Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hey ya'll!

My favorite holiday is here, and I'm planning on enjoying it to no end with Ray and Megan! We're gonna watch some not-so-spooky movies, eat healthy-ish candy, dress up and just have fun!

But to kick off the best holiday of the year, and the beginning of the holiday season, I thought I'd tell ya'll some stories! My cousins used to ask me to tell stories, scary or not, all the time when we were younger. While they haven't asked in a while, I thought I'd continue that tradition here today!

Now, I have LOTS of stories, most of which are not of my own making, but I'm gonna stick with an experience of mine! A spooky one. I actually have a LOT of ghost stories either first hand, or second hand, but I'll stick with something not so terrifying. Why, you may ask? Because some of them are TRULY terrifying, the stuff of horror films! And I have a few that aren't all that scary at all. But this one is true, and happened to me when I was little.

I've been told my whole life that ghosts are real, because they aren't ghosts, but evil spirits that enjoy scaring people and causing trouble. Some are truly malevolent, TRUST me, and some are just kinda there.

When I was in the fourth grade, I began noticing weird things happening around me. I kept feeling this presence following when I'd was alone in my room, at school, walking home or heading over to my friends. It wasn't there all the time, just sometimes. Once during a test, I felt it. Something kept grabbing my foot, but when I looked down, nothing and no one was there. My teacher came over, wondering if I was cheating, probably, so I told her I kept feeling something, and she told me to ignore it. On my way home, once I heard some voices, but I was alone, or with my brother, but he wasn't talking. I thought it might be a ghost, but my friends called me a liar and told me to ignore it.

One Saturday, I went into my parents room to just chill with my dad. He had a program, about hauntings on, and some of what they were talking about seemed pretty familiar. I told my dad that, and he told that if there was anymore issues to let him know. I got really freaked out when the program talked about this mist appearing in a room, and the person hearing a voice, and having things thrown around. Now, my dad's a priest, so is my brother, though he wasn't at the time. So he kinda laughed it off and was like, "They just need to talk to the Mormons, we'd clear that up real quick."

Freaked out enough, I headed for my room. And the tempearture dropped. And then a mist appeared. And I heard voices. I went into full blown panic room and started yelling for my dad and crying, and I raced to his room, and I told him everything. So he headed for my room and right when he walked in, everything stopped. The mist disappeared, the temperature rose, and it grew quiet. The presence was gone. That's when my dad sat me down and explained just what he was, and told me that if anything happened again, to tell him immediately. If it happened at school, to tell my mom.

But that was actually the end of it, then. It wasn't until...middle school that something else happened.

So that was my scary story for the day. Gotta admit, typing this up has me a little freaked out, but there's nothing here, and I know what to do if something else happens! ^^

Have you guys ever been haunted? Lots of my friends have, in fact the spookiest experiences I had, I shared with 4-6 other people. Let me know your spooky stories!

Happy Halloween ya'll!

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Monthly Favorites ~October 2013~

Hey ya'll!

Halloween's tomorrow, which means it's the end of the month! So here's my monthly favorites!

