Friday, April 19, 2013

My Week in Pics ~4/13 - 4/19~

Hey Ya'll!!!

So, I've been busy this week trying to finish Obsidian! It WILL be out before the end of the month, I promise!!!

But I managed to snap some pics while being a busy bee!

My new shoes! They're Charlotte Russe Sneaker Wedges! I've been asking for a pair since Christmas, but we didn't have the money, and when we did, they were sold out. The day, literally, the day they showed up on Charlotte, I ordered them! My birthday gift from my folks!
This was a birthday gift to myself! I loved the scent and found one on Amazon for only $9.35. I snatched the last one at that price, but it's still cheaper to order from there than the store. This is one of the most expensive items at Bath and Body Works
Found these nail polish sets at Ross.  Only $4.99 each!
And here's the green on! Can you tell it's my fav color???
Yes, that says what you think it says. :)
Well, I hope your week was as fun and productive as mine! And I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

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  1. I took that amazing pic of your legs and sneaker wedges. Mmm-hmm. *feels cool*

    Perfume! My mom wants perfume for her birthday. And that bottle is pretty. I love perfume bottles. Oooh! Nuada should get Dylan perfume. Or would that imply he thinks she smells? I suddenly see Dylan spritzing her wrist and having Nuada smell it, saying, "See? I'm Clinique-happy," like in Juno. Lol. Oh, and the label on that bottle, the gold print, is pretty too. Or it looks gold in the pic. Is it gold?

    Wow, good nail polish for cheap, yay! I like the green on you. <3 Kawaii!

    Hehehehe, now I can start editing Obsidian! On Monday, when my eyeballs don't feel like they're gonna fall out. Although I'm thinking of all the changes I need to make and how to do them, so no worries. Am mentally editing.

    Love you!

    Why didn't I comment this before? *puzzled*