Thursday, May 22, 2014

Find the Word Challenge-Collab with LA Knight (video)

Hey guys!

OH MAN! I had the hardest time today! First I woke up to NO internet, and wasn't sure when I'd get it back up. Luckily, it wasn't too long of a wait.

Then I had the HARDEST time trying to edit this video! I finally cut my main video (which was over 14 minutes long!) in half, and suddenly everything worked! Then, right as I was done, my internet died AGAIN! So FIVE hours late, it's up!

This is a collaboration with LA Knight, or Ray. I saw this challenge go through the bigger names of BookTube called "Find the Words" or something like that.

Basically using the first letters of book titles, you spell words out. Each book used is 1 point. You get 5 more points if the word you spell is over 5 letters long. And you can get 20 extra points if the word spelled out is a word in a book title that is used spell that word.

Katytastic got 139 points, the highest I've seen in her video here. LA Knight that score away with her video here. Watch LA's, then watch my video below!

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