Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 14th Mini Book Haul (video)

Hey guys!

I posted a mini haul on Tuesday from the middle of May. Alright, it was filmed in the middle of May, but I actually went book shopping on the 2nd. I know, I know, I've got a million videos prefilmed. I'll try to stay on top of my hauls, but they're going up on my 3 vids a week. I can't help it, I love filming!

Speaking of filming, I'm uploading a video tomorrow. Yes, I forgot to post about the video here. Not anywhere else, just here. I'm forgetful, so sue me.

It's short and sweet, so please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Week(s) in Pics ~5/3 - 5/23~

Another thing I haven't posted in My Weeks in Pics! I'm sorry guys! Weekends are officially hectic, except for Sunday evenings, but as I've stated a million times, I don't post anything, ANYTHING, to do with work on Sundays. I don't write, edit, film, post, reply to comments, blog, nada that day. I never have, and never will. Sundays are special from midnight to midnight. I even limit what I watch, read, and listen to.

With that said, I do have quite a few pictures, so LETS GET STARTED!!!

First let's talk about something from APRIL! I couldn't find these pictures for the longest time! This is when me and David were at the County Fair at the end of April. We only rode two rides because the lines were HUGE, but it was still fun. Although a dude randomly screaming at this crying girl was hard to see. What a dick. Anywho, this first pic is of the swings I wanted to ride, but we couldn't fit it in. The next was G Force, the first ride we went on. I screamed pretty much the whole time. It was a blast. (Sorry for the blurriness, I only had my cell, which, as you can see, SUCKS at pics)

Chriselle Lim followed me on twitter! OMG, I fangirled so much! She's a pro stylist, works with huge brands, wears designer brands, even went to fashion week more than once! And she (or her team, same thing!) followed little old me! XD
*fangirling again*

This is why I read, and why I love it so much that I not only do videos about it, but write too! :D

Angel was behind my dad, so she was in heaven. Although sometimes if I so much as look at her, she flips out. It's rather hilarious.

FINALLY got some new shoes! My old ones had holes! I'm currently wearing them, and they're SO comfy! Just over $30 for Sketchers. Not bad, eh? Ross! The facial wash is nice, and those wipes! LOVE them! Cleanse and hydrate all at once!

I always have to save when big YouTubers, such as the amazing Michelle Phan reply to me! In case you don't know, Michelle has done so much in her life, and just got an honorary degree from her college a few weeks ago, and she thanks me for congratulating her. Trust me, she deserves the congrats for everything she's done. I totally look up to her!

jessethereader, one of the biggest BookTubers also replied to me! I subscribed, watched this vid, answered his question, and he replied in less than 5 minutes! Wow! #Honored

Cassandra Clare answered fan questions about her upcoming novel, City of Heavenly Fire. My bestie, Ray asked a serious question, and got a serious reply! This is just part of the huge answer Cassandra answered. While I'm not a fan of the last three of her Mortal Instruments Series, it can't be said she doesn't take her fans seriously, and doesn't serious think out her characters. Check here to see the whole interview.

My twitter is on fire lately! BookTubers have replied, favorited, and WhittyNoves--witney! on Twitter--even subscribed! In 1 week I gained 4 subscribers, and just today another one. If I sound like I'm bragging, I'm sorry, because I'm not. I'm honored by every view, favorite, reply and subscriber. I'm posting this as a giant THANK YOU! I love you guys! Thanks so much!

That was my past few weeks! I've got a haul coming up tonight, so subscribe to my YouTube to see them on time, and even more awesomeness has happened in the past few days.

Love you guys! Have a great week!

Book Review: Nevermore by Kelly Creagh (video)

Hey guys!

So I've commented on YouTube, and made a remark in my giant haul from March/April that my relationship with this book is a conflicted one. I hate it, but there are definitely things about it I do like. This is one of Ravyn's favorite books of all time. So I went in thinking I'd at least like it, if not love it too.

