Friday, May 31, 2013

My Week(s) in Pics

Hey guys!

Sorry for not doing this blog sooner, I had a couple things to do, and one more item to take a shot of. I never did get a pic of Menlo, my mom's now closed school, which I'm a little sad about, but whatev's. It just never happened.

But here's my past two weeks in pics!

Have you seen LA Knight's latest vid, her book review of Daniel Water's Generation Dead?
On our way to my mom's school, me and my brother stopped at Taco Bell and picked up some Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freezes. Boy, that was yummy!
This was my mom's door, decorated entirely by her kids! They won an award! Don't you think they deserved it? It's awesome!!!
I got this little bag for ten bucks at Forever 21! I love it! It's got studded ears! Now it holds all my makeup thingies in my purse!
Memorial Weekend, the Dillard's Clearance Warehouse was having a sale, everything 50% off! These $35 shoes were $6
These gorgeous $80 platform heels were only $14
And these $80 printed pants were only $14! My cousins all went at different times, and we all got amazing deals! I'm gonna head back some time this summer with Megan and LA in tow to get some deals!!!
I've been writing in this little guy every night since January 2nd! Want to know more about how it's helped me through bad times? Check my blog post here:
As I said, my mom's school has closed (You can see my mommy in this picture right above, relaxing). And yesterday, the last things to come home made it here. So now the house is STUFFED with her classroom materials. The computer room in particular is very full. Me and LA used to move my laptop in there so we could work together...but until my mom gets to the new school, we're just gonna have to work separately... :(
Along with my mom's stuff came these guys.
I'm obsessed...
Last pic, this is my outfit of the day! I'm wearing my new pants, with this cute shirt and a black tank.
That was my past two weeks. Told you it was busy!
What about you? Did you have a great Memorial Day? Or graduate from High School or College? Let me know!

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  1. So here we go with Lorien's blog, with the Week(s) in Pics! And you keep saying "what's his nuts," you know that, right? Lol...

    Oh, no pic of Menlo? =(

    You know that picture of me in the video isn't from the book review? That's from my Princesses vid, isn't it? Because I did my book review in front of your closet...though I look actually pretty good in that pic. Except my right arm looks fat, but my hands look so elegant! =D

    I kinda wanna try that Mt. Dew Freeze. I'm not a HUGE fan of Mt. Dew, but it looks yummy...

    OMG that door is so cute!! I love it! They did such a good job! Wow! I didn't realize at first that it was a door, and then I didn't think it was student work. It's so cute!

    I thought your little studded bag was new! I wondered. Is cute.

    Cute shoes! I'm reminded of Chantal in Obsidian. "Cute shoes, Alyssa!!"

    Those heels are ridiculously awesome. <3

    I like your pants! And your feet look cute and purple's a good color for you.

    Your thankful journal is a good idea. Maybe I should have Karl do that. Nancy used to do something similar with Jessica, except that she'd have Jessie talk about things she was thankful for before going to bed.

    Ack, working separately! ACK!

    But that is a LOT of crud in your computer room!

    Goldfishy goldfishy goldfish, num num num...

    That outfit is *cough* "totes adorbz!" *channeling Julie*

    On to other bloggies! Yes, I said bloggies! Heehee...