Nurarihyon no Mago or Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
I know, I've blogged about this at least once before, but once again, I've been blown away! Seriously this manga is perfect for this month, just creepy enough for me (who can't handle scary at ALL), with a GREAT storyline that hasn't let me down EVER, unlike most manga.
You can check it out online here:
The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
I didn't get a chance to see it in theaters, but I did see it right after it came out on DVD. And I watched it again recently. The only one of the trilogy that I don't currently own, I adore this movie. I think it's just as good as the other two and I'm so sad they won't be continuing with The Silver Chair, The Horse and His Boy, The Magicians Nephew, or my favorite after Prince Caspian, The Last Battle. A great series, the world deserves to see it in its entirity.
The Legend of Korra
Beginnings Part 1 and Part 2, specifically
I wrote last month that this show was bugging me lately, and that's true. Until this hour long special (aka, two episodes shown back to back).
This is AMAZING!!! I heard that it was perhaps the best episode in the entirity of the series, Korra and Airbender. And I agree that it's up there with Blue Spirit, Zuko Alone, and several others. Very, VERY well done! Can't wait for the next episode on Friday!
Promise Phan/Promise Tamang
I'm not certain I wrote about Promise, but she's the one who introduced me to youtube beauty gurus. I saw her transformations, and I was hooked. Then I discovered Michelle Phan, her sister-in-law, and thus the beauty junkie in my awakened, and now I know more about makeup than all the rest of my friends, and my mother!
The reason she's on the list this month is because while many of my beauty gurus have come up with Halloween tutorials, her's were the best last year, and this year, hands down! Congrats, queen of transformations! You won yet again! ^^
This Is Halloween by HagarenGao
First of all, if I've posted this video on here before with a different creator name, I apologize, just discovered right now that the vid I always watch is NOT by the creator, THIS is the creator, and this is HIS vid, not the other dude.
Secondly, THIS AMV IS AMAZING! I've played this over and over again for the past two or three Halloweens, and this year is no different! Had to add it again!
Creepy Stiched Doll Look by Promise Phan
Another AMAZING vid! I will be going as a tweked version of this tomorrow. Hope I don't scare the little kids who come to ask for candy, since I really freaked my cats out! Except for Mighty, he just kinda glared at me for playing music while he was trying to sleep :)
Okay, so this isn't a flattering look, but I was having a heck of a time trying to get this picture to work for me! But this dress! I absolutely love it! I found it at Last Chance in Phoenix ( for only $12! I did screw up and dry it, so it shrank, but then when I washed it again, I hung it up, and then pulled on it to put it back to the proper length, and it worked!
With my dress I paired my brand new moto boots! Not sure if you can see them really well, but I'll put a pic of them all close up in Saturday's My Week in Pics. I love them and found them on clearance at Ross for about $16.50
P!nk - Are We All We Are (clean version)
I heard this once, and was addicted. I found a clean version on youtube here ( and I'm totally in love! Even LA was addicted when I played it for her!
Within Temptation ft. Tarja - Paradise (What About Us?)
I've been waiting for this duet ever since I heard the two of them way back in 2006. I love both of them, and just as I imagined, their voices are amazing together, and I love this song! In fact, it is my number one played song according to Spotify! Beautiful!
And check the music video here, because it's pretty darn amazing too!
My Halloween Playlist on Spotify
As I type this up, actually the WHOLE time I've typed this up, I've been listening to this playlist to get ready for tomorrow! (Actually it's 12:04 AM, so TODAY!)
I'll share this playlist on Facebook and Twitter, so you can check it there, or you can join Spotify and follow me on there! It's free, and you can find me by my name, Lorien O'Brien or my username lorien13.

That's what I've been up to this month! What about you guys? Any new shows, or has some old ones won you over yet again?

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Monday, October 28, 2013

My Week In Pics ~10/20 - 10/28~

Yes, I am aware that it is the 28th, but the 26th I spent mostly in town, or sleeping. I was tired after running 20 hrs on 4 hrs of sleep! I can't do that every day! I never really could, honestly, not without getting super psycho and sick!

Anywho, I had a pretty good week last week, in which I continued to find Mighty in my room. I still do, actually. During my nap on the 26th, he was under my bed. I could hear him, but I had no idea where he was!

But onto the pics!

Made some chicken fajitas for my fam! They were super delish!
I FOUND IT!!! Remember this little amazing travel-sized bottle of wonderful hair-fixer? I lost it! I pulled it out for this blog post ( but it disappeared! Well, I vacuumed while marinating the chicken meat, and I FOUND IT!!! OMG, I'm super happy! I'll def be using this, this week for Halloween!
Came into my room and look who decided to fall asleep just in the weirdest spot ever! He's so strange...
...Seriously strange! He just comes into my room and lays where ever. Then again, I guess that's what cats do. But he's never liked my room...until now.
My savoir after randomly waking up 4 hrs before my alarm was supposed to go off. I guess it was all the diet Dr. Pepper the day before... o.o'

That was my past week, and Halloween couldn't come fast enough! Just got my decorations up today, and tried out my makeup look for the big night!

...during which I will be home, dressed up all fancy, watching Halloween movies with my besties! Am I crazy? Probably. Do I care? Nope!

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Week in Pics ~10/13 - 10/19~

YES! I am BACK! And I've remembered to snap some pics!

(Don't mind the blurry one, I only had a few secs, and I had the camera on the wrong setting...)

Here's what I've been up to this week, after getting (mostly) over my cold/flu/whatever illness!