I didn't. I explain this video, so please give it a look!

And again, sorry for not posting it on here, I actually posted it on Thursday, but it went live on Friday, since I was super busy, and haven't had a day to relax since then. Right now I'm doing a million things at once, and am totally not relaxing yet. Tomorrow I'm doing nothing. Today though, is the fourth day of craziness.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Find the Word Challenge-Collab with LA Knight (video)

Hey guys!

OH MAN! I had the hardest time today! First I woke up to NO internet, and wasn't sure when I'd get it back up. Luckily, it wasn't too long of a wait.

Then I had the HARDEST time trying to edit this video! I finally cut my main video (which was over 14 minutes long!) in half, and suddenly everything worked! Then, right as I was done, my internet died AGAIN! So FIVE hours late, it's up!

This is a collaboration with LA Knight, or Ray. I saw this challenge go through the bigger names of BookTube called "Find the Words" or something like that.

Basically using the first letters of book titles, you spell words out. Each book used is 1 point. You get 5 more points if the word you spell is over 5 letters long. And you can get 20 extra points if the word spelled out is a word in a book title that is used spell that word.

Katytastic got 139 points, the highest I've seen in her video here. LA Knight that score away with her video here. Watch LA's, then watch my video below!

Monday, May 19, 2014

My 1st Book Haul: March/April 2014 (vid)

Hey guys!

So I will be trying to edit/write some more this week, but I'm going out of town on Sat (and coming back the same day, FYI), and I'm posting 3 vids this week, so I may only get a page done, so bear with me. Busy week! At least my Institute class has ended.

But I filmed my first bookhaul at the end of April. This was supposed to go up soon after, but again, I prefilm like crazy because I love filming, BookTube, books, and everything else associated with it. But it's editing and uploaded!

Here it is!

Remember to like, comment and subscribe to see the other videos I post, as I'm kinda bad at sharing them on here.

Friday, May 16, 2014

House of Hades by Rick Riordan Review (video)

Hey guys!

I know I just posted a blog yesterday, but Friday's one of the now two days I'm uploading videos on YouTube. And while Tuesdays is for most things, Fridays is almost always book reviews--minus monthly wrap ups and #AYearAThon weeks.

This week I posted the 1st video I ever filmed! Ray, LA Knight, was kind enough to edit this for me. It took forever, and she did a great job, so how could I not upload this? Besides, while I'm a little stiff on camera, and stutter a lot, I'm kinda proud of it. I dared to do this, and because of this video, I'm now a BookTuber. So yeah.

Please be nice and give this a thumbs up, and comment. Unless you haven't read it yet, and you're picky about spoilers. I'm not all that much (hence why I'm at this moment watching Ray's #AYearAThon Catch Up Wrap Up vid, which contains spoilers for two series I'm interested in reading).

So here it is! Enjoy!


#AYearAThon Finish/Catch Up on a Series Read-A-Thon (vids)

Hey guys!

I know I haven't been posting as usual. Part of it is indeed YouTube, though mostly it's been a read-a-thon from a group called #AYearAThon. The first full week of each month everyone in the group does a read-a-thon with a certain theme. April's read-a-thon was rereading a series. This month was finish or catch up on a series you own.

While it ended on Sunday, I decided to share the videos I posted here, as well as let you all know that my camera broke! I dropped it like a knucklehead while handing it off to my friend while it was on, and the lens was sticking out. The lens broke, and now I'm not positive how I'm gonna film. I currently have Ray's (LA Knight's) camera, but I doubt I can use it before she needs it back.

Anywho, this is the wrap up I filmed on my cell phone (so it's not the greatest) which is a break down of what I read each day, and my total page count. Apparently I was one of the largest readers in the group. Mostly because I'm unemployed and don't have much of a life, lol.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

UNfavorite Beauty Products

Hey guys.

