Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My April Favorites!!! 2013

Hey ya'll!!!

So, had a pretty awesome month, full of business and exciting things that soon should be happening!!! But I found lots of cool stuff along the way, and here they are!!!


Obsidian by LA Knight
Seriously, I haven't read a book this many times and still find myself laughing at the same scene. Normally, familiarity breeds contempt, but not this book!!! Bug LA Knight here on twitter: https://twitter.com/LA_Knight89
to get her to hurry up and get it back to me to finish it!


Madagascar 2
Ooh, how I love this movie! My sis finally got them to me and I watched all of them in the same week. Number 1's okay, Number 3 had great graphics during the performances, but this one had a heart that most kids movies don't have. I adored it!

Saw this yesterday. Totally love it! Very cute! I love it, though that bunny deserved more than a few smacks.

TV Shows

Love It or List It
This show is really fun to watch, though you can tell all the drama's faked. It's painful at times.


Come and Get It by Selena Gomez
This is my number one song of the month! I'm obsessed with it! And her performing it live at the MTV Movie Awards was AMAZING!!! I loved it!

Me Without You by Sam Tsui
OMG! This song totally embodies LA Knight's Once Upon a Time. LOVE THIS!!!

Guillotine by Yadi
I love this song! Got into thanks to one of my fav vids of the month


Maybelline's 24hr Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
I have done two different looks with this, and I absolutely love it! I could never do a smokey eye before, but I've got it down thanks to this!!!


My DIY Studded Shorts
I know I've posted about these before, but I LOVE THEM! They look so cool, they were super cheap to make ($3 pants, $2 studs and some work) and keep me really cool during the super hot spring!


Fleur de Force
Fleur is one of Ingrid's best friends, and she is super pale, like me, and unlike every other beauty guru I follow. She's also super cute and has great advice, regardless of the fact that she's English, and lots of her cheap stuff isn't cheap here, or isn't available here. You really should check her out, if only to listen to her awesome accent!


This is an experiment by Dove about the way women view themselves. Amazing, and everyone should see this!

I LOVE this vid! Hands down my fav vid of the month! And yes, this is the vid that has Guillotine by Yadi.


I previously mentioned Urbanog.com, but I looked into this website, and it turns out that they treat their customers badly, and do not refund. So if there's a problem (and with my luck, there would be) it's "too bad so sad." So I do not recommend this site.

That was my monthly favs!

What about you guys?


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  1. Hopefully this doesn’t mess up like it did last time. Lol.

    Yay, business and exciting things!

    I love my epic blue butterfly. It’s awesome, if I do say so myself. Although your con-crit for the covers for the series was invaluable. And you linked me, too!

    I’m gonna watch Madagascar 2, at your recommendation. I can only think of like, 1 thing (maybe 2) that you’ve had me watch that I didn’t like, and I kinda enjoyed Madagascar 1 (except for the toilet humor…and the giraffe…).

    I liked Hop a lot more than I thought I would. I mean I really did. I thought it would be cute, but I didn’t expect it to speak to me the way it did, with the parents-not-understanding-thing. And I love the cover, too. I just think Fred should be on it. But I loved that movie. And I love the tagline, since it means “Easter chicks” when it says “chicks.”

    What’s “Love It or List It?”

    I like that Selena Gomez song. She looks kinda scary and Red-Queen-y in that picture, but she sings so great. I’m glad you introduced me to her.

    I love that Sam Tsui song. THANK YOU for sharing it with me! And for mentioning Once on your blog, too. You’re absolutely right – it does fit Nuada’s love for Dylan. Goodness. You and Megan have such a good ear for this kind of thing. I love this song. I didn’t think I’d like any of his original work (I tend to be disappointed by artists who do covers like this) but I loved it. <3

    “Guillotine” by Yadi – is that the song from the vid Disney did about Regina? Because that song is cool. And it totally fits with the vid. Wow.

    I remember when you showed up wearing “Bad to the Bronze” and you looked gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I don’t really look good with eye shadow, but you look awesome. I mean, I don’t look bad, but I don’t feel it enhances my look much. But it looks great on you.

    Your studs look awesome, btw. You’ve got an eye for design and DIY with the clothes and such. I think if my kids want to do something like that, I’ll be like, “Talk to your Aunt Lorien. She’s a genius.”

    Fleur de Force, huh? Interesting. Will you show me one of her vids? And interesting that she’s got an English accent and she’s got a French name. She is cute, tho.

    I will watch the Dove beauty vid after we’re done talking about the editorial stuff.

    Ahhh, so that IS the vid for “Guillotine.” I like that vid.

    Urbanog.com? I will check that out. I can see the shoes in the pic – they look so cute!

    My monthly fave? It is a Lorien, of course!