Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Twilight Chessboard, Star Warriors and LA's Once Playlists? Oh my!

For all of you who know my brother and read the "Oh My!" in his voice, I'm sorry.
To everyone else who didn't follow that, if you meet him you'll understand.

Anywho, as you can tell, this post is about playlists!!! Because I have WAY too much time on my hands, not only do I create playlists for my writing, but for my friend's writing as well. As your thoroughly aware, LA Knight and I have been friends for eight years now (HOLY CRAP WE'RE OLD) and have watched our obsession with writing turn into careers that we don't get paid enough for how much effort we put into this.

Which means that we edit each others work so much so that we eventually get sick of it and go do other things (aka edit something else until we're sick of it). And while we're getting sick of something, or are sick of something and still have to keep working to (hopefully) make some (not any, really) money, we listen to music. LA has a TON of playlists for EVERYTHING. Seriously, huge playlists for the way a scene is going. And while I have five-no, six...? Let me check. Five, I have five. And while I have five myself, they've only been on Spotify, which can be finicky, and which LA Knight can't use.

So I put them on YouTube!!! YAY! *cue cheers and clapping from my non-existent fans*

Why, my invisible people ask? BECAUSE I HAVE TOO MUCH TIME!!!
And because LA can listen to my hard work for no money whatsoever while she works to get not enough money.

Anywho, enough complaining about our finances! Onto the music!!!

Right now I'm only posting the big 3!

The first of which is the smallest, the one for

LA Knight's Once Upon a Time

her Hellboy II fanfic.

Link is HERE:

This is small mostly because I have NEVER reread a chapter unless I was editing it, so every song is pretty much for Nuada and Dylan (whose name I just forgot. Go ahead, boo. I'm laughing at myself). But if you have any suggestions for other people, like Nuada's family, a song reflecting Dylan's fam, any of the numerous bad guys, the kids or somebody else, tell me in the comments. And don't be afraid to comment! I don't bite, I promise...

LA Knight's Twilight Chessboard

This is the largest and I actually have an explanation for every song I picked. I went slowly, looking up the lyrics for every song I was 100% certain of (which would be over 100 of them). It's really long, but I love it!

And again, if you have another song that you think works brilliantly, but isn't on here, let me know! I may add it.

The explanation will be included below.

Star Warriors

This playlist is by me, for me, to help me with Warrior and it's background stuff. Every song was carefully considered and chosen, some for scenes I've never written, but know of in my head. I also have character theme songs.

If you're interested in an explanation for the songs I'm willing to explain, let me know!

So, what we learned today is
1) I am very broke
2) LA Knight's broke, though not as much as me
And 3) I have too much time on my hands.

Here's the song explanation for Twilight Chessboard which you can buy HERE:

If you have not read these novels, don't read this explanation as I mention important events!!!!

Bold Songs are only found on the YouTube playlist

Italicized Songs are only found on the Spotify playlist

1. Take Me to Wonderland by Natalia Kills                         Alyssa's Theme/Series Theme

2. Mean by Taylor Swift                                                       Alyssa to the Witch Queens

3. Come & Get It by Selena Gomez                                     Alyssa to Jack when they stop talking

4. Ishwilf by Disturbed                                                         The Fae Fayre of Tucson

5. Faster by Within Temptation                                            Alyssa about the fighting

6. I Am the Best by 2NE1                                                     Black Court

7. Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling                                         Chantal plays it

8. I Stand by Idina Menzel                                                    Alyssa

9. Wait Your Turn by Rihanna                                             Alyssa to Witch Queens

10. E.T. by Katy Perry                                                         Alyssa to Jack

11. Brand New Me by Alicia Keys                                      Alyssa after Julie's death

12. Fighter by Christina Aguilera                                        Chantal to Gavin

13. Victimized by Linkin Park                                             Fae Fayre

14. Love in the Ice by TVXQ                                              Alyssa to Jack, Fiver to Chantal

15. Hit the Lights by Selena Gomez                                    Alyssa to her court

16. What I Like About You by Lillix                                  Alyssa and Jack, Sadie and David

17. Run Devil Run by Ke$ha                                        Jack to Lily, Chantal to Gavin

18. Change by Taylor Swift                                                 Smoke to Alyssa and her court

19. Keep On Singin' My Song by Christina Aguilera         Alyssa

20. Here's 2 Us by Victorious Cast                                      Black Court

21. Skyscraper by Demi Lovato                                           Alyssa after Julie's death

22. Enchanted by Taylor Swift                                             Kings' and Queens' dance at Homecoming

23. Live like There's No Tomorrow by Selena Gomez          Alyssa to her court

24. Unstoppable by Kat DeLuna                                          Alyssa

25. Lightning by Alex Goot                                                  Jack to Alyssa

26. Part of Me by Katy Perry                                                Alyssa

27. Enough by Disturbed                                                      Alyssa to the Witch Queens

28. Monster by BIGBANG                                                   Fiver to Alyssa during grocery shopping

29. Warrior by Demi Lovato                                                 Chantal about Gavin

30. You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift                           Alyssa to Jack at the beginning of Glass