My Thankful Journal is officially FULL! I now have a new one, that's a little bigger, but is still small and blue
Here it is (this is really close, didn't want to put it on the floor. Yes, I'm that lazy :)
It always makes my day when a youtuber with millions of subcribers replies to me. And Kandee's awesome! Proud to be a fan!
On the same day, an answer I left on Yahoo! Answers was favorited! It told me to brag, so I am :)
While running some errands I decided to buy a Pumpkin Spice Frap. First of all, it has coffee, and I don't drink coffee. I turn into a four year old who can't stop talking or moving (it's scarily hilarious). And then it gives me a two day migrain. Boo.
Second, it was just plain nasty. Waste of 4 dollars :(
But the four dollars I spent on these wasn't wasted! Both compliment my skin tone very nicely, and blend very well. And they have lasting power, not coming off completely when I scrubbed and ran my hand under the water. Yay!
To get the nasty taste of bad coffee out of my mouth, I ate these. The whole thing. Only a dollar, and they're so good! Not as strong as Nutella, but the filling complimented the cookie quite well!
Yeah, I watch too much Food Network and Cooking Channel...
Wednesday was my Bro's birthday, and we celebrated tonight! My mom made her amazing steaks, and this was the leftovers, which will probably be gone by the time I wake up tomorrow...
Happy Birthday David!
(Don't mind the blurriness, the camera was on the wrong setting...)
Not a bad cake (though I make them better, but I've been sick, soooo) and the ice cream was delicious. Yeah, my diet went out the window today.
That was my week! Oh, and Happy Birthday again to my cousin Jennifer! She's a new mommy with twins!
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story: Part II Chapter 3 - Yan Lin

Hey guys!

Sorry for not uploading last week, this is the first time in over a week that I've felt healthy enough to work at ALL. I've been battling the flu, or a super cold, but it tastes like the flu. Ugh! *shudders* Anyway, I've gotten better a tiny bit each day, and today I've felt my best yet! Barely coughed at all!

So tonight, I decided to just work a little. I managed to get a chap of this done, although I'm stuck on Warrior (go figure). It's a short chapter, but I think it's good! Let me know what you think!!!

Chapter 3

Yan Lin



Yan Lin’s heart nearly jumped out of her chest when she felt the pull. She’d been describing their house lo mein to an elderly couple from out of town when she’d felt a tug on her heart, and a soft voice whispering over and over to come up the stairs. Recognizing it as the Heart, Yan flagged a waiter over to finish taking their orders, and then headed upstairs again. After tossing out some underwear and ancient clothes that’d hid the glowing jewel from her family, she gently removed the tiny, pink gem from the elegant box that kept it safe. Just before the whispering stopped and the vision began, she laid on her bed. Then darkness came and took her away.
           The last time she’d seen the young man, he was daring an angry customer to continue to push him. But he was daring no more. Slumped in the dark, full of too much pain to move, he watched the outline of the Passling as it sniffed here and there, wondering if there was anything to eat, rotten or not. Through the power of the Heart, she was able to see the terrible marks that covered him, and the farseeing stare that revealed he’d been tortured, and tortured extensively. He cradled his right arm carefully against his chest. Yan saw that it was a compound fracture, with part of the bone sticking out. If that wound remained untreated, he’d be disfigured for life.

This is a Bringer of Light.

The voice boomed from the center of the vision, deep in Yan’s mind. She knew that voice. She trusted it.

His world will fade and die in Darkness without him. They cannot help him. They cannot win without him.

She knew the rest before it even began. The new Guardians could never be convinced of their powers, their duty, in time. He’d die from thirst long before the girls would be strong enough to dive into the palace dungeons and get him.

But you can. You have powers still, and will until the new generation is ready. He must be saved.

He slipped into unconsciousness, hoping to never wake again.
Yan woke up feeling sick to her stomach. When she sat up, a drop of water on her hand startled her. That’s when she realized she was crying, had since she’d seen him in the dungeon. She knew that place. Knew it, and hated it. Too many close friends and good people had died there in the dark beneath Phobos’s palace.

Feeling emotionally drained, Yan got to her feet. She headed to the bathroom to wash the tears from her face, then almost jumped when she saw her reflection. The moment the Heart had called to her, she thought she was only nineteen again, since it hadn’t spoken to her in over fifty years. But her young face had lost its elasticity; her silky black hair had become wispy and gray. The Guardian of Air was nineteen no longershe was seventy-four.

Unbeknownst to her, the Heart had placed itself around her neck. She stared at it for a second, and then whispered aloud.

“How can I do this?” Her Mandarin came out harsh, no longer the musical song it used to be. “I am not young. I have no strength. I can’t do this.”

