Friday, May 31, 2013

May Favorites

Wow! How this year has flown by! It is officially summer with May coming to an end. All the kiddies are out of school, and so are the college students. The heat is pounding southern Arizona, and the clearance sales are on at most stores! People are heading out for vacation, and I attempted to go swimming and succeeded in hurting myself.

Hurray for summer!!!! BOO for pain! ><

Anywho, I don't have a lot this month, as I've been mostly packing up my mom's classroom as her school has officially closed. But I did get out and about and have some favorites.

Okay, so I've been reading Bleach since it previewed in Jump magazine 6 or 7 years ago. But I stopped reading manga for a while, mostly because I've been reading it pretty steadily for years and years. But man, Bleach is the one manga that no matter what, I'm in love with! It's so well done, and is very clever. The twists happen all the time, and you never really expect them, which is a big thing for me, since I can watch most movie trailers and guess the entire plot (I'm usually right, too). But I just LOVE this manga!
OMG this MOVIE! So well done! I totally love it, and I love how they make something that's always so innocent, like a snowman, and make it so creepy and evil! Love this movie! Already watched it twice, and I'm probably gonna watch it a third time soon!!!
This pic may look familiar, because I'm in LOVE with this drink! It's the Cotton Candy Frap from Starbucks. The Starbucks I went to knew what this is! Bethany Mota created it. Basically it's Vanilla Bean Frap with a pump of Raspberry. And for those Mormon's and non-coffee drinkers out there, never fear! The Vanilla Bean Frap has no coffee in it, it's cream based! Very yummy!!!
This chicka is Kim Viera. She has an AMAZING voice! You gotta check out her Youtube Channel here:
CL - The Baddest Female
CL is the lead singer of 2NE1. She just released this first single, and I gotta tell you, I've listened to it over and over!
You can watch the video here:
This was hard, because I've been listening to album after album, and discovering song after song! But here's my top three!
Justin Timberlake - Mirrors
Okay, this is one of the coolest love songs EVER! The video is pretty awesome, but this song! I'm addicted, I gotta tell you!
Sam Tsui - Make It Up
I'm in love with this song. Well, the whole album, but this song in particular has been on repeat for me!
Demi Lovato - Warrior
Again, this album is absolutely AMAZING! Very well done! But this song! Helped me deal with my past, as well as the darker parts of Warrior. After working on a sad chap, I listened to this song, and it totally explains what Kana feels by the end. Brilliant, Demi!
That's my monthly favs! What songs, movies or books have you been obsessed with?


  1. BTW, I've also been loving Jessie J's Wild. It just came out, but I can assure you, I've listened to it a million times, just like CL's The Baddest Female (although I like CL's vid and I'm not really fond of Jessie's Wild vid)

  2. Ech, summer in Tucson. Death looms over the city. The Reaper is nigh...

    I had the same plot-predicting problem with Step Up, but I enjoyed it anyway. But Bleach is EPIC. I love Bleach. It just makes me sad that Byakuya is so badly hurt. And that Unohana's dead! MEH!!! I loved her! For my Bleach fanfic, I'm changing that, because that's dumb that she died.

    Oh, I haven't seen Imaginaerium yet...Love the music on the CD, though.

    I need to do my May favorites...

    The Cotton Candy Frap is tasty, but I like the strawberry one better. I love strawberry flavored stuff. So tasty. I'm actually using those frappuccinos in a fanfic because a guy asked a girl out to coffee and she's like, "I don't drink coffee...but Starbucks has these yummy frappuccinos..."

    Wow, that Kim Viera is PRETTY!

    That outfit CL's wearing in that picture is kinda scary...

    I *do* love Mirrors. I have it on my comp, I play it when I work on or read Once.

    What's Make It Up? Would it work for Once or no?

    I love Demi Lovato. I didn't think I would, but I do. She's got so many songs that I love. Warrior is nice, but I LOVE Nightingale.

    I need to do my faves. Bleh...I have so much crud I need to do. Next week is gonna be heavy on the work. No problem, I love working, but hopefully I'll have better luck concentrating.


    PS - What's "Wild?" Do you think I'd like it?