Friday, May 16, 2014

#AYearAThon Finish/Catch Up on a Series Read-A-Thon (vids)

Hey guys!

I know I haven't been posting as usual. Part of it is indeed YouTube, though mostly it's been a read-a-thon from a group called #AYearAThon. The first full week of each month everyone in the group does a read-a-thon with a certain theme. April's read-a-thon was rereading a series. This month was finish or catch up on a series you own.

While it ended on Sunday, I decided to share the videos I posted here, as well as let you all know that my camera broke! I dropped it like a knucklehead while handing it off to my friend while it was on, and the lens was sticking out. The lens broke, and now I'm not positive how I'm gonna film. I currently have Ray's (LA Knight's) camera, but I doubt I can use it before she needs it back.

Anywho, this is the wrap up I filmed on my cell phone (so it's not the greatest) which is a break down of what I read each day, and my total page count. Apparently I was one of the largest readers in the group. Mostly because I'm unemployed and don't have much of a life, lol.

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