Monday, June 16, 2014

My latest videos!

Once again, I apologize. I've been super lazy about this blog, with very little excuses beyond carpal tunnel. But my hand's better now, so onto the videos!!!

The first video is a haul! Memorial Day The Friends of the Library once again had their bag day sale. Instead of it being two days it was only one. And with the start of summer, and word getting around about this sale it was bigger than it has ever been! Me and Megan arrived before the doors opened and I could barely park, the line was so HUGE!

People were going crazy! One lady literally grabbed two whole bags worth within the first ten minutes! She just hogged this case and parked herself in front of it until she had as much as she wanted. -_- The worst part was her butt in the air while I tried to look around it.

I got less books than last month, but more movies. Out of the ones I've been able to see all of them work, but I can only hope. Anywho, here's everything! It's long, but I find hauls quite fun to watch, especially since everything was so cheap!

The next vid I did is the longest video I've ever posted! At 33 minutes it's a scream!!!! I had a ton of fun filming it! It's none other than The First Sentence Challenge created by kimberleyreads! Ray and I had a lot of fun, and although I thought I did terrible, I did pretty well. You'll have to watch to learn how I fared against Ray's score!

And Megan has ALSO done this challenge. Her vid's not going up for a while, but it WILL, I promise! :)

Onto the last video, the one that just went live! Told you I was catching up!

I filmed this RIGHT after The First Sentence Challenge. That's why I have raccoon eyes. It's a review about Life's A Witch by Brittany Geragotalis. I heard about this book from a video and decided to check it out. I originally fell in love with it and then...well, you'll have to watch to see! Although I enjoyed it a great deal more than Nevermore, which was the book I had read just before this one.

That's what I've recently uploaded! I'll continue to post a bit more about the BTS for each video on here, as well as continue my monthly favorites, and any writing for W.i.t.c.h. and poetry. I haven't worked on those in a while, but I still will, just going slow because of my hand. -_-

Later guys! <3 p="">

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  1. I can't watch your videos yet! Booo! I haven't gotten my test call so I don't have vid privileges! Boo! If I'm caught watching a video at work, I'll get written up. :'(