Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Months in Pics

Hey ya'll!

Sorry I haven't been posting this! And I know I promised one, but I was sick! I'm still sick :( BOO!

Anywho, I don't have many pics, since my hand was messed up, so taking photos wasn't possible for 2-3 weeks of this. But here's some!

I made a toy for the cats! Mighty really liked it. This is him after playing with it for about 15 minutes straight!
It was crazy hair day at work. So my dad's normally nice hair was like this when he came home. lol!

October 4th was Silly Socks for Jessica day. Three years ago on 10/4, my good friend Jessica passed away. She loved silly socks, and was terrified of never being remembered, so on this day, and her birthday, every year friends and family wear silly socks. The top pic is mine; then LA Knight, who was Jessica's sister-in-law; and the bottom is IK Scott.
RIP Jess, you'll never be forgotten, babe!
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So, remember how I told you Mighty loved my toy? Well, so did Strider. Look how he destroyed it! He really liked it! Oh well. At least it was well loved
That's it!
Except for...
LA Knight and I have a new project!!!
Do you know what it is???
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1 comment:

  1. Month in Pics! And the first thing I see is Mighty with this, "What?" look on his face, lol

    I'm glad you're not sick anymore, tho.

    It's so funny that Mighty is this big, bad, tough tom-cat, and then he has this toy made of fluffy white and pink stuff with ribbon-bits. Lol.

    That pic of your dad reminds me of how my dad let his students shave his hair into a mohawk on the last day of school last year, lol. Then he had to give a speech at 8th Grade Graduation looking like that. Hehehe.

    Yours and IK's socks are the best. You because they're mismatched and cute, and her because they have flying piggies on them. Flying piggies always make me think of chapter 33 of Once, and Dylan and Nuada's conversation about socks.

    OMG Strider killed it. Killed it dead bad. Eeek.

    SHHHHH! "TC3-G" is supposed 2B on the DL 4 the time being, OK?
    Hehe, lol. Numbers and letters are funny.
    Oh, boy...sleepiness is kicking in. Pepsi!

    Pepsi: Here I come to save the DAY!