Friday, June 14, 2013

My Week(s) in Pics ~5/31 - 6/14~

Here's what I've been up to the past two weeks

My friend Jessica, who passed away some years ago, had her birthday this week. To honor her everyone wore silly socks. I don't own any silly socks, so I painted my toenails 5 different colors! Her mom said Jess would love them!
(Colors from big toe to little toe: Pink, purple, green, blue and red) 
 Summer's officially here. 104 in Vail equals 108 in Tucson. My bro's car said it was more like 110 

Mighty's new favorite spot...the bookshelf in David's room! He's so weird...that's why we call him Potato. The worst part about that is that he LOVES that name! 
 Strider is so obsessed with my mom's chair, which I'm currently using, that he meows, acting like he wants to go out, and when I get up, he takes it! He was playing cute right here, hoping to steal my chair again, the little thief!
I've been dying to get a pair of Converse, but they're SO expensive! I wish I had the money to get the customized ones! These look so cool! 
 LA Knight brought over Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, which I really enjoyed. Very good movie explaining the senatorial system!

 And while we were watching, I noticed a box outside my front door. My cousin Laura, who is AMAZING btw, sent me some shoes and extra makeup! No special occasion, just sent them! I love the shoes and I'm looking forward to using the makeup!
 Thanks Cuz!!!
And that was these past two weeks!
I don't have anything planned for the weekend myself, but do you? Have fun!

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  1. You have such adorbzable toes! And pretty toenails. And yeah, Jessica would've loved them.

    Awwww, Mighty's a potato!

    Strider's a chair thief! Lol!

    I'll talk to my brother about buying you some Converse and customizing them for you. He might do it for me as like, a Christmas gift.

    I love Mr. Smith Goes to Washington!

    And yay for free shoes and makeup!