The Heart simply glowed. The light and warmth that poured from the jewel into her chest comforted her in a way that nothing else could have. Yan gripped it tightly. Suddenly the warmth covered all of her body, and a purple light filled her vision. The aches from old wounds and living for far too long faded away, and the strength of youth swelled up from a long-forgotten life. Her crooked back straightened, her hair thickened, the arthritis dissipated, the ignored pains of old healed.

And then it was gone. The warmth had completely evaporated.

But Yan still felt incredibly strong. She’d clamped her eyes tightly shut to save her eyesight. Now, panting, feeling a deep fear, and an even deeper hope, the former Guardian opened her eyes.

It’d been a shock to see herself as an old woman. And yet it seemed only natural for her to look in the mirror and see herself as she had appeared so many years ago. She wore the purple and blue of the Guardians of Meridian in the style of a male changshan. Her high-necked, purple top had long, flowing sleeves and the blue, cropped pants had billowy, wide legs. The snow-white hair was no longer down to her knees; it was cut short and was now the same blue-black that Hay Lin had inherited. And on her back was a pair of glittering, green wings.

After studying her reflection for a few moments, the current Guardian of Air took a deep breath.

“You better still be alive, boy,” Yan sang out in her native tongue, gripping the Heart again.

Then she did something she hadn’t in a very long time. She flew.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Months in Pics

Hey ya'll!

Sorry I haven't been posting this! And I know I promised one, but I was sick! I'm still sick :( BOO!

Anywho, I don't have many pics, since my hand was messed up, so taking photos wasn't possible for 2-3 weeks of this. But here's some!

I made a toy for the cats! Mighty really liked it. This is him after playing with it for about 15 minutes straight!
It was crazy hair day at work. So my dad's normally nice hair was like this when he came home. lol!

October 4th was Silly Socks for Jessica day. Three years ago on 10/4, my good friend Jessica passed away. She loved silly socks, and was terrified of never being remembered, so on this day, and her birthday, every year friends and family wear silly socks. The top pic is mine; then LA Knight, who was Jessica's sister-in-law; and the bottom is IK Scott.
RIP Jess, you'll never be forgotten, babe!
<3 p="">
So, remember how I told you Mighty loved my toy? Well, so did Strider. Look how he destroyed it! He really liked it! Oh well. At least it was well loved
That's it!
Except for...
LA Knight and I have a new project!!!
Do you know what it is???
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

August/September Monthly Favorites

Hey Guys!

I know, it's been forever since I've done a Week in Pics post, as well as a Monthly Favorites, but as  you know from all my other posts, things have been nuts!


I have list (a long one) and pics for all of them! This will be a double monthly favorites, with a return to your regularly programmed blogging schedule from here on out, I promise! I'll probably post the weekly pics late Thursday night, since Fridays are now my work day, where me and LA Knight come together to hang, watch tv and movies, and edit until we're done, which lately has been about 3-4 AM. We don't leave things half done (except watching stuff, we often only see a tiny bit of what we want to) so that our work is done and available for your viewing pleasure ASAP!

