Friday, April 5, 2013

My Week(s) in Photos!

Hey guys!!!

Sorry I haven't posted anything, but my life's been in full throttle for a while, which was nice, but I couldn't post anything because I didn't have the time!! So I have a LOT of pics for ya'll! Most are from Easter and mine and Megan's Birthdays (we celebrate them together because hers is literally the day after mine) so I hope you enjoy them!

I had an unexpected bed guest! He's so cute when he's sleeping!!!
At 10 PM, the pic for Google changes, and on 3/26 it changed to this! I was confused until I moved my mouse over it! <3
Yes, this was my birthday breakfast. It was my birthday, I could eat what I wanted to!
Mine and Megan's B-Day gift from Ray! Mine was the middle, Megan to the right and Ray's to the left! That was all we got there because my daddy made TACOS! Homemade tacos from my dad are the BEST!!!
Ray decided to give me a birthday hug!
Look what we bought!!! It's a special edition too!
These are my fav flats! They were $10 at Ross!
Strider didn't appreciate his hug! lol, I look like Elmyra from Tiny Toons! I even have the teal dress and red hair!
Megan's had back problems for a while now, but my dad knows how to fix it! She's grinning for the first time in a while because she was pain free!!!
Mighty was chilling while Megan worked on her back. Sorry for the blur, but he didn't like me taking his pic and left right after I snapped this
These were mine and Megan's birthday cake! Or cupcakes! Yes, that is a cream cheese filling with chocolate chips! They were SO GOOD! OMG! Big thanks to my mommy for making them for us!!!
Strider just loves that spot! Especially when Megan's laundry's in the way!!!
When I paused Ingrid's latest vid, this was what was on my screen! :)
That was the past two weeks! I placed orders yesterday, so I'll be able to show you what I got for my b-day then!
Hope you guys have an awesome day!

1 comment:

  1. Awwww, it's a Mighty-Cat! Sleepy boy!

    That *was* cool, Google wishing you happy birthday.

    Lol. "It's your birthday, you can eat what you want to! Eat what you want to! Eat what you want to!" Including chocolate pudding.

    Culvers is AWESOME!!!

    I am smothering you in that picture, lol. =)

    The Hobbit was AWESOME!! I wanna do a fanfic! Thorin, Fili, and Kili are HAWT!!

    Oooh, cute shoes!

    Run AWAY, Strider! Lol.

    Hi, Megan. =)

    Mighty's like, "Da heck is dat ting pointing at me? Ack! Run!"

    I tried the cupcakes; I didn't mind the chocolate, but the cream cheese was a little too strong right in the center, so I ate MOST of a cupcake (lol) and left the last bit for Megan. Then she ate the rest because she thought I didn't want any. *sadness*

    Strider says, "Eep! I've been spotted! Do I run, or defend my spot? Eep!"

    Wow, Ingrid looks stoned. =)