Saturday, June 14, 2014

#AYearAThon Wrap Up Videos

Hey guys!

So I've been lazy (what else is new?) and haven't posted for YOU guys what happened with #AYearAThon.

I finished books 2-8 of 1/2 Prince by Yu Wo. And the epilogue RUINED the series for me. SERIOUSLY, it's the WORST ending to a book I've EVER read! Feng Lan is WORSE TEN YEARS LATER than she is at the beginning! I don't mind who she ends up with, or the fact that the guys still fight every times they see each other (it's accurate to the characters and hilarious to boot), but SERIOUSLY. Making GUI get pregnant because she's LAZY!?! The random comments with NO explanation, the great plot point that's ignored!!! I'm done. I'm not touching anything else from the author, nor am I picking up Sequel, the companion novel to the series (much like Desert Tales for Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr).

And this is overlooking the gore of the final battle (seriously I was SO nauseous! DX ) and the random cruel malice that pops up in only one instance during the final battle from the MC. Nope. DONE.

Here's my video with a little more details that I didn't cover here:

But I still had two days of #AYearAThon left! I said in the video I decided to read Titan AE by Steve and Dal Perry, the novelization of the movie. I do like the movie, but I love the book. I thought of giving it to a friend, but nope, totally keeping it! Though she can TOTALLY borrow it, but it's mine! (We'll find another copy.)

So here's my full Wrap Up of the week with daily totals and a run down of my thoughts for Titan AE. Let me know, here or on YouTube if you want a full review of Titan AE!

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  1. I remember all the problems you had with 1/2 Prince's epilogue. I'm not reading the novels. I'll read the manga at some point but...meh.

    I want to read Titan AE tho because I remember liking the movie when I saw it as a kid (Planet Bob. Nuff said!).