I know I normally talk about my life, my writing, or what I'm reading, but deep down, I'm a beauty junkie. I follow more beauty YouTubers than anything except musicians, and I'm constantly staring at the beauty section, NOT the book section (most of the biggest books I loathe, okay?). And while I'm totally broke and can't afford either of these passions, I buy a new beauty product every few months.

And the past months have been BAD buys!

These are the products I can't stand. After using one for the last time, and getting to throw it out with another I tossed this morning, I just felt the need to share. To my girlfriends who actually use products--DON'T GET THESE!


Almay's Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
This stuff is HORRIBLE! GENTLE MY ASS! My eyes are still burning, and it's already been 30+ minutes! I'm finally done with it, because it was all I had, other than using face cleanser...on my eyes. And with this, yes, I had to do that to GET IT OFF! Oh it BURNED!!! GAH! So angry. And guess what? It NEVER got my waterproof mascara off, NEVER! Oh man. Can't wait for my eyes to heal....


Maybelline New York FIT ME Blush
This stuff does NOT work. It has so little color, and didn't stay more than 30 seconds. By the time I finished my eyes, it was gone! ELF's SO much better! I haven't tried their Dream Bounce, that's the one I heard about. But no one talks about drug store blush. Don't bother with this one, it just doesn't show up!


CoverGirl Clean Oil Control Foundation
I got this foundation on a recommendation by none other than MissGlamourazzi, Ingrid herself, and it SUCKS! I don't know what she was thinking, this stuff slides right off my face almost instantly! So terrible, I can't stand it. I still have it, because I can't just go out and buy the one I want, I have to use this for a while. I need new shoes (they've got HOLES!), so I'm just gonna keep glaring at it. -_-


CoverGirl LashBlastVolume Waterproof Mascara
This isn't a recent buy. This was the 2nd mascara I ever bought, the first being Maybelline New York's Great Lash (perfect for a teen just starting out; Maybelline's got the best mascara all around!). This is TRASH! People over look the biggest issue out there: you can't get this off. You. Can't. Get. It. Off. PERIOD. Three days later? Oh, it's still there! There's no makeup remover strong enough that I've ever found. People kinda mention it as a secondary problem, like, "It's wonderful and really makes your lashes look good. It does clump, and it's a bit tricky to remove, but--"
"bit tricky"? MORE LIKE IMPOSSIBLE! It stuck my lashes together, then dried out over days, BREAKING MY LASHES, or just PULLING THEM OUT ENTIRELY! I had bald spots. BALD SPOTS ON MY EYE LASHES!!! Come on, this is isn't just a little problem! And if you're thinking I was using the Almay makeup remover, think again. Estee Lauder. Clinique. Baby Oil. I used everything in our house that I could, and IT DIDN'T TOUCH IT! WORST makeup product I've ever used. Instead of doing nothing, or barely working, it ripped my lashes apart! And yet people still love it! It's crap people! CRAP! Go to L'Oreal, Maybelline, hell, even ELF first!

Those are the makeup products I just HAD to rant about! I know, very different from the normal routine, but I had to share.

Now if you'll excuse, I need to cry so my right eye stops burning!

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Week(s) in Pics ~4/19 - 5/2~ + #AYearAThon Video

So I finally got enough pictures to post this! It isn't a lot, as I've been so busy and I haven't been taking many pictures, but I do have some. So here they are!

This is really blurry, but it's my ticket to see Lindsey Stirling here in Tucson! Can't wait for the 26th. I'll get to hear Shatter Me live! :D

This ones even more blurry, but it's my ticket to see Divergent! Big thanks to Mrs. M-D for taking me, Ray and Megan to see it. I haven't read the book, because I wasn't sure I'd like it. I loved the movie. It's now on my TBR. :)

This picture is of my greatest memory. After years of death threats and beatings for being a kid, me and my brother got to go to Disneyland. Most kids scream and run around when they hear. I don't remember my exact reaction, but that wasn't it. I was too serious from all the pain I felt every second of every day. Walking through those gates...I'm tearing up. That was the best thing for me in the summer when I got away from that terrible school. My parents want this picture blown up and framed. So do I. Best memory in my life, right here.

