Monday, June 23, 2014

Yup, Forgot Again (Videos and Updates)

Although I do have an excuse, I was travelling the whole last half of last week, and couldn't get to YouTube or tumblr. So there.

But I couldn't posted something.

Quick update of things: I've been writing in Glenn's Story some more. I need to go through and look at things because the whole first parts of the book have been from multiple perspectives, but where I'm at now that's not really practical, so I'm gonna go over it again before posting it on Figment. In case you don't know you can read Glenn's Story on Figment HERE!

So I'm still writing, but I really need to take things slowly. My hands have been getting worse, flaring up more often. Sometimes, especially while I was travelling, I wake up from my hand(s) bugging me and have to put on my brace. :(

My Week In Pics: I don't know if I'll continue them. I haven't been taking many pictures lately, mostly due to reading and being online a great deal. I guess I can, but there will be a break from it. Gonna admit, some of it is from backlash of certain person getting in my face about my life. I do share some of it on here, but my life is my business, and a lot of it I don't share. A whole lot of it stays between me and a very few people. In fact a good chunk of the pictures and even the videos I shoot are not shared at all and stay for just me.

But this blog will continue on, regardless of anything. I know only 1 person comments, and so long as she continues to do so, I will continue to post. Just like my videos. Sure, they don't reach a large audience. But so long as I have 1 subscriber who likes my videos I will continue to post. And yes, I'm well aware I have 25 lovely subscribers and I love and am very grateful for all of them. So the channel continues while I can post, this will continue so long as I can post.

I've done three videos since I last posted. Two went up while I was away from the computer (thanks to the awesomeness of YouTube), so not surprising I didn't post about them, and 1 went up 15 minutes ago.

This 1st vid is The Writer's Dream Tag. It kind deserves it's own post, but I don't wanna! >:D It's a tag all about writing and goals and dreams and whatnot. So check it!

This one went up while I was in Phoenix, locked away from YouTube, so it doesn't have many views since I couldn't share it in a timely manner. :/

It's a double review of two manga I truly love, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, and the Anne of Green Gables manga. Nura you can get here in the US, though they hadn't started publishing it when I started reading it, while Anne you can NOT get here. It's in Japanese ONLY. :(

Last video to go up is the BookTube Newbie Tag! I wasn't tagged, but hardly anyone is for this tag, since it's for newcomers to the community. I enjoyed doing it as I'm sharing what my goals and hopes are for this channel. LA Knight did it also, but I don't know when her's is going up. Normally we email each other while she's at work, but she's super busy today, so hardly any chat time.

So that's what's been going down lately. :)

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