Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My April Favorites!!! 2013

Hey ya'll!!!

So, had a pretty awesome month, full of business and exciting things that soon should be happening!!! But I found lots of cool stuff along the way, and here they are!!!


Obsidian by LA Knight
Seriously, I haven't read a book this many times and still find myself laughing at the same scene. Normally, familiarity breeds contempt, but not this book!!! Bug LA Knight here on twitter: https://twitter.com/LA_Knight89
to get her to hurry up and get it back to me to finish it!


Madagascar 2
Ooh, how I love this movie! My sis finally got them to me and I watched all of them in the same week. Number 1's okay, Number 3 had great graphics during the performances, but this one had a heart that most kids movies don't have. I adored it!

Saw this yesterday. Totally love it! Very cute! I love it, though that bunny deserved more than a few smacks.

TV Shows

Love It or List It
This show is really fun to watch, though you can tell all the drama's faked. It's painful at times.


Come and Get It by Selena Gomez
This is my number one song of the month! I'm obsessed with it! And her performing it live at the MTV Movie Awards was AMAZING!!! I loved it!

Me Without You by Sam Tsui
OMG! This song totally embodies LA Knight's Once Upon a Time. LOVE THIS!!!

Guillotine by Yadi
I love this song! Got into thanks to one of my fav vids of the month


Maybelline's 24hr Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
I have done two different looks with this, and I absolutely love it! I could never do a smokey eye before, but I've got it down thanks to this!!!


My DIY Studded Shorts
I know I've posted about these before, but I LOVE THEM! They look so cool, they were super cheap to make ($3 pants, $2 studs and some work) and keep me really cool during the super hot spring!


Fleur de Force
Fleur is one of Ingrid's best friends, and she is super pale, like me, and unlike every other beauty guru I follow. She's also super cute and has great advice, regardless of the fact that she's English, and lots of her cheap stuff isn't cheap here, or isn't available here. You really should check her out, if only to listen to her awesome accent!


This is an experiment by Dove about the way women view themselves. Amazing, and everyone should see this!

I LOVE this vid! Hands down my fav vid of the month! And yes, this is the vid that has Guillotine by Yadi.


I previously mentioned Urbanog.com, but I looked into this website, and it turns out that they treat their customers badly, and do not refund. So if there's a problem (and with my luck, there would be) it's "too bad so sad." So I do not recommend this site.

That was my monthly favs!

What about you guys?


Fair Time!!!

Hey guys!

I don't know if you noticed, but I've been super stressed lately. I felt like I was everyone's monkey without any help for myself - seriously, asking for something like deodorant usually led to tears, since I'm not making any money and we're not doing well - so it really was super nice of LA's mom to buy me a haircut and my sister Megan taking me to fair.

So my Saturday was SUPER AWESOME! And my sis took a ton of photos there (they're pretty bad quality because we don't own a nice camera between us, and she only had her phone, as it was just the two of us, and we couldn't leave our stuff on things like the Zipper).

Here's the photos from that awesome day/night!

