Friday, July 5, 2013

My Week in Pics ~6/29 - 7/5~

Hey guys!

So this has been pretty dang awesome for me. I've been with my girls three days in a row so far, and I'm gonna see them twice more! And it was the 4th of July!

I celebrated it first with my family by seeing "The Lone Ranger" which was AWESOME btw! Then I got my girls and we chilled, then dinner was pretty great, followed by taking Megan to see her first fireworks show EVER! That was so fun!

Took a bunch of pics along the way, as well as found some that I forgot to post about my friend's wedding! Those will be first, then this week!!

Blake's and Eva's wedding was super sweet! And look at that cake!!!
Angel goes wherever she wants. Her tail kept closing the stuff my dad was watching. She's just too funny! =^.^=
I've only seen this like, 4 times. EVER. Had to watch it again. Such a good movie!
The monsoon came in. So my hair frizzed out. :/
I love when Marie Calendar's Pies go on sale!!!
I had a visitor in my room when I came back with my girls
What we went to see :)
Got this top at H&M's $4 sale! It was $7, but still a great price!!!
Ravyn waiting for the fireworks to start! Neither of us had watched a fireworks show since we were young teenagers!
It was Megan's first time ever! She got to be a kid for a night, and it was wonderful!
That light-up sword was awesome!

Ravyn knighting Megan with her sword :D
I had a great week, and it's not quite over!
What did you do for the 4th?
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  1. I'm sort of interested in The Lone Ranger, but there are things I want to see more. Warm Bodies, Thor 2, Star Trek, Hobbit...not necessarily in that order.

    That's a nice invitation. Mine never came. I felt bad when you called because I was like, "The wedding is TODAY?!?!" *sigh*

    OMG the cake-topper is totes adorable!

    Angel goes where she wants cuz she's a honey badger, and honey badger DON'T CARE! Lol.

    I love Hunchback. Apparently it's criticized a lot now for being "too dark for children" which is silly. And Esmerelda is considered an ideal female role model for little girls (above people like Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana) because she uses her sexuality as a weapon. I read that in an article. *face-palm*

    I love that face you're making in the frizz-hair pic.

    That pie looks good. Is that banana cream?

    Awwww, it's a potato! You know it's kinda funny because that kitten in the basket in that picture on your wall is orange and white too. So what would've been cool is if Mighty and your cat pillow were in the shot along with that little pic, because they're all orange and white kitties.

    That's an awesome shirt (and I was the only person who saw the mermaid! They said I was mad...mad! Well who's mad NOW!? AH-hahahahaha!).

    I so look 190 pounds in that pic. Gotta dance more!

    Megan's light-up sword is AWESOME!!! And yay, you posted the pic of me knighting her! Awesome!

    What did I do for the 4th? I was with you! Lol.