Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Week(s) in Pics ~5/3 - 5/23~

Another thing I haven't posted in My Weeks in Pics! I'm sorry guys! Weekends are officially hectic, except for Sunday evenings, but as I've stated a million times, I don't post anything, ANYTHING, to do with work on Sundays. I don't write, edit, film, post, reply to comments, blog, nada that day. I never have, and never will. Sundays are special from midnight to midnight. I even limit what I watch, read, and listen to.

With that said, I do have quite a few pictures, so LETS GET STARTED!!!

First let's talk about something from APRIL! I couldn't find these pictures for the longest time! This is when me and David were at the County Fair at the end of April. We only rode two rides because the lines were HUGE, but it was still fun. Although a dude randomly screaming at this crying girl was hard to see. What a dick. Anywho, this first pic is of the swings I wanted to ride, but we couldn't fit it in. The next was G Force, the first ride we went on. I screamed pretty much the whole time. It was a blast. (Sorry for the blurriness, I only had my cell, which, as you can see, SUCKS at pics)

Chriselle Lim followed me on twitter! OMG, I fangirled so much! She's a pro stylist, works with huge brands, wears designer brands, even went to fashion week more than once! And she (or her team, same thing!) followed little old me! XD
*fangirling again*

This is why I read, and why I love it so much that I not only do videos about it, but write too! :D

Angel was behind my dad, so she was in heaven. Although sometimes if I so much as look at her, she flips out. It's rather hilarious.

FINALLY got some new shoes! My old ones had holes! I'm currently wearing them, and they're SO comfy! Just over $30 for Sketchers. Not bad, eh? Ross! The facial wash is nice, and those wipes! LOVE them! Cleanse and hydrate all at once!

I always have to save when big YouTubers, such as the amazing Michelle Phan reply to me! In case you don't know, Michelle has done so much in her life, and just got an honorary degree from her college a few weeks ago, and she thanks me for congratulating her. Trust me, she deserves the congrats for everything she's done. I totally look up to her!

jessethereader, one of the biggest BookTubers also replied to me! I subscribed, watched this vid, answered his question, and he replied in less than 5 minutes! Wow! #Honored

Cassandra Clare answered fan questions about her upcoming novel, City of Heavenly Fire. My bestie, Ray asked a serious question, and got a serious reply! This is just part of the huge answer Cassandra answered. While I'm not a fan of the last three of her Mortal Instruments Series, it can't be said she doesn't take her fans seriously, and doesn't serious think out her characters. Check here to see the whole interview.

My twitter is on fire lately! BookTubers have replied, favorited, and WhittyNoves--witney! on Twitter--even subscribed! In 1 week I gained 4 subscribers, and just today another one. If I sound like I'm bragging, I'm sorry, because I'm not. I'm honored by every view, favorite, reply and subscriber. I'm posting this as a giant THANK YOU! I love you guys! Thanks so much!

That was my past few weeks! I've got a haul coming up tonight, so subscribe to my YouTube to see them on time, and even more awesomeness has happened in the past few days.

Love you guys! Have a great week!

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  1. Your week in pics!

    Nada that day? Lol!

    Dude, that guy IS a dick. Boo. But whoo, bright shiny light-up thingies! I think I've been on the G-Force. That's the one that spins you around so you're pressed up to the wall, right?

    OMG I'm not even into beauty gurus that much but OMG that's so COOL!

    I love that pin. :D

    Angel is a silly cat. *cuddles Angel from afar*
    Speaking of silly cats, today I sneezed and Eve got so scared, lol.

    I love the word comfy. I don't know why...so yay for comfy shoes!

    And Michelle Phan is talking to you on Twitter, too! Jeez, someone is popular! And Jessethereader, too! He's funny...

    OMG why did you post Cassandra Clare's response? I sound so mean in my question, aaahhhh...

    Yay for Twitter subscribers. Is okay to brag. Is exciting!