Friday, June 27, 2014

Bookmans Warehouse Sale Haul and June Wrap Up/July TBR (videos)

Hey Guys!

So I did forget to post about my last video, which was a haul!

Bookmans had a big sale at their Warehouse, which is were I used to shop for cheap clothes as a kid! It was crazy. There was no AC, and all these round tables with boxes on and underneath them. Each box was filled with books, and until you actually looked inside you had no clue what was there. Nothing was sorted, except that childrens and YA were on two or three tables with Shakespeare and other randomness. It was hot, crazy, and full of book, movies and cds. I didn't look at any of the cds, but the DVDs were $2 and you could fill a bag of books for $10. I spent about $50 and got all of this!

This video went live today. It's my June Wrap Up and July TBR. I may finish another comic or two before the official end of June, raising my book count, but I'll mention any change in my July Wrap Up.

Monday, June 23, 2014

For Ray

Here's the dress you wore for Halloween, that you can totally fit into. :)

Yup, Forgot Again (Videos and Updates)

Although I do have an excuse, I was travelling the whole last half of last week, and couldn't get to YouTube or tumblr. So there.

But I couldn't posted something.

Quick update of things: I've been writing in Glenn's Story some more. I need to go through and look at things because the whole first parts of the book have been from multiple perspectives, but where I'm at now that's not really practical, so I'm gonna go over it again before posting it on Figment. In case you don't know you can read Glenn's Story on Figment HERE!

So I'm still writing, but I really need to take things slowly. My hands have been getting worse, flaring up more often. Sometimes, especially while I was travelling, I wake up from my hand(s) bugging me and have to put on my brace. :(

My Week In Pics: I don't know if I'll continue them. I haven't been taking many pictures lately, mostly due to reading and being online a great deal. I guess I can, but there will be a break from it. Gonna admit, some of it is from backlash of certain person getting in my face about my life. I do share some of it on here, but my life is my business, and a lot of it I don't share. A whole lot of it stays between me and a very few people. In fact a good chunk of the pictures and even the videos I shoot are not shared at all and stay for just me.

But this blog will continue on, regardless of anything. I know only 1 person comments, and so long as she continues to do so, I will continue to post. Just like my videos. Sure, they don't reach a large audience. But so long as I have 1 subscriber who likes my videos I will continue to post. And yes, I'm well aware I have 25 lovely subscribers and I love and am very grateful for all of them. So the channel continues while I can post, this will continue so long as I can post.

I've done three videos since I last posted. Two went up while I was away from the computer (thanks to the awesomeness of YouTube), so not surprising I didn't post about them, and 1 went up 15 minutes ago.

This 1st vid is The Writer's Dream Tag. It kind deserves it's own post, but I don't wanna! >:D It's a tag all about writing and goals and dreams and whatnot. So check it!

This one went up while I was in Phoenix, locked away from YouTube, so it doesn't have many views since I couldn't share it in a timely manner. :/

It's a double review of two manga I truly love, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, and the Anne of Green Gables manga. Nura you can get here in the US, though they hadn't started publishing it when I started reading it, while Anne you can NOT get here. It's in Japanese ONLY. :(

Last video to go up is the BookTube Newbie Tag! I wasn't tagged, but hardly anyone is for this tag, since it's for newcomers to the community. I enjoyed doing it as I'm sharing what my goals and hopes are for this channel. LA Knight did it also, but I don't know when her's is going up. Normally we email each other while she's at work, but she's super busy today, so hardly any chat time.

So that's what's been going down lately. :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

My latest videos!

Once again, I apologize. I've been super lazy about this blog, with very little excuses beyond carpal tunnel. But my hand's better now, so onto the videos!!!

The first video is a haul! Memorial Day The Friends of the Library once again had their bag day sale. Instead of it being two days it was only one. And with the start of summer, and word getting around about this sale it was bigger than it has ever been! Me and Megan arrived before the doors opened and I could barely park, the line was so HUGE!

People were going crazy! One lady literally grabbed two whole bags worth within the first ten minutes! She just hogged this case and parked herself in front of it until she had as much as she wanted. -_- The worst part was her butt in the air while I tried to look around it.

