Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fair Time!!!

Hey guys!

I don't know if you noticed, but I've been super stressed lately. I felt like I was everyone's monkey without any help for myself - seriously, asking for something like deodorant usually led to tears, since I'm not making any money and we're not doing well - so it really was super nice of LA's mom to buy me a haircut and my sister Megan taking me to fair.

So my Saturday was SUPER AWESOME! And my sis took a ton of photos there (they're pretty bad quality because we don't own a nice camera between us, and she only had her phone, as it was just the two of us, and we couldn't leave our stuff on things like the Zipper).

Here's the photos from that awesome day/night!

My new haircut! Big thanks to Mrs. Martyn-Dow!!!
The Zipper. Only the second time I went on it, and I'm NEVER going again.
Funny Fact: I thought my sunglasses were falling out of my pocket (they weren't) so I yanked them out, right as we went upside down. >< Bad idea. But because I had done it, when Megan's phone went flying, I was able to grab it right as it hit my lap, and hold onto it when we flipped upside down again. :D
Yes, I'm that badass :D
First and last ride of the night - Cliff Hangers! It's like hang gliding. Totally got me through the jitters so that by the end me and Megan were having fun instead of feeling nauseating, which has happened before. And it was great to wind down with, after all the crazy ride's we'd been on!
This blurry lit up thingy is G-Force, the other super scary ride of the night. Both Megan and my bother, who rode it last year, almost passed out, it was so intense! It was super short, but it was SO fun and felt like an eternity. I loved it! I would've gone again, but Megan felt so lightheaded after.
Seriously, this is our FAVORITE ride, EVER! It's called the Krazy Kooster, and it's not very fast, really fun, and doesn't go upside down. Anyone can go on it, and you can take all your stuff without having to shove it in your bra, like we did on Zipper.
Last of the rides we went on, this is Cyclone. It's like the Tea Cups at Disneyland, except you are actually in the air, and being spun around. Depending on your stamina and strength, depends on how fast you can go. It was so fun, and a great workout for an otherwise relaxing night. I've always like it!
Onto a ride we wanted to go onto, but couldn't afford the tickets (we really should've gotten wristbands, we would've been able to go on this, and would've spent less than we did!). This is the swings, which is totally fun!
This is the ride my brother regrets going on, and me and Megan REFUSE to ride. It's called Evolution, and you're in a spinning discus which moves around, and eventually holds you upside down...for, like, 30 secs. It's safe (there are 3 things holding you in place, the typical chest thingy, one across your lap, and a cage that covers your entire body, except your head), but STILL.
Onto stuff we wished we could buy!
This Pikachu is SO HUGE! And super cute!
Megan LOVED these guys like a LOT. Don't they look like baby Melvin from Madagascar 2???
Aren't these sock monkeys super cute! I wish they had little ones, because I would've begged Megan to let me win one!!!
Final pics of the night! Megan in front of the Ferris Wheel, which we didn't go on! Sorry for the horrendous quality. I was mad when I saw how bad this looks!
And there's me...mostly.
That was my evening! Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

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  1. Yes, dear, I have noticed you’ve been stressed. *hug*

    If you ever need anything like deodorant or shampoo or something, we can get it for you if you really need it, okay? I’ve been there before, when my dad wouldn’t buy me shampoo and it got to the point that I was miserable, and Julie bought me shampoo. So don’t hesitate to ask.

    The hair looks great! And so does that shirt. <3

    You *are* bad-@$$, dear. I knew that. But I am NEVER going on that thing. EVER.

    Ooooh, pretty lights. But y’all are still crazy. You remind me of the girl in Divergent. She does zip-lining and stuff that they’d normally do at fairs, and I’m like, “Yeah, it sounds like fun when you read or hear about it, but it’s not. It’s scary. Cuz I’m a coward. Eeep.” You’re so brave.

    Okay, I might try the G-force, just to see if I’d pass out (or nearly).

    Wait, Megan’s phone was in her bra on the Zipper? It fell out of her bra?!

    Oh, jeez, I could not DO this! The rides are so SCARY!!

    Wait, why won’t you go on Evolution? Because it flips you upside down? Didn’t the Zipper do that?

    That is a HUGE Pikachu!! O.O

    Awwww! I love the stuffed animals, especially the sock-monkeys! <3

    Wow, Megan really has no face. I can see your face, tho. You look great in that shirt! It’s so pretty.

    I had an okay weekend, especially at Culver’s. Almost fainting wasn’t fun, but the rest of it was. <3

    Love you!