Friday, June 6, 2014

My Week(s) in Pics ~5/23 - 6/6~

Hey guys!

IT'S FINALLY HERE! I know I promised this two weeks ago, but I've been so busy going out of town, #AYearAThon and other things, but enough chatter (or typing), and LET GET TO IT!!!

Went out shopping and look at my nice purse I got for rather cheap! It's a US Polo Association, the cheaper version of Ralph Lauren! Ross for the win! XD

The heat is HERE so ice cream is a big staple in my house. When it's 108 F outside, there's not much AC can do if you move. Don't move, you're okay. Move around doing chores or even just getting dressed, you boil. BTW, that IS what I'm typing on right now. My carpal tunnel is so bad that I can't use the computer for a solid 60 seconds with this pad propping my hand up.

Memorial Day was crazy awesome! I went to the Friends of the Library Bag Day Book Sale, and MAN it was CRAZY! They had more people there than any other in the history of the sale! I got 19 books, 18 VHS movies, and 1 CD. :D

And then in the evening I went to see Lindsey Stirling! :D

1. My camera SUCKS
2. This was the stage set up, just before the opener Dia Frampton/Archis came out.

Them ROCKING it! I LOVED it! Though the giant drum hurt the ears of the little girl that was sitting next to me. But even she enjoyed it, with her ears plugged.

And of course LINDSEY! You canNOT see her, but she started with Beyond the Veil, with the entire room flooded with smoke, dancing in front of a spot light. It was SO COOL!!! WAY better than when I saw her two years ago, let me tell you! BTW, this was a SOLD OUT show!

In 1 day I was featured by BookTubeNews TWICE on their tumblr! I was so humbled to be scrolling and see my videos reblogged for the rest of booktube to find! THANK YOU ElizzieBooks!

Also was added on Google+ by the hilarious and amazing LaToya Forever! Again, SUPER HONORED!!! She's so funny and, that day made my MONTH!

I was getting ready for #AYearAThon by Favorited the website where I'm currently reading it (while each picture loads I'm reading RIGHT NOW), and checking out the latest chapter on

And of course had to show my kitty being adorable! My dad was in the room, so Strider being so relaxed was just beyond cute and rare!

This pin has just EXPLODED! The comments is a debate on how accurate it is, which is just amusing and awesome to me. Already over 2100 repins as of yesterday! WOW!

Wearing Silly Socks for Jessica on 6/3, a friend of mine that passed away over 3 years from heart disease. Her greatest fear was being forgotten, so of course I had to honor her by wearing her favorite color, pink!

Went out shopping with my mom (excuse the distance, again, CAMERA SUCKS) today. That sweater is SO cute! Way too hot to wear it yet, but can't wait to wear the nail polish and use the moisturizer!

I was tagged to do the Handwriting Tag on Twitter. Follo me here to see posts about lots of things!

Again, it was a big post, but I told you I was on top of the pictures! Just not the posting... ^_^"

Now I need to get back to reading, as #AYearAThon still has a ways to go!

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  1. I saw you with that purse! :)

    We're eating a lot of popsicles and sherbert, man. Totally feeling the heat. Blegh.

    That day was NUTS!
    And that big mean grabby lady in front of the sci-fi/fantasy section was mean and grabby!

    GAH! Next time she's at the Rialto, unless I have to work or I'm dead, I'm going to see Lindsey. Chairs!

    What's BooktubeNews? That's so cool that they featured you!

    Who's LaToya? *excited* Beauty guru? Booktuber?

    Strider: I'm a sleeeepy cute thingie!

    HOLY SMOKES! 2100?!?!?! I don't think I have anything that popular...

    I forgot about the socks thing. Crap. But I talk to Jessica in my head all the time, so obviously I didn't forget her. :)

    OMG kitty sweater!!!

    ACK! Forgot to do the handwriting tag! Gah! Will do it tonight when I get home.