I got less books than last month, but more movies. Out of the ones I've been able to see all of them work, but I can only hope. Anywho, here's everything! It's long, but I find hauls quite fun to watch, especially since everything was so cheap!

The next vid I did is the longest video I've ever posted! At 33 minutes it's a scream!!!! I had a ton of fun filming it! It's none other than The First Sentence Challenge created by kimberleyreads! Ray and I had a lot of fun, and although I thought I did terrible, I did pretty well. You'll have to watch to learn how I fared against Ray's score!

And Megan has ALSO done this challenge. Her vid's not going up for a while, but it WILL, I promise! :)

Onto the last video, the one that just went live! Told you I was catching up!

I filmed this RIGHT after The First Sentence Challenge. That's why I have raccoon eyes. It's a review about Life's A Witch by Brittany Geragotalis. I heard about this book from a video and decided to check it out. I originally fell in love with it and then...well, you'll have to watch to see! Although I enjoyed it a great deal more than Nevermore, which was the book I had read just before this one.

That's what I've recently uploaded! I'll continue to post a bit more about the BTS for each video on here, as well as continue my monthly favorites, and any writing for W.i.t.c.h. and poetry. I haven't worked on those in a while, but I still will, just going slow because of my hand. -_-

Later guys! <3 p="">

Saturday, June 14, 2014

#AYearAThon Wrap Up Videos

Hey guys!

So I've been lazy (what else is new?) and haven't posted for YOU guys what happened with #AYearAThon.

I finished books 2-8 of 1/2 Prince by Yu Wo. And the epilogue RUINED the series for me. SERIOUSLY, it's the WORST ending to a book I've EVER read! Feng Lan is WORSE TEN YEARS LATER than she is at the beginning! I don't mind who she ends up with, or the fact that the guys still fight every times they see each other (it's accurate to the characters and hilarious to boot), but SERIOUSLY. Making GUI get pregnant because she's LAZY!?! The random comments with NO explanation, the great plot point that's ignored!!! I'm done. I'm not touching anything else from the author, nor am I picking up Sequel, the companion novel to the series (much like Desert Tales for Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr).

And this is overlooking the gore of the final battle (seriously I was SO nauseous! DX ) and the random cruel malice that pops up in only one instance during the final battle from the MC. Nope. DONE.

Here's my video with a little more details that I didn't cover here:

But I still had two days of #AYearAThon left! I said in the video I decided to read Titan AE by Steve and Dal Perry, the novelization of the movie. I do like the movie, but I love the book. I thought of giving it to a friend, but nope, totally keeping it! Though she can TOTALLY borrow it, but it's mine! (We'll find another copy.)

So here's my full Wrap Up of the week with daily totals and a run down of my thoughts for Titan AE. Let me know, here or on YouTube if you want a full review of Titan AE!

Friday, June 6, 2014

My Week(s) in Pics ~5/23 - 6/6~

Hey guys!

IT'S FINALLY HERE! I know I promised this two weeks ago, but I've been so busy going out of town, #AYearAThon and other things, but enough chatter (or typing), and LET GET TO IT!!!

Went out shopping and look at my nice purse I got for rather cheap! It's a US Polo Association, the cheaper version of Ralph Lauren! Ross for the win! XD

The heat is HERE so ice cream is a big staple in my house. When it's 108 F outside, there's not much AC can do if you move. Don't move, you're okay. Move around doing chores or even just getting dressed, you boil. BTW, that IS what I'm typing on right now. My carpal tunnel is so bad that I can't use the computer for a solid 60 seconds with this pad propping my hand up.

Memorial Day was crazy awesome! I went to the Friends of the Library Bag Day Book Sale, and MAN it was CRAZY! They had more people there than any other in the history of the sale! I got 19 books, 18 VHS movies, and 1 CD. :D

And then in the evening I went to see Lindsey Stirling! :D

1. My camera SUCKS
2. This was the stage set up, just before the opener Dia Frampton/Archis came out.

Them ROCKING it! I LOVED it! Though the giant drum hurt the ears of the little girl that was sitting next to me. But even she enjoyed it, with her ears plugged.

And of course LINDSEY! You canNOT see her, but she started with Beyond the Veil, with the entire room flooded with smoke, dancing in front of a spot light. It was SO COOL!!! WAY better than when I saw her two years ago, let me tell you! BTW, this was a SOLD OUT show!

