Friday, June 28, 2013

My Week(s) in Photos

Hey ya'll!!!

Sorry for not posting one of these last week. It's not because I didn't have pics, but because I couldn't find the time!

So here's a double post! It'll be pretty long!

It was Father's Day two Sundays ago! Went to church with my daddy, and this is the gift they gave the men 18+ this year! He certainly is "Tie"riffic :)
For his big day, my mom made homemade chimichangas with an old family recipe! "But Lorien, you're Irish, right?" Yes, I am, but my family has lived in Tucson, 30 miles from the border with Mexico for over 100 years, and my grandfather managed to get his hands on this great recipe! So amazing!!!
To go with the chimis, we had Martinelli's Sparkling Cider. No, there's not alcohol. I'm Mormon, you goof.
Went on a cleaning spree in my room last week. Look at my bed! I NEVER make it (it's been proven that germs can get trapped there if the moisture is trapped...although I'm just lazy >:D )
Told you. Cleaning spree! Moved all of this out of my room to vacuum. When I go, I go HARD!
(Does that sound a little dirty to anyone else???)
Bath and Body Works big summer sale is ON! This is all the stuff me and my mom got for awesome prices...
And this is the stuff I got for myself! Forever Red body lotion was only $8! From $26!!!
Went on a Late Night Run with my brother, which are always fun! Found out that Oreo is killing my goal of losing weight, because they have a million amazing flavors just for the summer!!! The strawberry and crème is AMAZING!!!! And the sherbet is just plain awesome!
Went to a writing workshop with my girls LA Knight and Megan, and while I waited for them to get a few more things, found their cat Jake looking super comfy. Silly kitty didn't even care about the camera :)
Got all dressed up for no reason whatsoever. We did go out for dinner that night, and I looked great, in my opinion!
That was the past two weeks! I didn't take any pics in the class, since there was only four of us attending, but I learned a lot! Had a lot confirmed I'm doing right, and a few things I need to work on, but it'll all help my writing!
Two new chaps today, I promise!!!

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  1. Oh, that Father's Day card is SO CUTE!! I love that. It's so cute.

    Oooh, chimis. WANT CHIMIS!! Evil Lorien makes me so hungry with her chimi pictures...

    I love cider. Is tasty. Especially sparkling cider.

    I've always told my parents that making a bed is a bad idea, because it just seemed like the sheets were always damp in the summer if I made the bed. And then lo and behold! They prove that it's bad for the bedding, that it traps moisture and encourages the growth of mold.

    Wow, I wouldn't have taken the "hard" comment dirty but you mentioned it, so now it rings dirty in my head.

    Your lotions always smell so nice. =D


    Awwww, my Jakers! He so cute! Love him, he's so mellow and sleepy and loving.

    You DO look great! As always! <3