My new haircut! Big thanks to Mrs. Martyn-Dow!!!
The Zipper. Only the second time I went on it, and I'm NEVER going again.
Funny Fact: I thought my sunglasses were falling out of my pocket (they weren't) so I yanked them out, right as we went upside down. >< Bad idea. But because I had done it, when Megan's phone went flying, I was able to grab it right as it hit my lap, and hold onto it when we flipped upside down again. :D
Yes, I'm that badass :D
First and last ride of the night - Cliff Hangers! It's like hang gliding. Totally got me through the jitters so that by the end me and Megan were having fun instead of feeling nauseating, which has happened before. And it was great to wind down with, after all the crazy ride's we'd been on!
This blurry lit up thingy is G-Force, the other super scary ride of the night. Both Megan and my bother, who rode it last year, almost passed out, it was so intense! It was super short, but it was SO fun and felt like an eternity. I loved it! I would've gone again, but Megan felt so lightheaded after.
Seriously, this is our FAVORITE ride, EVER! It's called the Krazy Kooster, and it's not very fast, really fun, and doesn't go upside down. Anyone can go on it, and you can take all your stuff without having to shove it in your bra, like we did on Zipper.
Last of the rides we went on, this is Cyclone. It's like the Tea Cups at Disneyland, except you are actually in the air, and being spun around. Depending on your stamina and strength, depends on how fast you can go. It was so fun, and a great workout for an otherwise relaxing night. I've always like it!
Onto a ride we wanted to go onto, but couldn't afford the tickets (we really should've gotten wristbands, we would've been able to go on this, and would've spent less than we did!). This is the swings, which is totally fun!
This is the ride my brother regrets going on, and me and Megan REFUSE to ride. It's called Evolution, and you're in a spinning discus which moves around, and eventually holds you upside down...for, like, 30 secs. It's safe (there are 3 things holding you in place, the typical chest thingy, one across your lap, and a cage that covers your entire body, except your head), but STILL.
Onto stuff we wished we could buy!
This Pikachu is SO HUGE! And super cute!
Megan LOVED these guys like a LOT. Don't they look like baby Melvin from Madagascar 2???
Aren't these sock monkeys super cute! I wish they had little ones, because I would've begged Megan to let me win one!!!
Final pics of the night! Megan in front of the Ferris Wheel, which we didn't go on! Sorry for the horrendous quality. I was mad when I saw how bad this looks!
And there's me...mostly.
That was my evening! Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

Friday, April 26, 2013

My Week in Photos ~4/22 - 4/25~

Hey Guys!

Pretty awesome week, this week! Finished my big edit of Obsidian, so that should be available very soon. Also got a dresser and my studs came in, so I've been DIYing!!!

Here's some pics from this week!

New Dresser!!!! Got it from a neighbor for FREE!
Yes, I know the stupid drawers don't match, we're working on fixing that...when we have the mulla to fix it
So these shorts are TOTALLY DIY! They were super cheap pants from a thrift store that I cute and then shredded the edges. Then I used my gold pyramid studs on the back pockets and one of the front pockets, as you can see. I love them! Totally wearing them tonight at the county fair! <3
This is seriously one of my favorite snacks EVER!
My mom does this recipe where she takes three or four of these, three boxes of sugar-free orange jello and some mandarin oranges and makes this AMAZING orange jello! Oh, it's so good! ^^ But I also love most of the Yoplait light yogurts, especially the desserts!
So that's my week! I got a fun weekend planned, what about you???

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Week in Pics ~4/13 - 4/19~

Hey Ya'll!!!

So, I've been busy this week trying to finish Obsidian! It WILL be out before the end of the month, I promise!!!

But I managed to snap some pics while being a busy bee!

My new shoes! They're Charlotte Russe Sneaker Wedges! I've been asking for a pair since Christmas, but we didn't have the money, and when we did, they were sold out. The day, literally, the day they showed up on Charlotte Russe.com, I ordered them! My birthday gift from my folks!
This was a birthday gift to myself! I loved the scent and found one on Amazon for only $9.35. I snatched the last one at that price, but it's still cheaper to order from there than the store. This is one of the most expensive items at Bath and Body Works
Found these nail polish sets at Ross.  Only $4.99 each!
And here's the green on! Can you tell it's my fav color???
Yes, that says what you think it says. :)
Well, I hope your week was as fun and productive as mine! And I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

Friday, April 12, 2013

My Week's Pic! ~4/5 - 4/12~

Hey Ya'll!

So, as you may have heard, I'm working on the final draft of Obsidian!!! YAY! Finally! And when it launches, so will an updated version of Glass! WHOO HOO! *insert stupid crazy happy dance*

What this means is I'm gonna be busy (which is why I didn't know it was Friday, and instead of being happy, was like "WHERE'D THE WEEK GO!?!"), but I managed to snap some pics for you!

Yes, you're seeing that right. My patches came in! Now I'm waiting on the studs, and must eventually order in a Military Branch Tape and Name Tape, which will mark this as MINE! MWAHAHAHA!
I know you've already seen this outfit that I *love*, but Bethany aka MacBarbie07 wanted to know our fav spring outfits, and this is mine! :) Just need some cute brown flats...
Onto yesterday's Outfit of the Day. You can tell I'm currently living in the country, can't you?
Made a smoothie this morning. Had trouble mixing it together. So I banged the bottom on the counter. Never doing that again.
Well, that was my week in pics! Hope your week was as eventful as mine!