31. Price Tag by Jessie J ft. B.O.B.                                      Alyssa to the Fae Fayre in Glass

32. Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson                               Jack

33. Pop That Lock by Adam Lambert                                  Alyssa to her court

34. Raise Your Glass by P!nk                                               Alyssa and her court

35. Transcendence by Lindsey Stirling                                Chantal

36. All Too Well by Taylor Swift                                        Alyssa to Jack after they stop speaking

37. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry                                       Jack to Alyssa, Fiver to Chantal

38. Can't Nobody by 2NE1                                                   Black Court

39. Where Have You Been by Rihanna                               Jack and Alyssa

40. Toy Soldier by Britney Spears                                       Alyssa's dream guy (aka Jack)

41. Calling All the Monsters by China Anne McClain       The Black Court

42. Without You by David Guetta ft Usher                         Alyssa and Jack, Chantal and Fiver, David and Sadie

43. SING by My Chemical Romance                                   Smoke to Alyssa and Jack

44. Hurry Up and Save Me by Tiffany Giardina                  Jack to Alyssa in Glass

45. High School Never Ends (Clean) by Bowling for Soup   Fiver

46. Eyes Open by Taylor Swift                                             Black Court

47. Ask the Lonely by Journey                                              Plays in Chantal's truck in Obsidian

48. You Make Me Feel... by Cobra Starship ft. Sabi             Alyssa and Jack, Chantal and Fiver

49. Moon Trance by Lindsey Stirling                                    Chantal

50. Russian Roulette by Rihanna                                            Metaphor for a future fight

51. Here to Stay by Christina Aguilera                                   Alyssa to Witch Queens after Julie's death

52. Deify by Disturbed                                                            Black Court to Witch Queens

53. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson      Alyssa

54. Trespassing by Adam Lambert                                         Black Court

55. Bang a Drum by Selena Gomez                                        Alyssa to Jack in Glass

56. Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson                                            Jack to Alyssa

57. Break by Three Dance Grace                                           Alyssa to Black Court

58. Breathe Into Me by Red                                                   Jack to Alyssa in Glass

59. Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal) by Fergie                        Alyssa to Jack after Julie's death

60. G4L by Rihanna                                                               Hattie

61. Hunger by Amaranthe                                                      Jack about his feelings for Alyssa and their destiny

62. Aftermath by Adam Lambert                                            Alyssa to Lily at the end of Obsidian

63. Burn It Down by Linkin Park                                           Jack to Lily

64. I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift                     Jack to Alyssa

65. Who Says by Selena Gomez                                            Alyssa to her court

66. Everybody Hurts by Avril Lavigne                                  Alyssa after Julie's death

67. Stand My Ground by Within Temptation                        Jack to Lily before he's freed in Glass

68. Electric Daisy by Lindsey Stirling                                   Chantal

69. Stand by Rascal Flatts                                                      The Black Court

70. I Love You by 2NE1                                                        Alyssa and Jack in Glass

71. The Other Side by Bruno Mars ft. Cee Lo Green            Black Court to Alyssa after she frees Fiver in Obsidian

72. She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) by David Guetta ft. Sia       Alyssa

73. Breath of Life by Florence + The Machine                       Jack to Alyssa

74. I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace         Lily to her parents

75. Die Young by Ke$ha                                                         Black Court

76. Where is the Edge by Within Temptation                         Smoke to Alyssa

77. The Boys by Girls' Generation                                          The Witch Queens

78. Haunted by Taylor Swift                                                   Harriet to Hattie

79. Diamonds by Rihanna                                                       Jack and Alyssa

80. Army of Me by Christina Aguilera                                   Alyssa to Witch Queens

81. Never Close Our Eyes by Adam Lambert                         Alyssa and Jack

82. Brave by Josh Groban                                                       Alyssa to Lily at end of Obsidian

83. Iris by Leona Lewis                                                           Jack to Alyssa

84. Queen Bee by Rochelle Diamante                                    Alyssa

85. People Like Us by Kelly Clarkson                                    Black Court

86. Mine by Kim Jae Joong (Hero)                                         Alyssa to Witch Queens

87. Some Nights (Clean) by Glee Cast                                   Black Court

88. Home by Three Days Grace                                             Jack to his parents

89. Don't You Worry Child by Sam Tsui                               Smoke to Alyssa

90. Rock Star by Prima J                                                         Alyssa

91. Forget You by Cee Lo Green                                            Alyssa to Jack when they stop speaking in Glass

92. Ultimate by Lindsey Lohan                                               Alyssa and Jack

93. Song of the Caged Bird by Lindsey Stirling                     Chantal and Fiver

94. Fearless by Taylor Swift                                                    Jack to Alyssa

95. Gotta be Somebody by Nickelback                                   Alyssa before Jack

96. Heart Attack by Demi Lovato                                           Jack after he meets Alyssa

97. As Long as You Love Me by Alex Goot                           Jack to Alyssa after he finds out she's Alice

98. Hard by Rihanna ft Jeezy                                                  Alyssa to the Witch Queens after Julie's death