Anywho, onto the favorites!
Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series
OMG, all of August, I started and finished this series. The first one was blah, I only read it because I love the movie (yes, I love the movie and dislike the book). But it gets better with each book! Totally a great series
The Heroes of Olympus Series
Percy Jackson's sequel series. OMG, this series. Absolutely amazing. Each book is better than the last, and I can't wait to read the next one, House of Hades. I'm getting this series from the library, and I'm on the waiting list for it!
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Wow. I didn't think it could top the first one in the new movies, and it totally did. Benedict Cumberbatch was absolutely awesome, the plot is great. Just, WOW!
Man of Steel
I literally watched Star Trek one week, and this the next. I went with LA Knight and IK Scott to see Star Trek, but it was out of theaters, so we saw this instead. And this movie is AMAZING! Love it! Although I'm miffed about the new Batman choice, because this movie rocks, I'll watch it. Because of this movie!!!
Agents of Shield
August was pretty dead, but several shows came back this fall, and this one is brand new. And I gotta say, this is beats Legend of Korra. Korra hasn't matured, and while Coulson's return is kinda dumb, I love the team's dynamic. Loving this show!
Currently watching a vid as I'm writing this right now. She's so upbeat and funny, cute and her tips are great. Love her!
Her Sleeping Beauty video is hilarious! I was hooked, just from that vid. She's super sweet, and I love her accent! Check her out!
This is a commercial in Thailand. I've seen it on Facebook and Tumblr (check out my Tumblr here: I get chocked up just talking about it, because it's so amazing and beautiful. A must watch!
In case you weren't aware, I'm LDS, and this past weekend was our General Conference. This was Elder Jeffrey R Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, his talk called Broken Vessels. In case you didn't know from this post here: I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which includes several anxiety disorders and depression. So this talk really touched me. I've never heard a leader of my church talk admit suffering from it, nor mention of any previous leaders dealing with it. I think any one dealing with these kind of problems should watch this, because it's simply beautiful.
I bought these boots from Forever21 last year during Black Friday, and I've been obsessed ever since. No, they're not leather, but they're holding up really well. I also injured my foot Thursday, and these have been holding my foot very well while it returns to normal (almost there!).
Loft House Pumpkin Mini Cookies
This is a recent love, as in the past two days. But DUDE! So yummy! Too bad they're terrible for you... o.o'
Bath and Body Works Candle in Pumpkin Cupcake
DUDE! Amazing scent. It smell EXACTLY as what it says. I haven't burned mine at all, since it is a mini, not a large, 3 wick one. But I don't really need to! I keep it by my bed, and I smell it as I fall sleep, and it's so relaxing.
Okay, this is not my top 3, it's my top six, in order, not by month
Waiting for Superman by Daughtry
I don't know if this is for the movie, because I don't know anything about the movie, but this song totally speaks to me. I love it!
Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey
I haven't seen the movie The Great Gatsby, and I'm probably not going to, but this song! There are two versions, and I love them both! When LA and I were working, this came on my music player in an ad, and we had to hear it. We both stopped working and just listened, because it's so haunting and stunning. It's on a bunch of my playlists now. Beautiful
In Your Arms by Kina Grannis
First of all, have you seen the video? It's amazing! Check it here:
But the song is addicting and super cute. Love it!
Just to Get High by Nickelback
This song has so much heart and is so personal. The passion in this song just speaks to me. And the message is wonderful! A must hear!
Unsinkable (Never Giving Up) by Sam Tsui and Elle Winter
This song was written for the Music is Medicine campaign for a 16 year old girl battling cancer. Watch the video here for more information:
But if you can, buy it! All profit goes to benefit pediatric oncology research at Mount Sinai, where Cindy, the girl, goes. And it's just a great song about never giving up!
Amphetamine by I Can't Go On, I'll Go On from Bandslam
This song is so awesome. In fact, ALL the songs by this band in the movie is amazing! But this one has been on repeat lately! Check out the soundtrack, and the movie. So good!
So, that was kinda HUGE! But I hope you enjoy it, and I *PROMISE* that it won't be this long between posts, and the posts will be a little smaller.
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Friday, October 4, 2013

W.i.t.c.h. The Full Story Part II Chapter 2 - Cornelia

WOW! I've written 3, yes, 3 poems today, AND a chapter!


And my hand isn't bugging me at ALL! YAY!

My right foot is, but that's because I twisted it while working out. But that's another story.


It's much shorter than the first one, that one was kinda huge. Oh well. This one has more plot development :)

Oh, and one more thing! The reason Part II is called The War Resumes is because episode 2 of the show is "It Resumes". And episode 1? "It Begins". The first book is called "The Power of Five". So going after the "Begins, Resumes" ideas, I called Part 1 It Begins, and Part 2 The War Resumes. :)

So, here it is! Enjoy!!!

Chapter 2



Wednesday, Cornelia told the girls to meet at her place to plan their costumes for the dance Friday. She was determined to outlook the Grumper Sisters no matter what. Come Friday, Bess and Courtney wouldn’t know what hit them!

Taranee and Will seemed impressed with Cornelia’s house. It wasn’t a mansion—okay, it was. Cornelia’s dad owned a local Credit Union that had seriously expanded during the recession. She didn’t think it was all that impressive, not compared to the Grumper Sisters’s manor on the outskirts of town, anyway.

"So, Cornelia," Will said as she followed the blonde up a beautiful staircase. "Why the need to beat the Grumper Sisters, anyway?"

"Because she has to be first in the world," Irma answered for her. "At everything."

"Those two have had it coming for a long time," Cornelia told Will, ignoring Irma.

"Yeah, because they wore the same shirt in kindergarten," Hay Lin laughed.

