Friday, June 7, 2013

Trapped & Breaking and Entering

Okay, so I didn't take any pics this week because I've been focusing on doing mini-workouts every day (which is helping my back and my waistline), and getting my girls over here. Didn't take pics then either because we had a lot of stuff to do, and barely got anything done. Oh well, we had a ton of fun anyway!

But I wrote a poem that I took down because it is very dark, but it's expressing my emotions about my current jobless, hardworking and underappreciated state. By itself it's just super depressing and not worth mentioning, but I finally shared it with LA Knight, who, in her brilliance, wrote a reply poem. Both are well written, but her reply just touched me so much, I had to share it.

So here's my poem:


It's like the walls are closing in
This invisible cage that has held me for far too long
It holds me still
The dream of freedom taunts me
Every time I think I see a glimpse of light
A way out of this infernal abyss that has captured me and drags me down
It’s a trick
There is no freedom
There is no escape
My taunters continue to pressure me
Telling me that all I have to do is try
I have tried. And tried. And tried and tried and tried and tried and tried.
It’s all lies and fakeness
I can’t get out.
Just trapped in this caged that has held me
I’m fed the lie that this will make me a better person
That my time in here will make my world brighter
But how can it be better when I’m blinded?
How can I be something more
When this darkness will stain and hold me
Keeping me apart of it forever
How can I be better
If the foundations that have kept me alive for so long
And through so much
Is destroyed by this darkness I can’t escape
I’m tired of lies
And that’s all it is
Lies lies lies lies lies lies lies
Everyone’s lying
There’s no escape
And no one can hear me screaming

Dark, eh? But wonderful LA wrote this back:

Breaking and Entering

Crowbars made of Glass

Obsidian tire-irons

Garnet lock-picks and jimmies

Keys made of Bones


I've got my kit ready; I just need a car

I could go on foot, but I might keel over and die in the heat

And then where would the mission be?


There it is

The cage of lies

Is she in there still?



I see her

A piece of my heart

My sister


All righty, then


Time to kick some Adversarial


Like how I'm going to let the Lone Power

Screw with my sister

Just because I'm a chunky frumptastic homeless bag-lady

And dying of plague half the time

Plague-zombies can be good guys too, after all


If I did keel over,

And became a shambling corpsely frat-boy

—erm, I mean  girl

Would it be in bad taste if I told Satan to bite me?


Cage bars are thick today

Like that's gonna stop me

Ew, thorns



I got gloves

I can handle angst-thorns and depression-spikes




And here…we…go…


Smash the tiny black glass windows to let in the light

Screaming and yelling doesn't last forever

And if it comes back,

We'll hit it with aluminum bats

And pretend the contention is a pack of Boojums

Like in Glass

(We'll even see if they moo like cows,

Though why they would is beyond me…)


Pry open the doors with our crowbars made of stories
Bend and shatter cold iron bars with our words

Snap the shackles of self-doubt with the proof of what we have created

Rewrite imprisonment into genius

With our sweat and blood and tears


That was how Warrior was forged, after all

Out of pain and depression and sorrow

Came an epic adventure

That is truth

(And don’t you forget it, babe)


People talk about trying

"If you just try"

Well what do they call this?


Who else walks into a combat zone

Armed with razor-sharp pens

(Because they are mightier than the sword)

And shields of printed words on bright paper
With armor forged from a thousand
dreams and words and worlds

Where we are queens and goddesses?


We'd like to see all you "just-try-ers"



We did

We tried it

Not just that

We did it

And we Rocked


Now here comes another battlefield

Old news

We've done this a million times

Here's your crown

I love emeralds; they make you look like

My Elf Queen Duckie

(complete with archery upgrade)

Galadriel ain't got nothing on you

Here's your sword

You don't need a shield

I'm right here

(And I'm not going anywhere)





We did try


And we succeeded


Who's ready to kick more literary butt?

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