Friday, June 27, 2014

Bookmans Warehouse Sale Haul and June Wrap Up/July TBR (videos)

Hey Guys!

So I did forget to post about my last video, which was a haul!

Bookmans had a big sale at their Warehouse, which is were I used to shop for cheap clothes as a kid! It was crazy. There was no AC, and all these round tables with boxes on and underneath them. Each box was filled with books, and until you actually looked inside you had no clue what was there. Nothing was sorted, except that childrens and YA were on two or three tables with Shakespeare and other randomness. It was hot, crazy, and full of book, movies and cds. I didn't look at any of the cds, but the DVDs were $2 and you could fill a bag of books for $10. I spent about $50 and got all of this!

This video went live today. It's my June Wrap Up and July TBR. I may finish another comic or two before the official end of June, raising my book count, but I'll mention any change in my July Wrap Up.

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  1. We started watching Titan AE! Didn't have a chance to finish it because we were all so tired, lol.

    Need to film my wrap up at some point...