Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Favorites 2013

Hey guys!

Soo, I was supposed to write two chapters today. Yeah, I did some background stuff, then hit a wall. Couldn't write a thing ><


I'm gonna do this blog instead! And then write some more tomorrow...hopefully...

Anywho, this month has been a rollercoaster ride for me, and I have a TON of favorites. It was so hard to pick!!! But here's what I got!

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia
FINALLY go through this! And MAN, it revealed EVERYTHING that I've been dying to know for years! Are Ocarina Link and Zelda related? Who's the Warrior's Shade? And HOW ARE THE GAMES FRICKIN' LINKED!?!?!?!
Yeah, ALL those are answered, along with a bonus manga chap at the end featuring the one and only FIRST LINK!!! (And I think I have a crush on him XD)
Mirror Mirror
I just watched this this past week with my girls. Boy was it AWESOME! I thought it would be silly, and it was, but it still had that epic level that kept me entranced the entire time!
So ya'll know I recently subscribed to Fluer de Force's channel, but this is her second channel, that I didn't start following until a week or two ago. She vlogs EVERYTHING! You get to see lots of things that other youtubers don't always show. I mean, a bunch of them were together for a month, but she covered more of that awesome time in the carribean, Playlist Live, and other things they did.
And they're just plain fun.
You should go watch! If only to see the inside scoop of the Harry Potter Tour!

This video has gone viral because Jessica talks about why you should wear a modest swimsuit with some pretty shocking studies backing it up. I'm all for modest, as you know, and felt empowered by seeing this. I especially love the end :)

This video is very different. It is hilarious, especially since these are hamsters, who can't be trained.
So I dare you watch and not laugh or smile!!!


It was so hard to choose!

First of all, I've become obsessed with Radio Disney, if only because a few songs that I love except for a line or two are edited enough for my comfort, and I'm just a fan of pop music!

But for specific songs, here:

Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller - The Way

The Spanglish Ver specifically. I keep listening to it, I can't help it!

Skillet - Not Gonna Die

This song is AMAZING! I love it so much! I added it to tons of playlists and watch the lyric video a million times!!!

AKB48 - Beginner

No, that is all the members of the this group. AKB48 holds the world record for the largest pop group. There are 90, yes, NINETY, members right now, which are split into 3 teams. Each team performs this song, and I'm obsessed with it!

If you want to learn more about AKB48, check them out here:


TRESemme Extra Firm Control Hairspray

I got this as a travel size for $0.99, and BOY am I glad I did. I have trouble getting my hair to keep the style I put it in, but this, combined with some other products kept my hair looking fancy this past weekend.


And onto the random category! But I've had some pretty awesome food this past month.
 O'Brien Family Recipe Chimichangas
 For Father's Day, my mom made his family recipe for chimichangas, and BOY were they AWESOME! I helped (a little) with the frying, but honestly that goodness was all mom. Sure, they're probably super bad for you, but MAN! They were WORTH IT! Had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days!

 Limited Edition Strawberries n' Crème Oreos
OMG is this stuff GOOD! Tastes just like it! They have a bunch of flavors right now, but so far, this is my fav!
All this talk of food is making me hungry!!!
So I think I'll listen to some more AKB48 while munching on something!
Good night ya'll!!!


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  2. Even I like the Hyrule book. It looks cool and has neato pictures in it. And the First Link is SMOKIN' HAWT!!!

    I love Mirror, Mirror. I want to own it SO BAD!

    I am glad someone who has so many viewers did that swimsuit blog. And the thing is, the studies don't have to be applied only to swimsuits. They can be applied to any kind of clothes, really. Which is a good support for dressing modestly.

    Hamsters are so cute! And I love how it's like someone gave them coffee or something, they're so hyper! Lol!

    I'll have to listen to that Ariana Grande song. I love the Skillet song, tho. And the monster in the picture. Interesting...

    Chimis! I want some chimis now! Hungry for chimis. Meh! Hungry hungry for chimis!

    Karl wants something called a chimi-cherry-chonga.

    WHERE did you GET those Oreos?!?!

    I think I will have to have a heart attack now in want of chimis and those special Oreos.