In 1 day I was featured by BookTubeNews TWICE on their tumblr! I was so humbled to be scrolling and see my videos reblogged for the rest of booktube to find! THANK YOU ElizzieBooks!

Also was added on Google+ by the hilarious and amazing LaToya Forever! Again, SUPER HONORED!!! She's so funny and, that day made my MONTH!

I was getting ready for #AYearAThon by Favorited the website where I'm currently reading it (while each picture loads I'm reading RIGHT NOW), and checking out the latest chapter on

And of course had to show my kitty being adorable! My dad was in the room, so Strider being so relaxed was just beyond cute and rare!

This pin has just EXPLODED! The comments is a debate on how accurate it is, which is just amusing and awesome to me. Already over 2100 repins as of yesterday! WOW!

Wearing Silly Socks for Jessica on 6/3, a friend of mine that passed away over 3 years from heart disease. Her greatest fear was being forgotten, so of course I had to honor her by wearing her favorite color, pink!

Went out shopping with my mom (excuse the distance, again, CAMERA SUCKS) today. That sweater is SO cute! Way too hot to wear it yet, but can't wait to wear the nail polish and use the moisturizer!

I was tagged to do the Handwriting Tag on Twitter. Follo me here to see posts about lots of things!

Again, it was a big post, but I told you I was on top of the pictures! Just not the posting... ^_^"

Now I need to get back to reading, as #AYearAThon still has a ways to go!

<3 p="">

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Monthly Favorites ~May 2014~ plus #AYearAThon June Announcement (video)

Hey guys!

Trying to beat the clock, so let's get into the favorites!


Batman: Night of the Owls
This is part of a series of comics, and it's actually the second one. I talked more about it and the books I read in my May Wrap Up/June TBR which will be up on Monday.


Despicable Me 2

I FINALLY SAW IT! SO adorable, I'm so glad I saw it! I still have it from the library, I have to watch it one more time!


Not sure if I put this already in a monthly favs, but this is the show that really won my heart this month! So cute, and can't wait for movie 2!


YouTube Channel:
He's so funny and quirky and adorable! You've got to watch him!

YouTube Channel:
She was 1 of the two youtubers who got me into BookTube, but I lost her channel until this month! Both of them have replied to me and been so sweet, despite being some of the biggest channels! Love them both!


Star Wars - The Hand of Sorrow (MMV)
Wow, this is SO powerful! After doing #AYearAThon, I had to see this! All Star Wars Fans should!

The Box - Simon's Cat
OMG, these videos are SO FUNNY! I reccomend them all, but start with this one, then move to his first! So like cats, just slightly exaggerated!


Petalfresh Botanicals Calming Facial Cleansing Wipes
OMG, these are my new favorite thing! While they're not the greatest for getting rid of stubborn waterproof mascara, they cleanse the face, and don't make my skin all tight and rough and stuff!


Seeing Lindsey Stirling in concert!
My week in pics will be up on Monday, so you can see everything else, but I saw her in concert! Because I have no video camera, I couldn't film, and I didn't have my cell on me, I had my mom's. This is the only pic worth seeing, but I'll still show the rest on Monday. Oh, and I spoke with and got an autograph from Dia Frampton, who was the opener (her group ROCKED!) and sang We Are Giants on Lindsey's album!


Ariana Grande - Problem
So, I watch WAY too much Disney Channel (helps with my depression), including the Radio Disney Music Awards, where she performed this live. And it was AWESOME! Got addicted, and literally listened to it like, 10 minutes ago,

Austin Mahone ft. Pitbull - Mmm Yeah
Austin performed this without Pitbull there too, and while I prefer that version, I couldn't stop listening to it either!

Idina Menzel - Let It Go (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
I also follow Oh My Disney! a blog by the company, and they featured a shorter version of this song. Again, HOOKED!

So those are my monthly faves! Totally failed, but I'm still posting it!

I also have a bonus - my last video! Friday I posted my announcement for #AYearAThon's June Read-A-Thon. I had a heck of a time trying to film this thing on my cell, so sorry if I come across a little angry, it was driving me nuts. I was also really tired and VERY hot. But here it is!