"It’s pathetic, really."

Cornelia froze, trying not to grind her teeth.

Her baby sister, Lillian was standing there, her arms folded. She was eight years old, with her blonde cut in a bob, and wearing her favorite color, pink, as usual. Her favorite thing to do was follow Cornelia around and bug her. Or play pranks on her. Cornelia couldn’t stand her, and it looked like the little brat was going to try to follow them.

"Go away, Lillian," Cornelia said coldly.

"Who’re they?" She was pointing to Will and Taranee. They opened their mouths, probably to introduce themselves, but Cornelia quickly said, "None of your business, so buzz off!"

She grabbed her sisters arm and pushed her away.

"Fine! I’m telling mom you’re failing math!"

As she rush down the stairs Cornelia called, "She’s not here, so NEH!" She stuck her tongue out at her.

Hay Lin and Elyon cracked up.

"Very mature, Cornelia," Elyon giggled. "Sticking your tongue out and all."

"You really showed her who’s boss," Irma said, rolling her eyes.

"You don’t have to live with her," Cornelia muttered, trying to hide her blush.

"Geez, Cornelia!" Will exclaimed with they entered her room.

"You know, I think you should go shopping again," Irma told her.

"Why?" Cornelia turned to her walk in closet that her father had built for her custom last summer. It was larger than anyone else’s at school, even the Grumper Sisters. Well, at least one of the Grumper Sisters. Cornelia had made sure of it. She had to drop fifty bucks of her own to find out, but it was worth it.
Too bad Mrs. Grumper’s a model, she thought. That’s the only reason they have more designer things than I do.
"Yeah, doesn’t she have enough?" Taranee squeaked.

"I think there’s at least one top in the city that Cornelia doesn’t own," Irma said. She threw her arm over her forehead and pretended to choke out, "What a tragedy!"

Everyone laughed again. Cornelia even grinned, especially when the pillow she threw knocked Irma off her bed. After an impromptu pillow fight, they changed out of their uniforms and into some clothes. Will and Taranee had, once again, forgotten to bring street clothes, but Cornelia had more than enough for them to borrow.

"So, what should we wear to the dance Friday?" Will asked. "And PLEASE don’t say dresses. I…just…no."

"OOH!" Elyon cried, clapping her hands. "We should go as fairies!"

Everyone in the room froze at the word "fairies", as if she’d yelled a curse word. Elyon looked around, confused by her friends’ reaction. "What?"

"I dreamed I was a fairy," Taranee said. "The same dream, for the past couple of nights."

"Really? Me, too!" Hay Lin said. "I could fly, and I wasn’t small or anything, but I could control the air."

"No way, I could control fire!" Taranee said.

The hair on the back of Cornelia’s neck stood up. Before she could say anything, though, Irma said, "I could control water. And fly. But I could make water fly too. It was so cool!"

"I could control earth," Cornelia made herself say. "Every dream. Lillian woke me up both nights, and every time I fell asleep, I dreamed the same thing. I was an earth fairy, except—"

"You were older?" Will asked.

"No way, you had these dreams too?" Elyon gasped. When Will nodded, she frowned. "Why haven’t I?"

"I have no idea, but it wasn’t all magical," Will told her. "In every dream, there was this necklace that was guiding me, and there were monsters chasing me."

"Me, too!" Hay Lin said.

"So the five of us all had the same dream?" Cornelia clarified. She slid down the wall and sat on the floor.


"Sounds like it."

"Pretty much."

"Except for me!" Elyon cried. "I wish I dreamed about being a fairy! I’ve always wanted to fly."

"So, I guess being fairies are out?" Taranee asked.

"No kidding," Irma replied. "We’re fairies way too much already."


Everyone grabbed a bite to eat, then headed home via the bus. After waiting with them for a bit, Cornelia headed home, but didn’t go inside. When she wanted think there was only one place for her to go, her garden.

It really was a small garden just off of the huge one that surrounded her house a landscaping company took care off for her parents. But this little corner was entirely her own; the company wasn’t allowed to do more than water and weed there. All plants were her choice, and she handled her own pruning and trimming. As she wandered among her babies, as she privately called them, she noticed a weed here, and random shoot there. She tidied some things up, and while she checked on one that caterpillars had been eating up over the past month, she thought about what she hadn’t told her friends.

There were more than just dreams.

Cornelia had powers.

