Friday, April 12, 2013

My Week's Pic! ~4/5 - 4/12~

Hey Ya'll!

So, as you may have heard, I'm working on the final draft of Obsidian!!! YAY! Finally! And when it launches, so will an updated version of Glass! WHOO HOO! *insert stupid crazy happy dance*

What this means is I'm gonna be busy (which is why I didn't know it was Friday, and instead of being happy, was like "WHERE'D THE WEEK GO!?!"), but I managed to snap some pics for you!

Yes, you're seeing that right. My patches came in! Now I'm waiting on the studs, and must eventually order in a Military Branch Tape and Name Tape, which will mark this as MINE! MWAHAHAHA!
I know you've already seen this outfit that I *love*, but Bethany aka MacBarbie07 wanted to know our fav spring outfits, and this is mine! :) Just need some cute brown flats...
Onto yesterday's Outfit of the Day. You can tell I'm currently living in the country, can't you?
Made a smoothie this morning. Had trouble mixing it together. So I banged the bottom on the counter. Never doing that again.
Well, that was my week in pics! Hope your week was as eventful as mine!

1 comment:

  1. So here's the comment for your week in pics!! Woot-woot!

    Yes, hopefully the final draft of Obsidian! And an updated version of Glass, woot! I wanna see this happy dance. ;D

    You didn't know it was Friday? Jeez, sometimes I've done that, and it's like, "Da heck?! Where DID the week go?"

    Yay, pictures!

    Your jacket will be AWESOME! And personalized, which makes it MORE awesome!!

    I *do love that shirt, actually. Like, a lot. And how you're just kinda poking the camera with one finger on the top. You look so cute. =)

    Is Bethany the teenager whose vlog you showe me? (I almost wrote shoed - is that a word?)

    I love the jacket you're wearing in the 2nd pic. =) And the boots. that a crack in the bottom of the mixer thing?!?! (O.O) Eeeek!

    My week was eventful. I'm in better shape than I thought because I managed to go through 6 songs on my first work-out. Back when I weighed 230 and I tried to work out, I couldn't even do 2 songs. So yay me!