Friday, April 5, 2013

March Favs

Sorry for not posting this earlier, but again, super busy! I didn't even have a chance to read anything that wasn't for me to edit, but I have some stuff to show you guys. Here's my favs for this month.

Revlon Lasting Finish PRO in Wild Orchid
I loved this color! Wore it for over two weeks, and for a girl who doesn't wear nail polish 99% of the time, that's impressive! I just love this color!
TV Shows
Young Justice: Invasion
Tron: Uprising
Okay, neither of these are new. But Young Justice has been cancelled and the last episode aired this past month, while Tron Uprising has finished Season 2, and it's unclear if it will continue. I love these shows with a passion, and the last episode of Young Justice blew me away!!! SPOILER ALERT!: When Kid Flash died, that was so moving, and the way he died, not stopping, not taking a chance to save his life because he was needed and could stop, so amazing. I loved it!
Please please PLEASE! Bug Disney into keeping Tron: Uprising, because Tron was just healed, and we still don't know if it was Beck or Tron in the second movie, because it could easily be either and I'm dying to know!!!
This is THE best James Bond movie by FAR!!! I can't wait for the next one! OMG, this was amazing. I thought it was so cool when they showed Bond escorting Queen Elizabeth II during the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but this took the cake! Great, great movie!!!

I only found this vid last month, and boy is it AMAZING! Very well done, Disney!!!
Okay, I have a LOT of music here, so bear with me!

Demi Lovato - Heart Attack
This song is AMAZING! Absolutely love it!
 Carly Rae Jepsen - Tonight I'm Getting Over You
 This is the PERFECT song for when your ex comes back to the states, and decides to spend a whole week bugging your brother...at your house.
 Orianthi - Heaven in This Hell
 OMG, this song! The album's pretty good, but this song is AMAZING! Absolutely love it!
 Thousand Foot Krutch - Courtesy Call
 This is THE song I listened to this month! Number one on my playlist, I've just loved it. I got it from my brother, who was playing this, and I just had to find and play it for myself. Been on repeat ever since
 That was my monthly favs!
Did you have a song you were obsessed with, or a TV Show that blew you away? Let me know!!!

My Week(s) in Photos!

Hey guys!!!

Sorry I haven't posted anything, but my life's been in full throttle for a while, which was nice, but I couldn't post anything because I didn't have the time!! So I have a LOT of pics for ya'll! Most are from Easter and mine and Megan's Birthdays (we celebrate them together because hers is literally the day after mine) so I hope you enjoy them!

I had an unexpected bed guest! He's so cute when he's sleeping!!!
At 10 PM, the pic for Google changes, and on 3/26 it changed to this! I was confused until I moved my mouse over it! <3
Yes, this was my birthday breakfast. It was my birthday, I could eat what I wanted to!
Mine and Megan's B-Day gift from Ray! Mine was the middle, Megan to the right and Ray's to the left! That was all we got there because my daddy made TACOS! Homemade tacos from my dad are the BEST!!!
Ray decided to give me a birthday hug!
Look what we bought!!! It's a special edition too!
These are my fav flats! They were $10 at Ross!
Strider didn't appreciate his hug! lol, I look like Elmyra from Tiny Toons! I even have the teal dress and red hair!
Megan's had back problems for a while now, but my dad knows how to fix it! She's grinning for the first time in a while because she was pain free!!!
Mighty was chilling while Megan worked on her back. Sorry for the blur, but he didn't like me taking his pic and left right after I snapped this
These were mine and Megan's birthday cake! Or cupcakes! Yes, that is a cream cheese filling with chocolate chips! They were SO GOOD! OMG! Big thanks to my mommy for making them for us!!!
Strider just loves that spot! Especially when Megan's laundry's in the way!!!
When I paused Ingrid's latest vid, this was what was on my screen! :)
That was the past two weeks! I placed orders yesterday, so I'll be able to show you what I got for my b-day then!
Hope you guys have an awesome day!