Friday, March 22, 2013

My Week(s) Pics! ~3/9 - 3/22~

Hey guys!

Yeah, I had my wisdom teeth removed last week, so I havn't been up to doing much. Except Pinterest. When I was on those super-power meds, pinterest was about all I could handle, because those pictures didn't move.


Anywho, snapped some pics, and here we go!!!

My setup! I added a chair on the floor, complete with blanket and pillows. If I couldn't stay upright, I was right next to my bed!
Found time to do a new manicure! Love this nail polish! It dried super fast, and needed only two coats!
I love this outfit! Lace shirt, with a green tank and my rugged pants! (Sorry that it's blurry!!!)

My Mom gave me a new ring and watch! (The watch's dead, but if I can get it to a jewelry place maybe they can get the back off!)
My Bed Buddy! I turned around and he was right there, already sleeping!!
I managed to chill with my girls earlier this week, and I'm hoping to get a new chapter done today! Tomorrow it'll be more editing and watching of cool tv shows!
Oh, and is anyone else shocked and saddened by the end of this season of  Clone Wars??? OMG, that was a brilliant arc, and so sad!

1 comment:

  1. Love you, dear, even when you're high. =D

    Yay, manicure! It's a good color for you.

    I love that lacey shirt!

    Yay, free jewelry! I hope you can get the back off the watch.

    Awwwwwww, Mighty's so cute! (I almost said "Mommy." He looks so sweet and cuddly (and he's sooooo not...)

    And now we're chillin', doing some editing (after we fall into the quicksandy world of the internet), and watching tv shows. =D