Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shine (Poem)


Definitely a poetry mood.

I must say, I really enjoy it. I rarely have any idea what I'm going to write about when I decide to write a poem. I just put my emotions down. Sometimes that means I write something really sad, or angry. Usually it's something spiritual, whether I'm mad about my life, feeling lost, or praising God.

I don't like explaining my poems, because often I can't. I don't know where the words come from, but it's like their inside all the time, and when I can't hammer the words into a story (like right now), I take a deep breath, open a blank document, and just write. I make a new line when I feel there should be one; same with the stanzas. I don't follow any rules or flow, and no, my poems rarely rhyme. Actually, I don't think I've EVER made one rhyme unless it was assigned by a teacher. Those ones always suck.

Well, enough about poetry, except to tell you that I'll probably write another one tonight, followed by a chap of W.i.t.c.h. (maybe, it depends if the words work with me).


I’m afraid your attempts failed

I’ve screamed
I’ve cried
I wanted to walk away
From it all

But I didn’t

I’m still here
Standing tall
My sword is long
For you

The pain almost undoes me
The stench of fear clouds me
I panic
I balk
But I hold my ground

The ground falls away
And chasm beneath me
Its maw stretched
Ready to swallow me

I grasp the crumbling soil
Holding onto

What am I holding onto?

No future
Unacknowledged past
All talent
No strength

The whispers and lies
Circling like vultures
Scenting my blood
Hounding me
Waiting to strike

But then I remember
My name
My title
My future

Is it uncertain?


I know who I am
What I’ve done
And what I’m striving for

I’ll get there
Even if I don’t know the way
Or where I’m going exactly
Or who I’ll be with

I’ll get there
So step back
And watch me shine

1 comment:

  1. And here I am with "Shine."

    "I just put my emotions down."
    I know you don't like this movie, but that makes me think of the lesson on writing poetry that the teacher gives in Dead Poets' Society. He has a student who didn't write his poetry assignment because he's basically like, "I can't write a poem," and so the teacher teaches him how to basically just spill his emotions, which is basically how you write a poem. And that's great, because a lot of the best poetry is free-form like yours, and is just emotion. And I like that.


    I'd like to see you write a rhyming poem, just to see how it sounds.
    I used to be able to churn out sonnets in iambic pentameter when I was in high school, but now I'm out of practice.

    Man, I'm hungry.
    Can't wait for tacos.
    Just felt like sharing. You know I can be random sometimes.

    Anywho, what was I saying? Ah! As I said before, some of the best poems I've ever read or heard are free-form and don't necessarily rhyme. Like the guy who plays Theo on The Cosby Show! I saw him do a poem on a live broadcast of this poetry night or something that my dad was watching and it was the coolest thing! I wish I remembered how it went, but it was at least 10 years ago...

    I should have Nuada write Dylan poetry. In Celtic Ireland, a man wasn't considered a man if he couldn't write poetry. Hmmm...

    "I'm afraid your attempts failed."
    I see you saying this in a sweet, eff-you voice to your enemies.

    "But I didn't"
    Because you're brave.
    Just thought I should mention that.

    You used the words "thirsting" and "balk" in a poem.
    I love you.
    More than I normally do, I mean.

    And then you talk about the maws of chasms stretching and wonder why I think you're so amazing! Why do you wonder? It's like you don't even see your own brilliance, and I let you wallow in ignorance instead of shoving you in front of a mirror. Why don't I shove you in front of mirror?

    "No future"
    Psht. You have one.
    It's just taking its sweet time getting here.
    Stupid future.
    Live in the moment!

    "All talent
    No strength"
    Yeah, whatevs
    Don't make me poke your muscles
    Both physical and emotional

    "The whispers and lies
    Circling like vultures
    Scenting my blood"
    This is beautifully written and beautifully expressed.
    Your poetry is amazing.
    Just saying.

    "So step back
    And watch me shine"
    I do. All the time. I just put on my shades and watch the fireworks.

    Love you!