99. The Game (Clean) by Disturbed                                        Jack to Lily

100. Courtesy Call by Thousand Foot Krutch                         Black Court to Witch Queens

101. Here's to Never Growing Up (Clean) by Avril Lavigne   Alyssa and Black Court

102. Hate You by 2NE1                                                            Everyone pretty much

103. Me Without You by Sam Tsui                                          Jack to Alyssa

104. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake                                           Jack and Alyssa

105. Ain't No Other Man by Christina Aguilera                      Alyssa to Jack

106. I My Me Mine by 4minute                                               Alyssa

107. Underneath by Adam Lambert                                         Jack to Alyssa

108. So Small by Carrie Underwood                                        Alyssa to Black Court during grocery shopping

109. What You Want by Evanescence                                      Alyssa to Black Court

110. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera                                        Alyssa to Black Court

111. Naturally by Selena Gomez                                              Alyssa to Jack

112. Rising Sun by TVXQ                                                        Fae Fayre before Alyssa

113. I'm Still Here by John Rzeznik                                         Alyssa

114. Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys                                               Alyssa after Julie's Death

115. My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson    Alyssa and Jack, Chantal and Fiver, David and Sadi

116. Indestructible by Disturbed                                               Alyssa

117. Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars            Some Fae Fayre parents to their kids

118. Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia                                       Alyssa

119. Play With Fire by Hilary Duff                                           Chantal to Fiver

120. If U Think that U Know Me by Orianthi                            Alyssa and Jack

121. Off the Chain by Selena Gomez                                        Alyssa and Jack, Chantal and Fiver

122. Firework by Katy Perry                                                     Alyssa to Black Court

123. Watch Me by Bella Thorne and Zendaya                          Alyssa

124. Riot by Three Days Grace                                                 Chapter 27 Theme

125. Rockstar 101 by Rihanna ft. Slash                                     Alyssa after Julie's Death

126. I'm Only Me when I'm with You by Taylor Swift             Alyssa and Jack, Chantal and Fiver, David and Sadi

127. Tell Me Something I Don't Know by Selena Gomez         Alyssa about her destiny

128. Elements by Lindsey Stirling                                             Chantal

129. Roads Untraveled by Linkin Park                                       Alyssa about Julie

130. Run Devil Run by Girls' Generation                                   Jack to Lily, Chantal to Gavin

131. Who's Laughing Now by Jessie J                                       Alyssa to the Witch Queens when she gets a court

132. Break Me Down by Red                                                     Jack to Alyssa in Glass

133. Sinead by Within Temptation                                             Alyssa to Lily at the end of Obsidian

134. Better than I Know Myself by Adam Lambert                   Jack to Alyssa

135. Monster by Skillet                                                               Jack

136. Damaged by Danity Kane                                                   Chantal to Fiver

137. Never Again by Disturbed                                                  Black Court to the Witch Queens

138. Warrior (Clean) by Ke$ha                                               Black Court

139. More (RedOne Remix) by Usher                                       What Darrin thinks everyone else thinks about him

140. I’m Not Afraid by Lacuna Coil                                          Black Court to their former Queens

141. The Baddest Female by CL (of 2NE1)                            Alyssa

142. Long Live by Taylor Swift                                                 Obsidian Theme

Honorable Mentions (First 17 secs)

143. Come N’ Go by Pitbull ft. Enrique Iglesias                       Darren

And to LA -- I chose Haunted because I think that when it comes down to it, Harriet wants to be with her sister. She just wants her twin back, and Hattie's letting the court politics tear them apart. That's what I understand about their relationship. Correct me if I'm wrong.


  1. I've added the song "Not Gonna Die Tonight" by Skillet. It represents the ending of Glass and Obsidian, with Jack and Alyssa refusing to give in, even though they almost die over and over.

  2. I have some suggestions for Once, but they're on my computer and not in my head so I don't remember them, lol. I'll make a list when I get home.

    I love the 3 things we learn from this blog, lol. Which is that you and I are broke and you apparently have too much time on your hands (which isn't true; your playlists help me more than you know).

    Star Warriors! I would make playlists for you...but I'm so NOT inspired that way for anything. I can come up with playlists for when I'm writing (usually based on suggestions from you or Megan, actually, lol) but I just can't seem to get into the head-space necessary to come up with playlists for other works. I don't know WHY!! =( It make me sad. I wanna reciprocate...I will think hard on how to accomplish this.

    I LOVE THE TWI-CHESS PLAYLIST!!!! Seriously, I went and got all the songs on the playlist (except the one by Pitbull) and used them while I was editing during that last stretch before publication. Seriously. And I had a few songs of my own that I listened to while I wrote, but now I've got all these songs I can listen to in order to get into people's heads. And it's REALLY helped me with writing/figuring out Jack and Lily's relationship, and Lily's relationship with her parents.

    In short, I appreciate you! And LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!