Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Week in Pics ~10/13 - 10/19~

YES! I am BACK! And I've remembered to snap some pics!

(Don't mind the blurry one, I only had a few secs, and I had the camera on the wrong setting...)

Here's what I've been up to this week, after getting (mostly) over my cold/flu/whatever illness!

My Thankful Journal is officially FULL! I now have a new one, that's a little bigger, but is still small and blue
Here it is (this is really close, didn't want to put it on the floor. Yes, I'm that lazy :)
It always makes my day when a youtuber with millions of subcribers replies to me. And Kandee's awesome! Proud to be a fan!
On the same day, an answer I left on Yahoo! Answers was favorited! It told me to brag, so I am :)
While running some errands I decided to buy a Pumpkin Spice Frap. First of all, it has coffee, and I don't drink coffee. I turn into a four year old who can't stop talking or moving (it's scarily hilarious). And then it gives me a two day migrain. Boo.
Second, it was just plain nasty. Waste of 4 dollars :(
But the four dollars I spent on these wasn't wasted! Both compliment my skin tone very nicely, and blend very well. And they have lasting power, not coming off completely when I scrubbed and ran my hand under the water. Yay!
To get the nasty taste of bad coffee out of my mouth, I ate these. The whole thing. Only a dollar, and they're so good! Not as strong as Nutella, but the filling complimented the cookie quite well!
Yeah, I watch too much Food Network and Cooking Channel...
Wednesday was my Bro's birthday, and we celebrated tonight! My mom made her amazing steaks, and this was the leftovers, which will probably be gone by the time I wake up tomorrow...
Happy Birthday David!
(Don't mind the blurriness, the camera was on the wrong setting...)
Not a bad cake (though I make them better, but I've been sick, soooo) and the ice cream was delicious. Yeah, my diet went out the window today.
That was my week! Oh, and Happy Birthday again to my cousin Jennifer! She's a new mommy with twins!
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  1. And now for your week in pics!

    Your Thankful Journal is full? Really? Cool. The new one is so nice. I love the little slip-latch thing holding it closed.

    Wow! Kandee wrote back to you? COOL! That's like me when Lia Habel liked my review of her book. =D

    What's a grimp?
    Yay, your answer got favorited.

    Oh, boo - the pumpkin frap has coffee? Icky. Me sorry.

    New makeup for Lorien! YAY!

    No such thing as too much Cooking Channel for someone who likes food. Which you and I do.

    Happy birthday to David! I must tell him when he wakes up. And diets are allowed to be suspended for birthdays. Even my mom says so, and you know how she is about dieting.

    Happy birthday to Lorien's cousin Jennifer, too! *hug*

    Yay, now just gotta do the WITCH chapter! *squeal of excitement* WITCH! EEEEEK!