Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Week(s) in Pics ~4/19 - 5/2~ + #AYearAThon Video

So I finally got enough pictures to post this! It isn't a lot, as I've been so busy and I haven't been taking many pictures, but I do have some. So here they are!

This is really blurry, but it's my ticket to see Lindsey Stirling here in Tucson! Can't wait for the 26th. I'll get to hear Shatter Me live! :D

This ones even more blurry, but it's my ticket to see Divergent! Big thanks to Mrs. M-D for taking me, Ray and Megan to see it. I haven't read the book, because I wasn't sure I'd like it. I loved the movie. It's now on my TBR. :)

This picture is of my greatest memory. After years of death threats and beatings for being a kid, me and my brother got to go to Disneyland. Most kids scream and run around when they hear. I don't remember my exact reaction, but that wasn't it. I was too serious from all the pain I felt every second of every day. Walking through those gates...I'm tearing up. That was the best thing for me in the summer when I got away from that terrible school. My parents want this picture blown up and framed. So do I. Best memory in my life, right here.

Guess what? We went book shopping! All told, we got about 200+ books! The car was so packed, since we didn't have access to the trunk (it's sealed shut, and we can't get in without dropping lots of mulla), I had books on and under my feet, as well as my lap. It was crazy and FUN! Ray got a TON, but they didn't have most of what I wanted. -_-


On Pinterest I've reached over 300 followers! AWESOME!

And this pin has reached over 1000 pins! And it's STILL climbing!!! You should check it out here to see the funny argument over it. Us Disney fanatics are so silly!

That was my past two or so weeks in pictures! And I just uploaded another vid about next week's #AYearAThon Read-A-Thon. This is what I'll be reading:

What have you guys been up to? Get anything you've been dying for?

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  1. Yay, Lorien gets to see Lindsay! Have fun!

    And Divergent was good. I was surprised at how much I liked it.

    OMG. You and David look ADORABLE! With your backs together like, "Check this!" OMG you guys are awesome. And I'm glad you got to go to Disneyland. I get why it means so much to you.

    Bag Day is my happiness. And maybe if we get there earlier this next time, they'll have more stuff. :)

    OMG! That's hilarious! "Go to sleeeeep." LOL! :D

    Yay! Over 300! Woot-woot!

    Disney fanatics ARE silly. I'm remembering the tumblr posts about Winnie the Pooh's favorite color and the white cat with the pink bow in her hair. Oh, and creme da la creme da la Edgar from Aristocats ("it's creme da la creme da la Edgar, you ignorant slut. Educate yourself!").

    Oh. I just watched that video, lol. :D