Monday, November 26, 2012

My Month in Photos

Hey ya'll!

Sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER!!! I've been pretty busy working with LA Knight on her next novel Obsidian, which will be coming out next month, just in time for Christmas! We've been behind with lots of stuff to fix, and family trips, not to mention the holidays and a few family crises going down.

Anywho, I have been taking some photos, but I keep forgetting my camera (like when we saw the Gilbert Temple, or went up for Thanksgiving... #facepalm). So here's what I have!
WAY back in the middle of October was my bro's b-day! Daddy made his famous tacos and we all pigged out and had a great time! Yes, that's my daddy!
So I actually had two amazing costumes...and didn't get a pic of me in either one! But I went as a Taeyon in Girls' Generation for one, and this was the jacket I wore. I hand painted some ductape to make that G. Got a lot on compliments, tho'!
I was a mail in ballot and ended up voting early on Nov. 3!
I've been DYING for a camo jacket, and I found one at Saver's for $3! Thanks LA Knight and Megan, who gave me the money to buy it since I was broke!
The next day my folks and I headed out to this place for some awesome burgers!
I won this from Borghese and Beauty Undercover!
I had to try it out, of course! Too bad it's for dry skin types and totally broke me out! Oh well, my cousin Amber seemed to be thrilled to take it off my hands!
Two of my cats are finally getting along! Maybe it's because we had some of this...
...Hostess Zingers! My bro's job as a Fry's daystocker really pays off sometimes! Farewell Hostess! Your treats will forever be remembered! :')
My mother was kind enough to take me out Black Friday! Got some awesome stuff for super cheap!
Including this awesome ring and beautiful bracelet! I'm in love with both!
Did ya'll have a great Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Local Saturday? I did!
And make sure to have LA Knight's Glass and Obsidian on your Christmas Lists, cuz Obsidian's gonna be great!!