it's up there with Blue Spirit, Zuko Alone, and several others. Very, VERY well done! Can't wait for the next episode on Friday!
Promise Phan/Promise Tamang
I'm not certain I wrote about Promise, but she's the one who introduced me to youtube beauty gurus. I saw her transformations, and I was hooked. Then I discovered Michelle Phan, her sister-in-law, and thus the beauty junkie in my awakened, and now I know more about makeup than all the rest of my friends, and my mother!
The reason she's on the list this month is because while many of my beauty gurus have come up with Halloween tutorials, her's were the best last year, and this year, hands down! Congrats, queen of transformations! You won yet again! ^^
This Is Halloween by HagarenGao
First of all, if I've posted this video on here before with a different creator name, I apologize, just discovered right now that the vid I always watch is NOT by the creator, THIS is the creator, and this is HIS vid, not the other dude.
Secondly, THIS AMV IS AMAZING! I've played this over and over again for the past two or three Halloweens, and this year is no different! Had to add it again!
Creepy Stiched Doll Look by Promise Phan
Another AMAZING vid! I will be going as a tweked version of this tomorrow. Hope I don't scare the little kids who come to ask for candy, since I really freaked my cats out! Except for Mighty, he just kinda glared at me for playing music while he was trying to sleep :)
Okay, so this isn't a flattering look, but I was having a heck of a time trying to get this picture to work for me! But this dress! I absolutely love it! I found it at Last Chance in Phoenix ( for only $12! I did screw up and dry it, so it shrank, but then when I washed it again, I hung it up, and then pulled on it to put it back to the proper length, and it worked!
With my dress I paired my brand new moto boots! Not sure if you can see them really well, but I'll put a pic of them all close up in Saturday's My Week in Pics. I love them and found them on clearance at Ross for about $16.50
P!nk - Are We All We Are (clean version)
I heard this once, and was addicted. I found a clean version on youtube here ( and I'm totally in love! Even LA was addicted when I played it for her!
Within Temptation ft. Tarja - Paradise (What About Us?)
I've been waiting for this duet ever since I heard the two of them way back in 2006. I love both of them, and just as I imagined, their voices are amazing together, and I love this song! In fact, it is my number one played song according to Spotify! Beautiful!
And check the music video here, because it's pretty darn amazing too!
My Halloween Playlist on Spotify
As I type this up, actually the WHOLE time I've typed this up, I've been listening to this playlist to get ready for tomorrow! (Actually it's 12:04 AM, so TODAY!)
I'll share this playlist on Facebook and Twitter, so you can check it there, or you can join Spotify and follow me on there! It's free, and you can find me by my name, Lorien O'Brien or my username lorien13.

That's what I've been up to this month! What about you guys? Any new shows, or has some old ones won you over yet again?

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  1. And here we are with your monthly favorites for October!!

    First thing on there is Nura. The three guys on the cover are hot, man. And every time I think that, I just think about how I was talking to my Uncle David and my cousin Chris (my uncle Gary's son, so he's not really related to me) about how guys in anime are hot and they kept going, "They're cartoon characters!" And I'd say, "I know, but they're hot," and they'd keep saying, "But they're cartoon characters!" *sigh*

    "with a GREAT storyline that hasn't let me down EVER, unlike most manga."
    Unlike most everything, sigh. I'm SO tired of finding things that are know, like, flawed. Whether the flaw is a big one that upsets the major plot or it's just a bunch of little ones that snags at your attention all the time.
    And again, it's nice to read manga with hot characters...although the MC is 12...but his dad (although dead) is not 12, and is hot. =)

    Voyage of the Dawn Treader!
    I don't understand why they're not continuing the series! I mean, I know they didn't get enough of a fan result for VDT, but I don't get WHY!! It's such a great movie! And the quote Eustace, "That's really quite beautiful." I don't GET why it didn't do well. They did such great things with all 3 movies while still holding true to the basic storylines. Grrr...

    I love the beginning of the Avatars. It totally makes sense, it's a beautiful and creative bit of storytelling, and it's a nice expansion on the mythos of the universe. I highly approve of you writing "OMG" vertically to emphasize the epicalness of those episodes. My personal favorites, though I am fond of the Blue Spirit and any episode with Zuko.

    Promise and Michelle are so beautiful. And so smart. The things they come up with for their tutorials a lot of the times are things I would never think of. Like the scale-thing with the tulle or fishnets and that thing Michelle did for the forest fairy makeup tutorial...last year? I think. With the gold glitter. Love that one.

    The "This Is Halloween" video is freaky. But so cool! But freaky. But SO COOL!

    Your Creepy Stitched Doll outfit, btw, was epic. And creepy after you deepened the eyes. Especially with the "Mama?" thing. If you had been my doll, I probably would've gotten rid of you as a kid.

    I like your dress! And your boots! Esp. the studs. =)

    I love that song by P!nk. And I love the video you showed me with the car-thing or whatever, the music game thing. It was cool and trippy and fun to watch.

    I loved that duet with Tarja and the chick from Withing Temptation. What's her name? For some reason, in my head, I've always referred to her as Lucinda cuz someone told me that was her name or something, and then I found out it wasn't, but I got in the habit of doing it, so my brain always goes, "Oh, that's Lucinda. No it's not. D'oh!"

    I love your Halloween playlist, too. Heck, I love most of your music.

    As for my October faves - Arrow, man. Arrow. And I really enjoyed Hotel Transylvania. It was cute and sweet. Um...let me think...

    Music-wise, I enjoyed "Got My Scream On," and I went looking for "One Good Scare" from Phineas and Ferb at the beginning of the month because I'd only heard part of it once a few years ago. When I listened to it again, I loved it. And "Scaretale" from Nightwish, which I'd never listened too all the way because it just didn't strike my fancy when it came out, but I listened to it again for Halloween and was like, "Why didn't I like this?"