Friday, May 17, 2013

My Week in Photos ~5/10 - 5/17~

Hey guys!

So, this past week has been crazy for me! Edited Obsidian SUPER FAST, Mother's day, shopping, and lots of fun! Took some pics along the way, so here we go!!!

 I have no idea why it's sideways... but went shopping with my mom twice, and got these super cute shoes! I love them!!!
 For Mother's Day Dinner, mom wanted something she didn't have to cook or clean up. So daddy made his famous porkchops, and while me and Megan were putting the food away, the fork and porkchop got a little intimate. lol!
 We went shopping again on Monday, and I picked up this amazing palette "The Color Grid" by Profusion for only $5.99 at Ross! No damage (unlike most of their stuff)
 Along with these! OMG, the bikini balm TOTALLY works! And these makeup removal wipes were $2.99! Can't beat that!!!
 Last night, I checked out Kandee Johnson's latest vid, and this is the first thing you see if you pause it to let it load, like I do. LOL!
And don't forget to check out Amazon tonight, because Obsidian will be OUT! Along with a newer, cooler, version of Glass!!! Watch my Facebook and Twitter and I'll let you know when they go live, and you can order the Kindel versions! It'll take a little longer for the paperback versions to come out, but it'll only be a matter of time. I'll let you know about them also!
So that's what my week's been like!!!
How was your Mother's Day???

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  1. And we're back with cute shoes! Cute shoes, Alyssa! Meow! =^.^=

    The fork and porkchop got intimate? Oh, my!

    It's amazing that you got that palette for only 6 bucks! It's nice.

    WTF with Kandee? She looks so cute and silly. WHat's she doing? What's that vid for?

    Yay, Obsidian! And soon Bones will be done! I think I've only got 6 or 7 chapters left, so I could finish it the end of the summer. I just need a cover...if only someone could do a fractal key for me...

    Mother's Day was okay; I called my mom. I had to leave a message, but she enjoyed it.

    I love my mom. And you. And my mom's birthday was nice, too. We got Subway and Karl got my dad to go back out to get my mom's cake, lol...