She couldn’t fly, and didn’t have wings, and certainly wasn’t older. But as she studied the plant, the chewed up stems healed, its color brightened, and the entire thing started growing. Same with the flowers she checked on next, and the little bonsai tree she’d begged her parents to buy off a salesmen on the side of the road a couple years back. She really did have the powers of her dreams, making plants grow. Perhaps she really could summon giant vines or move the earth like she had in her dreams. Whenever a monster had gotten too close to her, BOOM! The ground split and down they went. The ones that survived had been tangled in monster plants that smothered them or held them prisoner.

Cornelia frowned at the gravel beneath her feet and will it to move, shift, something! But nothing happened. Then her cell was going off, and it was time to go back to the real world, where plants didn’t grow twice their size in a few seconds, and the ground stand where it belonged.

It was Irma. Cornelia wondered what Irma was going to make fun of her for this time, but she still answered.

"Hey, Cornelia?"

"What’s up?"

"Um…Remember when I told you I could make water fly? I-in my dreams?"

Cornelia frowned. "Yeah?"

"Well, I’m doing it. Right now."

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Once Upon a Dream (Poem)

And yet ANOTHER poem! I couldn't help it! I wanted to write something more uplifting, hopeful.

This is it!

Hope you enjoy! ;)

I know you
At least,
I knew you
Once upon a dream

Oh, wait,
That’s Sleeping Beauty

But I knew you.
And I loved you
And you loved me

It was different back then
Because we knew who we were
And where we were

No questions were unanswered
No obscure path
We knew our place
And we were satisfied

But now we’re lost
Trying to find our other half
And our names
And places
And faces

We look in a mirror
But can’t really see
We walk the world
But don’t know
Or understand

But I knew you
And you knew me
We were in love
Once upon a dream

Shine (Poem)


Definitely a poetry mood.

I must say, I really enjoy it. I rarely have any idea what I'm going to write about when I decide to write a poem. I just put my emotions down. Sometimes that means I write something really sad, or angry. Usually it's something spiritual, whether I'm mad about my life, feeling lost, or praising God.

I don't like explaining my poems, because often I can't. I don't know where the words come from, but it's like their inside all the time, and when I can't hammer the words into a story (like right now), I take a deep breath, open a blank document, and just write. I make a new line when I feel there should be one; same with the stanzas. I don't follow any rules or flow, and no, my poems rarely rhyme. Actually, I don't think I've EVER made one rhyme unless it was assigned by a teacher. Those ones always suck.

Well, enough about poetry, except to tell you that I'll probably write another one tonight, followed by a chap of W.i.t.c.h. (maybe, it depends if the words work with me).


I’m afraid your attempts failed

I’ve screamed
I’ve cried
I wanted to walk away
From it all

But I didn’t

I’m still here
Standing tall
My sword is long
For you

The pain almost undoes me
The stench of fear clouds me
I panic
I balk
But I hold my ground

The ground falls away
And chasm beneath me
Its maw stretched
Ready to swallow me

I grasp the crumbling soil
Holding onto

What am I holding onto?

No future
Unacknowledged past
All talent
No strength

The whispers and lies
Circling like vultures
Scenting my blood
Hounding me
Waiting to strike

But then I remember
My name
My title
My future

Is it uncertain?


I know who I am
What I’ve done
And what I’m striving for

I’ll get there
Even if I don’t know the way
Or where I’m going exactly
Or who I’ll be with

I’ll get there
So step back
And watch me shine

Lost (Poem)

So I've been feeling down when I think about my writing, mostly because I can't write as much as I want to. When I try to write more than 1 chap in a week, saw what happened. 2 weeks of not being about to write a THING! SOOO frustrating!!!!

*deep breath*


I've been thinking in poetry for the past few days, which meant a poem (or several) had to come out. So I wrote this bad boy! Not as depressing as Darkness, but kinda along those lines, if much happier.

Anywho, here it is!

(And here's where you can check it and several other things on Figment, a website by writers for writers!)

 Lost and forgotten
These paths and streets
Confusing me

I’m trying to find my way
And the light that guides me
It’s sometimes seems too bright
Too good to be true
But still I follow

I stumble
I fall
I’m laughed at

A few love me
I wonder why
Then they fall and
I help them up
Then I know why

I feel so alone

But I know
Not my way
Nor where I am
Where I’m going
Or what I’m going to become

But I know who I am
And I know my purpose

Sort of

I know my light
So I follow