Thursday, July 18, 2013

MySpace Update

Hey ya'll!

Another update, I know, but this one has good news and bad news. Mostly bad news, I guess.

First Bad News: No, I don't have my background and latest writing just yet. My friend is quite busy (wish I knew the feeling) and is doing what he can when he can. So nothing yet, please bear with me, I'm anxious too, but my friend didn't have to do all this for free, and he did.

Second Bad News: MySpace no longer offers blogs on their site. They are all about music, so while I can do some things on there, my links in my table of contents are dead and have been removed. The extension of what I can do, I'm not certain yet, but I hope we can discover it together because--

Third Good News: I'm back on MySpace!!!! YAY! I *love* that site, always have. Being able to customize it, like this site, is awesome and I've always loved it. That's why I've maintained one profile, even if not my personal one. Excited to see how it pans out.

So please join me on MySpace, I promise I won't bite. Maybe I'll update it with special things like I do with Twitter!

Here's where you can find me on lots of sites!


Love ya'll!

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  1. I follows you on Twitter, Youtube, and DA! Because I love you and you're amazing! Huggles me! I huggles you with my brain!

    And yes, Chris is amazing. Gotta love him. And huggles him too. =)