Sunday, June 9, 2013


I guess I've been on this poetry binge right now. It expresses my feelings better than anything else could, I think.

(On another note, this is my 100th blog! Wow! I feel special!!!)

Here's my latest installment


Darkness seeps through me

Darkeneing my soul

Darkening my mind

The light holds no more warmth to me


Little moments

That’s all that I can feel

Small moments that shine through the dark


I can’t get out

I can’t escape

From this hell that’s purely internal

Nothing attacks me

But my own emotions


Sometimes I wished to feel empty

No more happiness means no more pain, right?

But then a moment shows me their worth

And I’m stuck again


The poison of my mind clings to me

And my mouth and my hands and my thoughts

Are no longer my own

And I spread my pain to other

Which breaks me inside


My own lack of self-worth

Drags others down with me

And in the end, we all pay


No amount of loneliness

Or adventures with friends

Can cure this


Then there’s another moment

And I begin to dream and hope


All too soon

The darkness returns


And I’m poisoned again

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