Sunday, May 4, 2014

UNfavorite Beauty Products

Hey guys.

I know I normally talk about my life, my writing, or what I'm reading, but deep down, I'm a beauty junkie. I follow more beauty YouTubers than anything except musicians, and I'm constantly staring at the beauty section, NOT the book section (most of the biggest books I loathe, okay?). And while I'm totally broke and can't afford either of these passions, I buy a new beauty product every few months.

And the past months have been BAD buys!

These are the products I can't stand. After using one for the last time, and getting to throw it out with another I tossed this morning, I just felt the need to share. To my girlfriends who actually use products--DON'T GET THESE!


Almay's Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
This stuff is HORRIBLE! GENTLE MY ASS! My eyes are still burning, and it's already been 30+ minutes! I'm finally done with it, because it was all I had, other than using face cleanser...on my eyes. And with this, yes, I had to do that to GET IT OFF! Oh it BURNED!!! GAH! So angry. And guess what? It NEVER got my waterproof mascara off, NEVER! Oh man. Can't wait for my eyes to heal....


Maybelline New York FIT ME Blush
This stuff does NOT work. It has so little color, and didn't stay more than 30 seconds. By the time I finished my eyes, it was gone! ELF's SO much better! I haven't tried their Dream Bounce, that's the one I heard about. But no one talks about drug store blush. Don't bother with this one, it just doesn't show up!


CoverGirl Clean Oil Control Foundation
I got this foundation on a recommendation by none other than MissGlamourazzi, Ingrid herself, and it SUCKS! I don't know what she was thinking, this stuff slides right off my face almost instantly! So terrible, I can't stand it. I still have it, because I can't just go out and buy the one I want, I have to use this for a while. I need new shoes (they've got HOLES!), so I'm just gonna keep glaring at it. -_-


CoverGirl LashBlastVolume Waterproof Mascara
This isn't a recent buy. This was the 2nd mascara I ever bought, the first being Maybelline New York's Great Lash (perfect for a teen just starting out; Maybelline's got the best mascara all around!). This is TRASH! People over look the biggest issue out there: you can't get this off. You. Can't. Get. It. Off. PERIOD. Three days later? Oh, it's still there! There's no makeup remover strong enough that I've ever found. People kinda mention it as a secondary problem, like, "It's wonderful and really makes your lashes look good. It does clump, and it's a bit tricky to remove, but--"
"bit tricky"? MORE LIKE IMPOSSIBLE! It stuck my lashes together, then dried out over days, BREAKING MY LASHES, or just PULLING THEM OUT ENTIRELY! I had bald spots. BALD SPOTS ON MY EYE LASHES!!! Come on, this is isn't just a little problem! And if you're thinking I was using the Almay makeup remover, think again. Estee Lauder. Clinique. Baby Oil. I used everything in our house that I could, and IT DIDN'T TOUCH IT! WORST makeup product I've ever used. Instead of doing nothing, or barely working, it ripped my lashes apart! And yet people still love it! It's crap people! CRAP! Go to L'Oreal, Maybelline, hell, even ELF first!

Those are the makeup products I just HAD to rant about! I know, very different from the normal routine, but I had to share.

Now if you'll excuse, I need to cry so my right eye stops burning!

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  1. OMG "gentle my ass." You're funny. But I share your outrage! Boo on non-gentle makeup! And it didn't get your mascara off? Boo...

    Is that blush the one you showed me where you had to rub it on for like a minute before there was anything but shine on your skin?

    The foundation deserves your wrath. Glare as you like. I support you. *glares too*

    Makeup makes you angry...I'm glad I called you when I was buying my stuff. Altho stupid foundation, I didn't realize "Classic Ivory" came in levels! Boo. *head-desk* I still have to tell my mom...I think I'll do that now, while I'm thinking about it.