Friday, April 26, 2013

My Week in Photos ~4/22 - 4/25~

Hey Guys!

Pretty awesome week, this week! Finished my big edit of Obsidian, so that should be available very soon. Also got a dresser and my studs came in, so I've been DIYing!!!

Here's some pics from this week!

New Dresser!!!! Got it from a neighbor for FREE!
Yes, I know the stupid drawers don't match, we're working on fixing that...when we have the mulla to fix it
So these shorts are TOTALLY DIY! They were super cheap pants from a thrift store that I cute and then shredded the edges. Then I used my gold pyramid studs on the back pockets and one of the front pockets, as you can see. I love them! Totally wearing them tonight at the county fair! <3
This is seriously one of my favorite snacks EVER!
My mom does this recipe where she takes three or four of these, three boxes of sugar-free orange jello and some mandarin oranges and makes this AMAZING orange jello! Oh, it's so good! ^^ But I also love most of the Yoplait light yogurts, especially the desserts!
So that's my week! I got a fun weekend planned, what about you???

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  1. We will fix the dresser! Sand it, paint it, it will be epic! Are you gonna use pastel paint on the drawers, or Day-Glo, or what? Wouldn't it be neat if your drawers glowed in the dark? I think that would be neat. *nods*

    Am I crazy?

    Your shorts look...sigh, I will use this word for you just this once...your pants look amaze-balls.

    Yogurt...yogurt...cherry yogurt...
    I will forever be grateful to your mom for that recipe, because mine is based off hers, and my jello is actually requested at family events. So...yeah. Awesome.

    I will see you tomorrow, hehehe...and chop off all your hair! So there, Rapunzel!