Friday, July 19, 2013

My Weeks in Pics ~7/6 - 7/19~

Hey guys!

Got some pics off my phone thanks to Megan. Only one is from the past week, as there's only been bad news all week.

Love this H&M bag. I used it while cleaning to hold stuff. Very sad to recycle it
I love getting messages and responses from Youtubers!
My dead laptop. The baggy's holding the screws that were taken out when my friend checked to see what was wrong. The motherboard fried, and it can't be replaced in a laptop without paying a ton of money.
My mom's discovered Walgreens' clearance sections. Found some awesome stuff for amazing prices!!!
But this turtle pen wasn't on clearance. My mom wanted to get me one because her teddybear one made me laugh after I realized my computer was either really dead or dead for a long time until we could fix it.
And that's why! I love him so much!!!
Talia Castello aka TaliaJoy18 on Youtube passed away Tuesday. Very sad to hear that news. She was so upbeat and fought cancer since she was 7 years old
That's my passed two weeks! What's new in your life? Hope you're having better luck than me.
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1 comment:

  1. Oh, that bag is COOL looking!

    Love it when people respond to me when I talk to them. Excitment!

    RIP, Laptop. Hopefully your successor will learn how to buckle down and suck it up, because we will be working it hard!
    that sounded just a touch wrong...

    Silken Mist sounds cool, then I realized they were pantyhose...*face-palm*

    Awww! The froggy's eyeballs go POP!

    I'm sad that Talia's passed away, but that was pretty cool of her to tell Ellen the whole "Just keep swimming," considering who Dory's voice actress was.