Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Week in Pics ~2/23 - 3/2~

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I slept really late and had to figure out rides for dinner, and then Dillard's is having a sale...lots going on!

But I have pictures for you! Including pics of my posters as per request.

I think I'm a little obsessed about getting cds from the library. I've been enjoying the new tunes while driving or away from the internet!
Here's what my walls look like (that's my top bunk and I kinda use is as a coat hanger)
It's not nearly as messy as it was before!
The wall opposite the one above! (yes, I was on my top bunk for the best view, just ignore the lamp)
The picture above my light switch was put together by my grandpa, telling us about what he did when he was 19 - he was a navigator who firebombed japan! Only 19!
Tuesday was "Tell a Fairytale Day"! My fav fairytale retelling has got to be this book right here!
I love when my "to do" list is crossed out! Notice the only things I didn't do was play video games (which I should, as those in particular have inspired me before, but I haven't them!)
A new hat and shirt! Aren't they super cute! (sorry for the camera angle and funky face, this was my 3rd attempt)
So that was my week! Changing my room around, making it look a little cleaner, going shopping and getting lots of things done!
Was your week productive? Hit me up on facebook, twitter or on here and let me know!

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  1. Music! Pretty music...I love pretty music.

    Your posters look great, btw. I really like the poster for the LotR you have with everyone's faces and bio's.

    I technically retold a fairy tale that day - I told my Dad the plot of Brave. =)

    I understand the feeling of satisfaction that comes from crossing off stuff on a to-do list.

    You look awesome in that picture. <3