Friday, May 10, 2013

My Week in Pics ~5/3- 5/10~

Hey Guys!

Sorry for not posting sooner, but I had a dinner planned and slept in...REALLY slept in!

But I've shot some pics, never fear!

The things I read for work!
Bethany Mota aka MacBarbie07 from Youtube has created a monster. This is the Cotton Candy Frappuccino, which is a Vanilla Bean with a pump of raspberry. OMG, it is SO good. Addicted! Especially since this week they have Frappuccino happy hour, where all fraps are 1/2 off from 3-5 PM!
I decided I needed some inspiration, so I'm rewatching this trilogy, the extended editions of course!
This is my new breakfast obsession: smoothies! Todays was particularly good!
At a business meeting at Starbucks, because they have free internet, and LA Knight's apartment doesn't have any. Oh, and there's the happy hour I told you about. Yup, we were there, during that time. This is LA's (the happy woman in the photo) frap, a strawberries and cream with the whipcream whipped in.

This is my favorite restaurant EVER! Mi Niditos, which means "my little nest" in Spanish, is THE best Mexican restaurant in the world! In fact, it was featured in "Man vs Food", it's that famous.
The picture below is my regular order, an order of ground beef tacos (3) with a side of beans. I usually drink Lemonade, if I haven't had too much sugar that day!
And while I writing this blog, my Relief Society President dropped by to give me this rose, randomly! Thanks!
That's my week! Have anything fun planned this weekend? I'm stuck moving boxes for my mom, but what about you? Let me know!

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  1. I love the Idiots' Guides and Dummy books. They're so helpful. Whoever started those series deserve hugs.

    That thing *does* taste like cotton candy!

    Wow, you're rewatching the entire trilogy? I remember when I was working on...omg, what was it? It was before I moved out of my parents' house. But I was listening to the trilogy over and over in the background while working on some fantasy thing.

    That frappaccino is yummy. The strawberry one? Yum. <3

    I *love* Mi Niditos tacos! YUMMY!! Your dad's are just as good, too.

    Oh, cool, she brought you a rose. That's so nice.

    My week? I've pretty much been catonic from allergies or working on Obsidian, lol. Or doing housework for my mom. <3