Guess what? We went book shopping! All told, we got about 200+ books! The car was so packed, since we didn't have access to the trunk (it's sealed shut, and we can't get in without dropping lots of mulla), I had books on and under my feet, as well as my lap. It was crazy and FUN! Ray got a TON, but they didn't have most of what I wanted. -_-


On Pinterest I've reached over 300 followers! AWESOME!

And this pin has reached over 1000 pins! And it's STILL climbing!!! You should check it out here to see the funny argument over it. Us Disney fanatics are so silly!

That was my past two or so weeks in pictures! And I just uploaded another vid about next week's #AYearAThon Read-A-Thon. This is what I'll be reading:

What have you guys been up to? Get anything you've been dying for?

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Monthly Favorites ~April 2014~ (plus video)

Hey Guys!

It's the start of May, which means my Monthly Favorites!!! Time to take a look at what I've been loving this past month!


Since I started my BookTube channel on YouTube, I've been reading a TON! But out of the 10 books I read, this is one of my faves! It's super short, but super good. Can't wait to get to Bang, book 2!

Anne no Aijou by Igarashi Yumiko

I've been reading this manga since December, and this is the final one. It's only book 3 of the Anne of Green Gables series, but the last of the manga. It's sweet, cute, and the art's BEAUTIFUL! I'll be posting a double review of this and Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, so stay tuned for that!



I FINALLY SAW IT!!! It's SO cute! Totally worth the hype, it's officially my favorite Disney Princess movie! Yes, it...ties with Beauty and the Beast. Both are about true love, not love at first sight. While I believe in that (my dad was smitten with my mom automatically, such a cute story), it's not really all that true. Love this!


Beyond the Veil by Lindsey Stirling

Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling ft. Lzzy Hale

Both of these are the first two singles from Lindsey Stirling's newest album, Shatter Me. SO amazing! And you need to see the Behind the Scene of Shatter Me to learn what it's powerful!


Kristin the Bookworm

First of all, not only is she really awesome and started her channel a few months before me, but I actually met her! She's so sweet, and just tagged me in her latest tag video! You've got to check her out and subscribe!


One of the biggest BookTubers out there, Katytastic is funky and hilarious. She tries to film all her videos without blinking, and the story behind the habit's truly hilarious! :)


Fullmetal Alchemist

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I've been rewatching several anime that I adore and haven't seen since high school. FMA is my favorite manga series, and while I've seen all of Brotherhood, I'm missing some of this series. The reason is that it isn't as good as manga or Brotherhood, but I've decided to just power through it and see this, then the movie, then Brotherhood, and then the last movie that can be in both series. And so far, I've been loving it! (Haven't gotten to the weird part yet...)


Lindsey Stirling - Shatter Me (album)

Of course I'm mentioning this! I'm listening to it right now, and I've been obsessed since the night it came out. In fact, when I tweeted that I was exhausted, but wouldn't turn the album off, Lindsey Stirling replied to me! I've got a pic of it and that'll be up in my next blog! :)

Christina Perri - I Believe

Another one on constant repeat, I've been loving this since I first heard it. In April it hit Spotify and was just on repeat!

John Legend ft. Lindsey Stirling - All of Me

This song isn't for sale, but isn't a cover. It's actually John Legend singing and playing his song with Lindsey Stirling! It was posted a while ago, but for a good chunk of the month, I kept playing it. And Beyond the Veil. And Shatter Me. Then the album came out and...yeah. Lindsey obsessed!

That was my favorites of this month! Been pretty busy, and things are only gonna get busier, but I'm looking forward to it! After months of boredom, this YouTube channel has been pushing me in new ways. Editing's been taking a backseat, but I'm gonna start working on that more, I promise!

Oh, and here's my latest video, my April Wrap Up, where I talk about EVERYTHING I read this month!

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